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  1. I've got a really shitty deck with Green Goblin and Hob Goblin in it. I'm winning matches with super low scores. I'm not even sure I enjoy the wins that's how cheap they feel. Can back fire spectacularly though.
  2. Imagine a 48 team sticker album. You'll be looking at spending £1k to fill it.
  3. It sure was. He was completely baffled by it.
  4. My subscriber issue arrived ages ago. Sadly Atari don't really hold much retro appeal for me. There is a nice feature on RoboCop though.
  5. Not far off my own current deck of choice. My main aim is to get as much moving done as possible. It's proven fairly effective so far but I might mix it up with some of the cards you have got.
  6. Thought exactly the same. Couldn't believe they were still stinking the whole show up.
  7. They've made 4 haven't they? They just lack any quality.
  8. I thought we'd at least see some proper aggro but this second half has been dreadful.
  9. It's pretty good. I think Germany have had quite a few good kits.
  10. Both kits on display are probably the best in the tournament.
  11. Imagine having to have an injured Joe Allen as your game changer.
  12. Was he trying to add the goose-step to his repertoire?
  13. They are adding golf to Switch Sports next week.
  14. I especially enjoyed Danny Murphy saying 'he kept it low' as the replay showed the Australian goal being smashed into the top corner.
  15. I still can't believe some people managed to watch all of this. I am tempted to go back and watch season 1 just to see if it was actually good or if it was a false memory.
  16. I agree. I'm not that confident but it would be the least surprising appearance.
  17. Oh and finally took a pic of some finished goblins....
  18. Thanks - yeah I had the original game as a kid but never even considered painting it. Now I'm playing this with my son and we are both loving it. Got plenty left to paint!
  19. If I was a betting man then I'd wager that we get a Palpatine cameo in the final episode.
  20. I hadn't watched it for years (gave up in the season 7 maybe) - just watched the finale. The montage at the end made me remember some utter twats which put me off the show in the first place. As for the finale itself - just typical TWD.
  21. Best match of the tournament so far. Not exactly massive praise.
  22. He's got form for having one hand raised.
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