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  1. I’m trying so hard to resist this, mainly due to being balls deep in DQ11. Every time I see a video or music clip though I’m fighting off my nostalgia boner. Best Game. Proof:
  2. If it’s definitely BF2 then I’m quite happy with those 2. Will play the COD campaign and BF2 multiplayer, but not vice versa!
  3. PC version is free on https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/ today
  4. Why not play the free Captain Spirit demo and then Life is Strange 2 if it appeals
  5. If you press B while on the map screen (left side face button when ring con rotated) you should see difficulty level and within that advanced options; that will let you manually change it to any level between 1-30
  6. Looks and sounds fantastic, if it has a good story I’ll be all over this.
  7. Yes she will and it will work out her own fitness level
  8. Not your fault of course but FFS what is the matter with people.
  9. Alternatively, don’t look at the Twitter thread as the internet people have plastered it with TLOU 2 spoilers. Fuck the absolute cunts who do that shit.
  10. If we’re offering opinions on rumours then I guess I’m out of the thread. This is exactly how my hype for the FF7 remake was ruined.
  11. Yakuza 0 Is on the Cane and Rinse podcast this week
  12. Thanks Bridger, just got in from a 12 hour shift and was just about to crawl into bed and checked the thread just in time
  13. Thanks for doing this, much appreciated
  14. Watched Castle in the Sky with the family today, absolutely loved it. Cracking soundtrack, decent enough dub, likeable characters and really well paced and entertaining throughout.
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