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  1. Went to the Bury one for my third time on Thursday. Still a great day out but starting to notice a few machines in need of servicing. Chase HQ was virtually unplayable and Star Wars Trilogy has a dodgy joystick. Also the pinball tables were nearly all not working. I guess its mainly cos it was half-term so kids are allowed in.... Pac-Man Battle Royale is a joy though and we spent a good half an hour playing 4 player bishi bashi. Well worth the visit.
  2. The trailer looks good but I saw a gameplay video and it looked extremely repetitive after just a few minutes. I would be down for a crazy football game though.
  3. Can the RG350 do Amiga emulation? I'm presuming it can emulate all the 8bit micros with no problem - but do emulators for c64 and spectrum exist for it?
  4. Unbelievable that they played just 2 weeks after the disaster. Just boggles the mind.
  5. Its easy to win on MK vs the CPU. You just need to know which items to use and when. The rubber banding keeps things close that's all.
  6. About halfway through my new game+ playthrough on Switch. Amazing how many things I missed on my first playthrough. Truly a brilliant game. Hoping I get a slightly better ending this time. Plus I haven't even touched either dlc yet!
  7. Street Racer is utter garbage compared to MK. No sense of speed, weight or impact. Plus the tracks are crap. Even the worst MK game absolutely destroys it. So I guess you have fulfilled the controversial criteria!
  8. Am I the only one reading the new 'He-Man and the Masters Of The Multiverse' comics? Exactly what you'd expect from such an obvious cash-in but some nice fan service. 2020 is going to be the year of He-Man!
  9. I remember it having a gloriously Japanese intro video which made it feel way better than it was.
  10. Sega Worldwide Soccer is so bad. I remember trying to convince myself it was as good as ISS. It really is terrible. Still 3/4 ain't bad!
  11. 606 gets a lot of callers still calling it "the premiership" which annoys me far more than it should for some reason.
  12. Retronauts is ok... my main gaming podcast of choice is The Retro Hour. It's so well polished compared to quite a lot of other retro shows.
  13. I've just checked and I only made it 30 mins into the Ben-free episode. Turns out it's not just Ben that is the problem. He's just the most obvious one. Hurr hurr.
  14. There was one a few weeks ago without Ben. That made for a pleasant surprise.
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