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  1. Did you celebrate at all? I've actually stopped because of var. Which I'm sure is exactly how football is intended to be watched....
  2. Yeah. That's pretty much the var offside motto.
  3. I think it's because ultimately it's still the same referees making the decisions - they just have cameras these days. I thought it was at least worth a look (based on VAR precedent).
  4. I'm not a Chelsea fan. It's just the sort of decision that has been plaguing football all season. Maybe I'll get used to it.
  5. Yeah ok poor phrasing perhaps. I do think these offsides are shit though. Don't get me wrong I am happy Leicester won.
  6. It was only right that the return of fans in the stadium got a chance to witness the kind of shitty var decision that we've been seeing all season. What a shit show it really is.
  7. I think the saddest thing is seeing some of the online fandom moaning about He-Man being 'woke'. Basically outing themselves as not liking diversity or social justice.
  8. Really looking forward to this. Character designs look good and the cast is great. Hopefully it's a success and they have another crack at a live action movie.
  9. They are in a pack for £13.19 at the moment... Seems like I might have to buy!
  10. I see the DLC is on sale on Switch - does it add much of worth to the game?
  11. Soccer Kid was not great. I won it in a pack of Golden Grahams. To my shame I traded it with a kid at school for a copy of Star Fox.
  12. That last sentence reads like a Star Wars book being written by an A.I. Enid Blyton.
  13. Needs this guy on the plane..
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