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  1. PSA: Once you unlock daily challenges, be aware that you get 1 shot at them. My attempt ended very quickly!
  2. Is it me or is the hollowseeker gun a bit shit? Massive clip size but does barely any damage? Not sure if I’m using it right.
  3. These are challenge rooms. On the map they are shown with a star above the door symbol. They are bit harder than normal areas with 2 or 3 waves of enemies. They also seem to give a decent reward at the end.
  4. I appreciate the dev trying to do something different with the alt-fire requiring a full trigger pull but when it gets a bit frantic I keep fucking it up. Undoing 30 odd years of fully pulling the left trigger for ads is hard to undo. I see there’s an option to use L1 for alt-fire, might have to switch over.
  5. I quite liked the last R&C and will definitely get this for the sexy graphics, looks insane
  6. Oh my that thread title change
  7. I’m loving this, spent all of yesterday doing the Ichiban management game - very addictive! My only complaint thus far is that I can’t find a way of seeing all of my weapons in the inventory. I can only view weapons for my current jobs; for example if I loot a sledgehammer I can’t find a way to see what the stats are unless I change jobs to foreman and then equip the weapon.
  8. It starts off child friendly enough but things are becoming a bit darker in nature. For example I burned down a kids campsite, fed a sheep to a bear, electrocuted people etc. There’s also plenty of innuendo. Has she played Donut County? That is very similar
  9. Rain on your parade is a blast, starts off very simple but soon presents some fun challenges. Currently doing a MGS level!
  10. Honestly I can live with the current UI but the disc drive spinning up every 30 mins does my head in, hope that is sorted out.
  11. Nosejam

    It Takes Two

    Finished this yesterday with my son. He’s already asking to play through again as the other character! We were both totally blown away by this unexpected beauty of a game. Loving the TCGS stream too, although don’t watch if you intend to play it yourself!
  12. Goat gonna goat Fantastic stuff
  13. Nosejam

    It Takes Two

    Having an absolutely wonderful time playing this with my son. Some really great mechanics and looks stunning. Most importantly it’s so much fun! You guys were right, I don’t think a non gamer would do well, lots of accuracy and button knowledge needed. How good is the boss at the end of level 2?! We were both punching the air after, incredible. @elmo Would love to see some of TCGS stream this, make it happen!
  14. Nosejam

    It Takes Two

    Was intending on playing this with the non gaming wife, is it easy enough to play? Failing that, is it suitable for a 12 year old?
  15. Nosejam

    It Takes Two

    I think I saw that is was cross gen yes but not cross platform. Only what I read though.
  16. Nosejam

    It Takes Two

    Yes it’s split screen online too
  17. Just finished Kiwami 2, fucking hell that ending
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