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  1. Without the rope
  2. Lady butterfly does give me some trouble even now for whatever reason. Old hag.
  3. I remember thinking seven spears was basically impossible. I did him yesterday in under a minute. There are few things more satisfying in gaming. They make you work for it but the reward is glorious. Don’t give up!
  4. Somewhat messy but looks a bit better than it felt in practice.
  5. I was trying to prioritise health damage rather than posture because I found that on new game plus and at full health he recovers posture too quickly. So I was playing it safe so to speak. I could get up to four health hits if he goes from the sweep to the overhead (which he was often doing) and it was very reliable. Maybe I should have been bouncing on his head. I will try that next time. I am sure I will be back to see him.
  6. I hardly ever use that. Not entirely sure what the point is. I am starting to learn to use the skills though. @Mr Combo Breaker I was getting a comfortable and got fucking rinsed. I did one dodge towards him rather than to the side. The fight needs to be close to flawless. He WILL punish mistakes. There is one combo in there as well which I have not fully understood. I think he got me 3 times with the same version of that same attack.
  7. I need a mikiri counter t-shirt
  8. Hey I recorded my OF on new game plus. Pleased with how this one went. Mistakes are lethal on this one.
  9. This is Orin in new game plus. I love this fight. It is basically a dance. Hard as balls
  10. Ishin Ashina is at 12% massive cunt I then got his skill (which one shot me a million times) only to find out is does slightly more damage than a normal attack. His final insult.
  11. Most are not actually. Don’t feel bad. Steam has that boss achievement at around 49%. You can do it though. You just need patience and time. edit: just exactly below 50%
  12. Quite the opposite. Levelling up does nothing really other than add new moves to your skill set. This is not helpful if you are not able to read the boss. Only way to progress is to learn through painful trial and error. Otherwise you will gain nothing. If you are stuck on a boss there is a way to level up ‘so to speak’ by finding more beads. The game is surprisingly open from the start. You can explore a lot of areas. If you feel you are stuck one way I would encourage you to explore another area. There is no real point grinding enemy kills though or anything like that.
  13. If playing as a conpletionist I feel at some point you will have more anal beads for your necklace than the game intends you to have and your posture becomes less of a problem. On new game plus they will absolutely break your posture if you are not careful. I think with time I did this more instinctively in any case, so it feels like you are having to think less about it. Particularly slow hard hitters (like the drunk fat bastard) will strongly penalise blocking. Anything but a parry or dodge will get you in trouble immediately. You can block Genichiro more. However, he would have absolutely broken my posture in this video a couple of times if it were not for the move I was doing to recover posture. One of the strong arrows will put you in red immediately. If you are finding it easy, starting a game after your first completion will give you the chance to give a charm to kuro at the start. This will make the game harder by making you take health damage on blocking. You can also ring the demon bell for enemies to be more aggressive. If after this you are not yet happy I suggest getting into BDSM or visiting our diversity in games thread.
  14. Genichiro on new game plus. made some terrible mistakes. but I did do it first try (although I did do some grass at the end). I have learned a lot of this fight. still I feel the timing of the deflect lighting eludes me. or it is just quick on new game plus. I feel like I had a second to react at best.
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