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  1. Just finished Inside on Xbox One. Despite this not really being my genre of choice, I have been utterly absorbed in this over the last few days. At first it appears to be a straightforward escape from everything platformer, but the puzzles and ideas that get introduced to you elevate this to something really quite special. The final 20 minutes or so are particularly special, my favourite gaming sequence this year. A total joy to look at and listen to as well.
  2. Nosejam

    Disco Elysium

    Maybe it will come out for Google Stadia. Right guys? Guys?
  3. Nosejam

    Disco Elysium

    This looks incredible, not sure if my 2012 iMac (via bootcamp) will be up to the task though.
  4. Great write up, excellent top 3. Heading says LOTR is 3rd place though.
  5. Nosejam

    Nintendo Switch

    Looks good but they’ve dumped my 2 favourites from the previous videos
  6. Didn’t even know they were making this until a colleague mentioned it last week. Just finished watching and thought it was pretty good. Some genuinely tense scenes and a satisfying conclusion to Jesse’s arc. Didn’t have an issue with Todd and Jesse looking bigger and older, can’t see what else they could of done about it. Glad I watched it/10.
  7. Had a spare half an hour so checked back on my trophies/achievements for the year: Jan Late Shift (Xbox One) 6/10 Gears of War 4 (Xbox One) 6/10 The Gardens Between (Xbox One) 9/10 Abzu (Xbox One) 7/10 Mutant Year Zero (Xbox One) 8/10 Feb New Star Manager (Switch) 10/10 Halo 5 (Xbox One) 6/10 Forza Horizon 4 (Xbox One) 9/10 Metro Last Light Redux (Xbox One) 8/10 Crackdown 3 (Xbox One) 7/10 Mar Call of Duty: MW Remaster (PS4) 8/10 Nier: Automata (PS4) 9/10 Apr What Remains of Edith Finch (Xbox One) 9/10 The Division 2 (PS4) 8/10 May Ryse (Xbox One) 6/10 Quantum Break (Xbox One) 5/10 Steamworld Quest (Switch) 7/10 Jun Moonlighter (Xbox One) 8/10 Jul Oxenfree (Xbox One) 8/10 Days Gone (PS4) 8/10 911 Operator (Switch) 7/10 Aug Slay the Spire (Xbox One) 9/10 Sep Picross S (Switch) 8/10 My Friend Pedro (Switch) 7/10 Beat Saber (Oculus Quest) 9/10 Oct Fire Emblem: Three Houses (Switch) 9/10 Superhot VR (Oculus Quest) 9/10 Yoku’s Island Express (Switch) 9/10 Untitled Goose Game (Switch) 7/10 Neo Cab (Apple Arcade) 7/10 Assemble with Care (Apple Arcade) 8/10 Tint (Apple Arcade) 6/10 Conclusions: Great year for gaming, I complete more games in colder months, game pass is ridiculously good value for money, Apple Arcade is the next big thing. Currently playing: RDR2, Astral Chain, Detroit, Octopath Traveler, Gears 5, Oculus games and a load of Apple Arcade games
  8. Nosejam

    Apple Arcade

    Neo Cab and Assemble with care are perfect for this.
  9. Was that ‘Lewis you are Sad 2’ sounds about right
  10. Good qualifying for the number 2 drivers.
  11. I really fancy Job Simulator but heard a sequel with loads more to do is out soon?
  12. To start with I would recommend First Steps and First Contact, both free tutorials, they will get you used to everything. My wife barely plays any games but has really taken to the Quest, she loves Bait (free fishing game), Beat Saber, the free pet game (Bogo?) & Racket NX. She also played the Anne Frank House which is free. I’ve only started playing Pokerstars VR this week, it’s incredible. It’s free, but best to watch a YouTube tutorial first as there’s no explanation of what to do. My top 5 at the moment are: Beat Saber Superhot Pokerstars Racket NX Red Matter
  13. I got 911 when it was on sale before and got quite a few hours fun out of it. Particularly enjoyed the way you can use hundreds of real life cities as maps, with almost all the road names the same. Not the kind of game you’ll go back to much, but 89p.
  14. Is the Goose game out this week?
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