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  1. Yeeaaaaah Xevious, that is kind of a bummer. You do need internet connection for the time being constantly, but we are looking into adding some offline features as well (like Level Creation). So yes, the tube is not ideal... I played all of my 1000 Heroz levels in bed, just before trying to fall asleep. I can recommend it, gives you a nice hectic fighting spirit - there's nothing like that to go to bed with! Epic dreams. And Yoshimax - I'm #1 at your level! (Ruusberi)
  2. Xevious: I hear you. We had a long discussion about the restarts this morning and we will try different things with them. We want to try to create different kinds of gameplay in the different "modes" - in Tournaments there should a way to keep on restarting, but in Adventure mode we treat the Tracks more consumable so that people don't necessarily need to get stuck honing their time. All this is still very much under development, and we devour all the feedback so keep on feeding us!
  3. Hello rllmuk! With a written permission of the committee, I'm here to present our upcoming game and looking for beta-testers. I'm Jari from Traplight Games, and we are the developers of 1000 Heroz, an iOS game published by RedLynx with 1000 days of tournaments. I remember rllmuk from those times, there was some of you playing it and since our upcoming game shares a lot of similarities with that game, I came knocking. In What on Earth! aliens start testing stuff they see on our TV shows (like Monster Trucks, Teleports, Exploding Barrels). You research new items, build your own tracks and dri
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