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  1. Who else accidentally hit a donkey in a camp only for it to run into a fire while everyone ignores it burning away.
  2. Only got to play an hour or so this evening and it seems pretty good so far. Combat is far better than I thought it would be and it all looks rather lovely (great HDR too). It’s extreme smooth too, there’s a pro option to favour frame rate or resolution and I honestly couldn’t tell the difference in frame rate so plucked for resolution. On the downside the lip sync has a delay (English voices). Has anyone else had this? Very off putting. Can’t wait for another few hours later.
  3. Got this earlier but had a cunting water leak in the bathroom and spent all day picking things up from screwfix and plumbing.
  4. I fucking love a third person, open world adventure so if this is anything like as good as Horizon, Days Gone, Spider-Man or RDR2 then I’ll be smiling all the way to ancient Japan. Can’t wait!
  5. I’ve put in 10 hours or so over the last three days and really enjoying it. It’s got some great humour and meta jokes that fans of 16 bit JRPGs will appreciate. Just did a tricky platforming challenge in the monastery in Bergen village only to find out after there’s a much tougher version after!
  6. Amazing! Shame Stroll couldn’t stick those last two corners
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