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  1. They'll all be eyeing cushy jobs as part of the PR department of the Saudi government.
  2. Don't forget - Jimmy Savile raised a lot of money for charity.
  3. Just a question: If Adam Johnson was your favourite player would you have still walked about wearing a shirt with his name on the back?
  4. My £26.99 copy has just arrived. What a bargain.
  5. Might want to rein in your talk of stones being thrown....
  6. I'm so morally opposed to this thing happening that I'm just going to ignore it and enjoy all the benefits.
  7. My Currys order has dispatched as well!! Let's hope it's not just an empty box.
  8. The SNES game is a classic. I only played through it all the way last year on the switch. It's well worth it.
  9. If you can somehow put all the bad things about the owners to one side and still enjoy the football then carry on. I personally wouldn't be able to do that. It's only supposed to be a game after all. I'll find the Newcastle fans crowing on social media about winning trophies very hard to take though. This might just be one more thing that stops me caring about the premier league altogether.
  10. The fans seem to be willing to ignore all the bad things as long as they get the success they think they deserve as they are a 'big' club.
  11. Looks like Newcastle fans are finally getting their wish - to become the PR department of the Saudi government. Modern football eh?
  12. Still no sign of Currys cancelling my pre-order either....
  13. That's the dilemma isn't it. Old enough that it's not still able to be purchased legally maybe? I remember pirating the heck out of the Dreamcast. I probably shouldn't have done that.
  14. Having loads of people doing it isn't really a great justification is it? I'm not averse to emulating old stuff but freely stealing something that is so new that it isn't even out yet is a bit hard to condone.
  15. I've just started playing as well. Got that annoying card that makes the investigation checks +2 which meant finding clues took an extreme bit of luck. Good fun though.
  16. Looking at the state of efootball it wouldn't surprise me if a switch version was on the cards. Not that it would be a good thing of course...
  17. Was FIFA 19 any different than FIFA 18 gameplay wise on the switch? I got FIFA 18 on release - to be fair for a handheld footy game it's not bad. I imagine it's about 50p now.
  18. Stoppy2000

    The Spurs Thread

    Yeah Son, Kane and Lo Celso should all have scored really. Villa were poor. Romero looked good next to Dier.
  19. Stoppy2000

    The Spurs Thread

    Yep. A lot better. Should have put it to bed though. Lots of nearly moments in front of goal. At least we had some possession this time. That is our best lineup I think.
  20. Maybe Nuno can go to Watford tomorrow...
  21. I don't think it's fair to lump football manager in with this 'legacy' shit from EA. FM does get new features - it must change because every year I'm crap at it again for months!
  22. Yeah I got it on release as my wife likes these sort of games. For 89p I'd say it's worth it. It's not much more than what I'd expect from a mobile phone game though.
  23. Stoppy2000

    The Spurs Thread

    Yeah he's been shocking for a long time. I seem to remember he started getting injuries that he never quite seemed to come back from. Now he looks to be as fit as possible but has lost what made him special. I think he needs dropping.
  24. Yeah that's it - just a weird feeling of the games not being exciting. Even with all the bells and whistles added it still doesn't capture it. I think PES got the champions league spot on when it finally integrated that into master league. Games felt different somehow.
  25. Yeah I used to be obsessed with getting strikers in on the cheap who had 90+ for speed. They were lightning quick but useless at finishing. Was great when you could finally afford a superstar. Was similar on Sensible World Of Soccer. Don't think it's ever been captured by FIFA.
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