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  1. Also, headshots in destiny! @Siri
  2. Agreed. Anything that pops. Sound is so often overlooked. Also, to compliment this there is good hit detection. Things connecting. I often find even taking steps in dark soul enjoyable. Just the little steps connecting to the ground.
  3. This intro alone is worth 5 years of membership.
  4. I am getting ready to suck a scalper's cock for this.
  5. @QuackQuack and @rafaqat he must be reading RLL
  6. I am enjoying their banter. I love demon’s souls which helps. He is so much better than Vinnie at the actual game. I love Vinnie but both him and Brad are just fucking awful at the playing part and they have the memory/attention span of a fly. These guys appear way smarter but it could just be their accent. Just in the starting bit they have had comments about how the game is actually an allegory for capitalism and letting go of attachments. The only thing I like better than a souls game is people overanalysing a souls game.
  7. This guy is his ‘partner’?
  8. I like this friend of danny. I am watching this for a bit.
  9. the platinum is fun and not that big a hassle (minus one rng related issue). I have continued to play even after the platinum which is madness level.
  10. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this game. And the tech is amazing. Why am I so bored?
  11. Yeh just skip it. Other areas are much harder in terms of getting to the boss. However, in terms of bosses all others are at 3 when this one is randomly at 11. I don’t even think it is working as intended, it is accidentally hard.
  12. Leave that one last. Come back when you are higher level.
  13. I am honestly extremely confused by this boss design. This is the one truly bad thing this game has. I am yet to figure out what the intended way to play this encounter is. Each strat I have been successful with seems like a cheese in one way or another. It is basically broken. I had heard it was easier on easy mode (with a mage). I honestly still found it broken.
  14. Parry is done just as the enemies weapon starts to swing forward. If you do it when they are winding up it would be too early. Not all enemies can be parried. Against players online you almost need to anticipate the attack. You have to swing a couple of frames before you normally would. Offensive magic can be found in the prison of hope. Really offensive.
  15. oh god. this is going to be hard as balls isn't it. my hands started sweating just looking at the trailer.
  16. So I just paid 70 quid for ratchet. So I guess returnal had another problem.
  17. and sheppard is boris johnson?
  18. there are many moments of ME one that are hard coded into my memory. Three of them really stand out on the first hour or so:
  19. I am going to say that was probably Ben’s idea
  20. Hey nothing on Twitter from Jeff pointing at the patreon as far as I can tell. Bad look.
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