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  1. Stoppy2000

    PES 2020

    It seems the case is still active just the civil part has been dropped. Unlikely to amount to anything I suspect.
  2. Stoppy2000

    PES 2020

    Doesn't he have outstanding legal issues which could be a worry....?
  3. New joycons are coming in October. Ready to say you were wrong yet?
  4. Can you buy the current version of the switch without a dock?? I'd quite like an extra one but still with the docking functionality.
  5. Is the RE4 port actually any good? I'm also in the waiting for it to be discounted boat.
  6. I think T1 & 2 and Alien and Aliens both show just enough of the worlds to pose interesting questions which the subsequent sequels have tended to shit all over. Sometimes it's best not knowing. The latest trailer makes it look like garbage. And 12a rated garbage at that.
  7. It won't. The trailers are horrendously misleading 90% of the time.
  8. This is great. Cheers for the recommendation. The Rhino story is really good.
  9. Hopefully this game gets a lot of post release support. I expect them to add more items and tweak the online community aspect. Hoping we get a gameboy style as well.
  10. Just had a go at my first speed runner type level... RX7-Q6Q-JFG Pretty sure it'll be easily doable for everyone.
  11. It's cheaper to buy the streaming rights I think... I mean it's got to be a cost thing as it otherwise makes no sense.
  12. https://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/computing-accessories/computer-accessories/tablet-accessories/goji-gstybk14-stylus-black-10010430-pdt.html Will this stylus work on the Switch??
  13. Even if it was saved that would have been retaken. Bloody VAR.
  14. I've got over 500 hours on the 2018 version. It's my most played switch game. Still can't do well with Spurs though.
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