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  1. I better finish Bloodline then. Cheers for your posts - you've been very good at convincing me to get back into star wars books. I used to read the old stuff (now 'legends') but it slowly devolved into fan fic style trash. Are there any hidden classics from the old canon? Just remembered I have Thrawn to read as well!!
  2. I just want a Pokémon game that my 7 year old son can open on Christmas day and have a great big smile on his face while we play it together. This looks like that game.
  3. My copy is now arriving today! Woo. I've got Bloodline to finish first though.
  4. Is this book actually in shops or is everyone reading digitally? My Amazon order is delayed and I really can't wait!
  5. The Mexican cast is the least of the problems. The whole 'Carl' plot and the mostly terrible action scenes are far worse.
  6. Ok these 2 items being next to each other on HotUKDeals...
  7. I see what you did there.
  8. Lack of star power as well. Arnie isn't in the same league as the Rock.
  9. £10?! Waterstones want £20 for it!!
  10. I hope it's not the last time I get to see Arnie on the big screen. The man is an actual real life legend. One last non-terminator hurrah would be nice.
  11. There are things about the style of writing that makes me think it is him. But it could just be a generic troll.
  12. We are agreed this was prankster right?
  13. Let's be honest this film is a 5/10 at best. The last half an hour is just garbage Michael Bay level action. Some of the plot exposition is as clumsy as Genisys. Nothing will ever capture the feeling of menace that T1 provided. I feel the one film left to make is a proper film set in the future war that looked so awesome in T1. But to be honest I'm not even that bothered about seeing that. (Salvation absolutely was not that film). On a sidenote Linda Hamilton was great. Some clunky lines that she made better than they warranted.
  14. Son's red card has rightly been overturned.
  15. Got Luigi's Mansion 3 and Link's Awakening. Pretty happy with that. Wasn't going to buy either but rude not to at £30 each surely?
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