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  1. Agreed. There are some stinkers but the good outweighs the bad massively. I don't think a new show could add anything. Caprica was interesting in parts but felt unnecessary.
  2. The show may have gone a bit off course in the last 2 seasons but the character relationships were all still amazingly good. Adama and Tighe. Starbuck and Lee. Roslin and Adama.
  3. Finished Super Metroid for the first ever time last week. What a game it is. Would probably have never done it without it being on Switch.
  4. I really liked the first Dragon Age.. does this have any similarity? Mainly want an interesting narrative with decent combat.
  5. I agree with Paddington 2 being on that list.
  6. Norman Bateman?? Norman Bates? Patrick Bateman? Or am I missing something?
  7. Pegg is a bit of stunt casting as Hughie was based on him in the comic. He's not in it much so it's not a massive distraction for me. Butcher's accent though - I personally think it is fantastically daft. A true performance for the ages.
  8. You can't get through this until you have a certain item that lets you run faster (I think).
  9. Haha. Maybe one day. Just reading all the rules etc. To be fair I think I just enjoy reading these sort of things!
  10. Well I bought the new Essentials Kit.. I'd like to watch some D&D though to get a general feel for it...
  11. I have the parental controls app setup and I don't seem to be able to add the SNES games to my whitelist so my son can't play them... Anyone else?
  12. Is this a good introduction to D&D? What's the easiest jump in point? The YouTube channel has a lot of content....
  13. Got a link to a nice simple guide?
  14. Just played some Super Metroid on my lunch. Oh and I've never ever played Link To The Past... am I in for a treat?!?
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