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  1. Are you only allowing friends? I’ll add code if so
  2. Yes please ! I’m trying to build a giant robot. does anyone have the play for lucky cat?
  3. I’m interested. I think I need a good Armour to build my giant robot
  4. Cheers but I’ve found her after running around for half an hour ffs
  5. I’m AFK open: 1T15Y beachfront swap shop (left as you arrive) with some spare fishing tourney stuff inc wand, 8 spare fossils and a few bunny day plans (merry balloons and vanity). leave anything you’re swapping on the sand in front of the grass ta
  6. are the fishing prizes random? He’s just given me my first five items all over again
  7. Sure 1T15Y. Few fossils and egg day plans on the beach
  8. Hi all, haven’t been on these forums for years but it seems essential as I am now addicted to AC. Did someone want barbed wire fence diy plan? It’s on my nook mikes machine today.
  9. im good for a saturday evening game, will be mooching about on steam (sarkster) so add me
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