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  1. Just don't ask him to sign anything.
  2. Stoppy2000

    The Spurs Thread

    The good news today - Ndombele, Dele and Lo Celso all fit but left out of the squad. Hopefully this means they are all finally being binned. Please let it be true!
  3. Booked in to see it tonight. Hopefully the cinema will be nice and empty.
  4. Yeah his 'heart lesions' have cleared up a treat. It's a belated Christmas miracle.
  5. Do we actually know what he was even doing at Jabba's palace in ROTJ? Was he just hanging about after dropping Han off?
  6. Stoppy2000

    The Spurs Thread

    What a game. Couldn't believe what I was seeing at the end. Loved the mad celebrations as well.
  7. The end of the Spurs game made me make some involuntary noises of joy! Utter madness.
  8. I've now taken Oxford to the Premier League! Won League One in my first full season. Second season in the Championship I finished second. £33m to spend on trying to survive now. I'm in 2026 so a lot of current players are now approaching retirement - got Lucas Moura in as my marquee signing. Got a new stadium being built. I still think the game is a bit easy. We shall see!
  9. Looks like you've talked me into it then! Showed my wife the trailer and she was up for watching it - she loves Almost Famous and this gives off similar vibes so hopefully we'll both enjoy it.
  10. They had publicly announced how much money they were prepared to spend (I think). So someone probably just bidded them up. Absolute idiots.
  11. And yet this game is so good that it's worth redoing.
  12. That check took me ages as well. Even at 80+% I failed it at least once. Massive pain as I really couldn't see any other way to progress. I'm finally past it now and think I'm not far off finishing this. A great game and the hassle of playing on Switch has only been a minor nuisance.
  13. Just think - if Snyder had waited just a bit longer he would have been able to rinse these same mugs for NFTs of his Justice League cut.
  14. Stoppy2000

    The Spurs Thread

    It's pretty much guaranteed that Lo Celso will be injured by the time it's rearranged.
  15. Stoppy2000


    And also loaning 2 out.
  16. Stoppy2000

    The Spurs Thread

    Just waiting to see how Lo Celso manages to injure himself now there isn't even a game this weekend...
  17. At least it's now been confirmed that you can call off a match if you just have a load of injuries and players away on international duty. I'm sure this rule will be applied entirely consistently.
  18. I think the covid test results were a bit suspect but this asthma thing and talks of 'cycling' are getting into tin foil hat territory. As much as it pains me to admit it - Liverpool just have really good players.
  19. I think I've heard this asthma thing before regarding Liverpool - isn't it all just total made-up bollocks? I don't think it's ever been reported by anyone credible?
  20. It's been the case that some teams have had to play when they've had loads of cases (which I don't agree with personally). One case though?!? And some afcon obligations which would have been here regardless? Xhaka getting sent off and some players going off with 'knocks' - this shouldn't permit a game to be moved.
  21. On the plus side it means spurs won't lose this weekend...
  22. They (allegedly) have one case! If xhaka hadn't got sent off then they'd be fine. Completely ludicrous if it's postponed.
  23. Arsenal playing the covid card - despite apparently having only one case. Injuries, suspension and afcon shouldn't be enough to get a game postponed.
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