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  1. I play on a 2012 iMac via boot camp windows 7 and it works a treat. During the classic stress test I was getting a constant 100fps.
  2. I feel exactly the same. Someone said earlier in the thread that it starts off brilliant and undoes all of what made it great, I can’t disagree more. The plot has ramped up to be really engaging and unexpected, the characters have evolved considerably and the battles are more complex and varied. It’s a really hard game to put down as I love the battles and school training aspects equally so there’s always something interesting going on. Also, I don't think I’ve skipped any of the dialogue so far - amazing that they have kept it so interesting after all this time. Already thinking about about my next play through with Blue Lions or Golden Deer.
  3. Almost an overtake in Hungary
  4. Lewis will take Bottas by the first corner
  5. This game is so good. I just stomped everyone at the Battle of the Eagle and Lion, what an incredible fight. I’ve got GOTY feels already.
  6. Here’s what the base stats do: Strength - Affects all damage done by physical attacks Magic - Affects all damage done by magical attacks Dexterity - Affects your ability to hit a target and your critical hit chance Speed - Affects your avoidance rate, how often you are able to dodge an enemies attack Luck - Various minor effects on a lot of things. Lowers the risk of receiving a critical hit from an enemy Defense - Reduces damage from physical attacks Resistance - Reduces damage from magical attacks Charm (Charisma) - Increases your gambit attacks from battalions. Increases the Gambits damage, hit chance and avoidance possibility.
  7. I’ve got 2 lost items and they’re definitely for Hilda: Spotless Bandage and Used Bottle of Perfume. It says on a lost items guide that “The option to give Hilda gifts on the Blue Lions Route won't appear until Calendar Month 3” although I’m past month 3 and chose Team Nazi so maybe it’ll sit in my inventory forever and make me cry a little every time I see it.
  8. Don’t press + while chatting to people or you’ll skip through everything and have to reload... Just had a go handheld and some of the text is tiny, have to hold the Switch much closer than I normally would.
  9. Cutscenes are beautiful, some nice music already too. Battle environments look very impressive and detailed. You can change voiceover language (English/Japanese) at the main screen. I went for English to test it first and it seems ok so far, a mixture of British and American so far. You have to go back to the main screen to change it. Leicester is pronounced properly not the way an American would
  10. This just arrived from Simply. I know you are all desperate to know the answer to this very important question... yes the coin and pouch fit in the case.
  11. I’m on the verge of getting a Quest but can’t seem to see much info about how small the head straps go. I want the kids to be able to use it but my son really is small for his age (he’s 11 but probably only the size of an 8 y/o). The other reason I’m holding off is the ridiculous weather at the moment, will wait until it cools down!
  12. I must be on the very last part of the first island and I don’t want to leave. I want to stay here with Rosie and Wrigley forever.
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