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  1. I’ve got one! Anything urgent I should know?
  2. Are you looking at your phone? If so, look at the 4K image.
  3. Look at it on a high rez monitor. It is hard to notice the upgrade on the phone.
  4. This one feels his underpants enkindled.
  5. Stadia is the best use of a license.
  6. I knew a guy once who everyone called coke man.
  7. That’s a licensed game? Based on what?
  8. Why is he.... [insert words here]?
  9. anyone waiting for this take to jump in?
  10. Seriously what the fuck is up with this guy. I really need to stop following him on Twitter. He is giving me an ulcer one aggravating entitled condescending tweet at a time.
  11. been playing this with my daugther (7) and we have had a great time. been playing a bit every weekend for about a month. she loves it. I told her today that I used to play this when I was a kid and showed her a youtube video of the original streets of rage. she commented: "wow this has improved a lot!... how come Sonic hasn't?"
  12. Oz

    Xbox Game Pass

    on PC there is no way to uninstall games from the new EA desktop app. and they don't show on the start menu. lovely user experience.
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