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  1. I read snippets of a review that said this was the best way to play. Let us know how you find the difficulty
  2. Keeping my pre order, it’s seems like there’s plenty to be enjoyed even if it’s a bit rough around the edges. The hard part is resisting playing it until I have the Series X!
  3. The answer is always Hades Also, Slay the Spire
  4. Hades Total crack and gets better the more you play. Beating bosses for the first time and finally escaping is such a rush, but there is so much more after you’ve beaten it. It’s my GOTY.
  5. Imagine not having a race here again when there is a Russian car park on the calendar. Lewis GOAT
  6. Supraland is pretty awesome so far
  7. Ordered my first 4k Blu Rays which arrived today: 1917, Blade Runner 2049, Gladiator and Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse. About time my 3 month old TV had something to show in UHD
  8. I couldn’t see an option to skip it when I installed it a few weeks ago.
  9. Did I read that you can also transfer games over WiFi network from an Xbox One to the Series X? If so I’ll be doing that on day one to get them on the X quicker.
  10. Yes some pretty long load screens. As great as it is, I think I might save this for a rainy series x day too.
  11. Just had a crash and lost an hours progress, so use that quick save often. I did meet McTavish before this though, the tape of him learning how to speak Scottish
  12. I’ve played 2 hours, it’s definitely my thing
  13. Was thinking about playing Wasteland 3 too, do I need any knowledge of the first 2 games?
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