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  1. 9 minutes ago, Lorfarius said:

    Tried playing that Turnip tax game that's been added but it kept crashing even after a few restarts. Only good thing about it is it gives out 3 achievements in the first few minutes just by talking to vegetables. So a plus if you want some easy points.

    I just played this too, got about 6 achievements in 10 mins before it crashed!

  2. I finished this last night and got the platinum trophy. Took just over 75hrs. Despite the stunningly beautiful world, characters and combat, I thought the story was weaker than ZD. My main problem was the awful platforming/climbing - it’s very fiddly and annoying. 

    It also suffers from being very bloated. There is just so much stuff/talking/collectibles crammed into this game. I, of course, should have just stuck to the main quest but gaming ocd meant I had to check off everything! 



  3. Just finished this! My heart was pounding so much on the last fight when I knew I was going to do it. Took 101 hours, level 145. Got the 


    Age of the stars

    ending. Used sword and board with my trusty Grand Epee thrusting sword and Brass shield for almost the entire game, only whipping out the Grafted Blade Greatsword for the occasional fight. Always used Mimic tear or Ancestral Follower summon. 45 vig, 40 end, 71 str, 28 dex.


    Quite simply one of the most incredible games I’ve played in my life. Others in the thread have detailed why this is so god but if anyone is still on the fence due to (like me) not getting on with other souls games, then I would still highly suggest you give this a try. It really clicked for me after only a few hours and only got better from then on.

  4. 14 minutes ago, Curtis said:

    I have to be honest that the weapon upgrade requirements in this game are mental.


    Somber Stones (aka Twinkling Titanite) used on Unique/Boss Weapons only takes 10 stones to get to +10 (the max level).

    Regular Stones used for, well, everything, takes 97(!) stones to get to +25 (the max level).


    Thats so out-of-whack its unreal! 🤪


    +25 as a goal is kinda crazy, but i imagine they designed it that way so you'd have to venture far & wide to get everything you needed.

    This is my only real complaint about the game. I’ve gathered loads of great looking weapons but the thought of farming stones and using so many runes to make them half decent is crazy. 

    At level 107 and I’m still using a 1h sword I got in Limgrave (now at +19) or a Greataxe from a boss remembrance and a few shields which I alternate depending on the situation. A preview of what the stats would look like when upgraded would be helpful at the least. 




  5. I lost 56k runes last night in the Capital and wasn’t even annoyed as that place is so damn good that I just spent more time in there exploring. Just like Stormveil, if the Capital was one entire game it would still most probably be game of the year! 

  6. 2 minutes ago, Davros sock drawer said:

    Getting pretty sick of these ghost bull guys and their arrows. Could go somewhere else of course but there’s just…one…more…torch! 

    I rode around like a madman on torrent  for most of that area :) 


    The reward you get at the end is 




  7. Castle Morne post side quest question:



    Ok so I gave the letter to the girls father in the castle and was going to head back to her to see what she said. For some reason I accidentally attacked him with R1, he grumbled a bit so I gave him another swing and he retaliated. He is now dead but dropped a sweet +12 weapon (halberd iirc). Went back to the daughter and she was dead (the text said ‘she’s dead’ which made me laugh out loud). Presumably if you didn’t kill the father she gives you a reward, what was it?


  8. I’m so obsessed with this game, playing it every chance I get. I’ve even got a note on my phone of all the bosses I’ve killed and in which order. I really believe in the far future this will be well known as an all timer and I’ll be able to tell the grandchildren about what path I took on my great Elden Ring adventure in early 2022. 

    I guess I do like Souls games after all! 


  9. 27 minutes ago, therearerules said:



    Quick question, I've got to the castle and explored it's maze like structure back to the starting gate, but how do you actually open the gate?



    The guy with the tiny head and huge ass giraffe neck that you first meet when going in through the castle walls can open it. If you’ve got the last grace just inside the gate he’s in the room directly under you.


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