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  1. Also Theo has possibly the saddest face I've ever seen on TV. He looks like he's about to burst into tears in every scene. He was also calling Clare his 'comfort blanket' literally the day after he met her. Bizarre.
  2. I started with a c64 and have still never played on a real 2600. The games just looked so basic that I had no interest in them. It's weird because I've never owned a spectrum either but will gladly read an article about a spectrum game no matter how obscure.
  3. Haha I think my lowest ever win was 2-4-0. No idea how I managed it though!
  4. Henning Wehn would be great though I reckon.
  5. Billy Connolly too... (I know he's alive)
  6. At this point which 'old'* comedians are there left for them to get on? They've had most of the big hitters now. *By old I generally mean people older than me so 42+.
  7. To give them the benefit of the doubt - the two people they picked on also seemed to be the only two who were acting like normal people. I.e. they weren't immediately declaring how much they loved the others and crying about any of them leaving. The woman they eventually got rid of seemed to be picked purely because she shouted at them on the task. Anyway I'll stick it out until the end... Hopefully they refine it and get to do a second series but it feels like that would just be The Mole?
  8. Also I can't be alone in thinking it a bit odd that some people are hugging each other and crying about people they have literally known for 2 days? I'd find it hard to be anything other than indifferent about any of them.
  9. France looked worse against Poland than England did for this entire game. Let's not pretend France have been playing some sort of outstanding football.
  10. Plus as a Spurs fan I know only too well that Lloris is overdue one of his immense cockups...
  11. They've gone back to watching their dvd of when they beat England 0-0 at the euros.
  12. It is - but did you see England vs USA?!
  13. They are all cummed out. Danny Murphy is a dried up husk.
  14. Yeah at the moment (I'm only 2 episodes in) there is literally nothing for them to base their banishment on. Needs some element of the traitors trying to lose the tasks. Also a lot of people on this who are very easy to dislike.
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