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  1. In ROS doesn't Palpatine say something about how he created Snoke? Or did I imagine that? I know they can retcon pretty much anything by saying it was true from a certain point of view...
  2. On the flip side we will hopefully get brand new films that aren't at all tied to the Skywalkers and they might be actually really good.
  3. My son has absolutely loved the demo of this - is the first Hyrule Warriors as good/better? I presume I'd be able to pick that one up slightly cheaper...
  4. Is 'The Predator' the one where they actually proposed having Ripley turn up at the end?
  5. Is anyone still adding friends on this - my very small circle of fellow players all seem to have stopped. My friend code is 3008 2805 9572 if anyone feels like adding me!
  6. Shane Richie seems like a fairly decent bloke so far.
  7. Also they somehow thought her mirror glaze could be blamed on the weather - it was totally shit from the moment she made it and baking in the Arctic would have made no difference to it's chances of setting. A truly appalling standard of baker for the final. Only Peter has been anything above average on a consistent basis. If Laura wins it would be a complete travesty.
  8. If he says this sort of thing when he is (presumably) on his best behaviour it makes you wonder what he says when he is off the record...
  9. When I play KoC2 or firepro I usually play Vs the CPU and deliberately 'work' the match. Far more fun to have a 100% rated match with a nice finish. Sometimes it is fun to just smash someone with Vader though.
  10. I did lose several hours playing Journey of Wrestling - it's good but I didn't feel like stumping up for the paid version. Maybe one day. I also feel like the key part of a booking sim is having the ability to raid rival company rosters. Obviously AEW won't be able to do that (with real companies at least).
  11. Are there even any old school people left in wrestling? Cornette is fleecing the marks with his schtick but I don't think even he really believes most of his own crap. Plus if you they are that old school then chances are that they won't be paying attention to a mobile game.
  12. I've got 2 friends who both know how to play fire pro so we have been playing it since the PS1 version. It is great in multiplayer. I still like No Mercy I just think Fire Pro enables you to have better matches. A tweaked No Mercy could be amazing though.
  13. I was addicted to the GBA fire pro game. Trying to get a good audience ratings whilst beating Andre The Giant was a great challenge. I think No Mercy is a classic case of rose tinted glasses - the timing system of fire pro is far better in my opinion. AEW have an interesting roster and it's not a massive challenge to do better than the recent WWE games.
  14. Let's not forget King of Colosseum 2 - I still think that is a top tier wrestling game. This does look promising - hopefully it includes some elements from the Fire Pro series - audience ratings and criticals would be nice. Fingers crossed.
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