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  1. I finished 0 a few days ago. I can honestly say it’s up there as one of the best games I’ve ever played, probably top 5. I spent 81 hours and had 72% completion and enjoyed every minute from beginning to end. Everything just worked for me, the combat, the humour, the mini games, the characters and the story. Started Kiwami yesterday and liking it so far. That fight at the end of the funeral was fucking stupid though, took me a good 20 mins on normal difficulty, I wasn’t at risk of dying due to having a few potions but was doing almost no damage to him. Tried all styles and every move I had available. Burned through all the weapons I had purchased on the way there too. My arm was aching afterwards from so much button pressing. Either I missed something or it was just silly. If there are any more fights like that then I’ll be knocking it down to easy.
  2. - Yakuza 7 (only played 0 so far, so a lot to get through first) - Animal Crossing - The Last of Us 2 I wasn’t sure about the FF7 remake but the recent gameplay impressions have actually got me quite hyped for it.
  3. Nosejam

    The Spurs Thread

    Just seen the goal, blimey!
  4. It’s the same formula as the first, so you’ll know what to expect, but it’s mostly improved in all areas. Great time sink
  5. Well, this real estate royale is complete and utter crack. Going to be a long time until I continue the story. Wonderful stuff.
  6. Had a blast doing side quests, karaoke and stance training this evening. Some of the side quests are hilarious and considering you only spend around 10 minutes with these characters they can be really touching too! The video game one was great but best so far was
  7. Great stuff, thanks all. Can’t wait until the kids are in bed so I can play some more.
  8. I bought Yakuza 0 on release day and must of got distracted by something else and barely played it despite really enjoying it. It’s taken nearly 2 years but I’ve deleted my save file and diving back again now that I’ve got an empty gaming schedule for the next few weeks. It still looks pretty great doesn’t it! Playing on normal difficulty and died a couple of times on the way to the first boss but seems like the right choice. After getting access to the streets I downed a few Laphroaigs in a bar, went disco dancing and showed some chancer how it’s done. Checked out the arcade where I won some cute toys on the UFO machine and played Space Harrier for a while. After a hearty lunch I helped a guy get his girlfriend back (!!), visited a clown, met the punchout artist in a car park and then got a beat down by Mr Shakedown and lost a few hundred thousand yen. Need a few tips please! - Obviously I’d like to get revenge on Mr Shakedown. Do I need to improve before taking him on? Or will I be able to cheese it with dodging and stamina potions? - What am I doing with all the UFO machine tat? I’ve just stored it for now at the telephone box. Is there a limit to how much I can store here? - Some guy keeps giving me tissues, what’s that all about? - Should I stick to improving one fighting style or share between the 2? I seem to remember there’s a third stance to unlock later. - Does rush stance have a ‘finisher’ like the triangle button in brawl stance? Cheers!
  9. I’m up to ep 5, cracking episode that was, so tense in the Virtual Realty building and afterwards.
  10. Just finished this off and despite a few minor niggles and annoyances I did really enjoy it. The last battle was very special indeed!
  11. Just finished watching the highlights and still laughing at Ferrari! Gutted for Albon though, he’s totally deserved a podium this year.
  12. Rather than firing the ball through the waterfall, there is a way to get it around. Further tip:
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