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  1. In my opinion it is generally the wrong idea to jump into quick play being too keen on winning. You need to be fine with people joining or leaving or being AWK and just focus on having a good time and just generally being purple. Ranked is where I would go to try hard. To be more aligned in mindset with your teammates. I have ruined some of my evenings by letting myself go on tilt when all I intended was to unwind with a couple of quick matches.
  2. look at this crew! they are ruining my k/d farming sessions! fucking millenials.
  3. hey why are people quiting oddball in droves? I have noticed that too
  4. my hypothesis is this sort of variable will only make a 0.01% difference on the extreme ends of the bell curve. the difference between grey and dark brown has to be negligible when talking about a couple of 40 something dads trying to aim at each using a controller after a busy day at work, putting 2-3 kids to bed, and many years of carpal tunnel syndrome. I am going to call the difference you are noticing placebo effect. go ahead and equip your purple outfit and feel good about yourself. live a little. we are all running out of time. no one will check your k/d after the fact.
  5. Do you guys know how this scoreboard is organised. Does the order of the team names mean anything? I don’t understand why this dude who carried the team is show third place for example.
  6. then this happened. who needs comms? I'll just complete the objective myself!
  7. I think extra shields would also suck I like the movement idea make me faster or give me double jump or something as is your job is essentially to hide while you are defended by teammates unless you let go the ball which seems a good strategy
  8. I think they really need to make being the ball carrier more fun somehow
  9. I think even on games with objectives if one player in your team is decimating the other team you’d have an easier time achieving the objective. I think the only game mode where this would not work is controlling the zones.
  10. I don’t think that we can say for certain it is not tracking what you eat. Who reads terms and conditions?
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