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  1. GI.biz: Motorsport Games acquires racing simulation tech firm Studio397 [developer of rFactor 2] Motorsport Games make the NASCAR Heat series and recently acquired KartKraft
  2. Halo

    Fall Guys

    Epic is buying Mediatonic. Didn't post here about it but I saw this coming from a mile off - fits in incredibly well with Fortnite/Rocket League, and has a very similar model.
  3. Yes, I understood that the expansions were free for Stadia Pro subscribers. Do you also agree that there was no free-to-play version of Destiny 2: New Light on Stadia akin to the other platforms at the time?
  4. I'm sure it's obvious to anyone who is clearly as passionate about Destiny 2 and Stadia as yourself, but I've played Destiny 2 for 20-odd hours and didn't find the business model (or the game!) easy to understand at all and can understand the confusion. Looking into it a bit, the situation seem to have been: In October 2019, on release of the Shadowkeep expansion, Destiny 2 made anything before the Forsaken expansion free to play on PC/Xbox One/PS4. Stadia Pro was released in November 2019. This involved a purchase of a Stadia starter pack for £119, which included the c
  5. The implication is that people are being disingenuous instead of basically nobody outside of the core player base actually understanding Destiny 2’s ever-changing business model (or the game’s bafflingly unnecessary complexity for that matter). (You buy the game! Pay for expansions! The core game is F2P just pay for expansions! Expansions are now standalone! The original campaign is buried so it’s hard to find! We’ve removed basically all the original game that we made F2P! You can pay for a season pass!) Couple that with Stadia’s own tiered model and is it any wonder p
  6. They have to develop and support another format for very little upside and it’s not just about cost but also ensuring you’re maximising the value of the asset (think about it akin to SVoD - licensing out old TV shows/films to different platforms costs the owner nothing, but that doesn’t mean every TV show/film appears on every platform does it?). Either way, I think it’s reasonable to assume Google has talked to Activision about CoD and it was a price above what they were willing to pay, and that the offer would have been significantly more than the $20m they paid Ubisoft for Assas
  7. So they’re missing only 4 of the top-selling non-exclusive games of the last year. It shows they’ve tried to get big hitters and that it doesn’t work - you can’t get everything and offering the same as other platforms won’t win people over. I do think Activision would want hundreds of millions. Porting to Stadia offers no value to them (negative value if anything, due to the extra work required in porting to another platform on their incredibly tight timescales) but it potentially has high value to Google, why wouldn’t they ask for huge amounts?
  8. Do you really think they didn’t try to get CoD, FIFA or GTA V? They likely had price tags in the hundreds millions if not billions and deemed not financially viable. Of the NPD’s top 20 best-selling games from last year, the non-exclusives they are missing are CoD x2, Madden, FIFA, Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, and Tony Hawk’s. They did get Assassin’s Creed, Avengers, NBA2K, Mortal Kombat and Cyberpunk.
  9. Isn’t that pretty much what they tried to do? It didn’t work - in part because they couldn’t throw enough money around to get all the big names onboard, but that’s not the only reason.
  10. I disagree with the thesis of that article - I think it’s the opposite problem. They were launching a platform but didn’t put the groundwork to fully launch it as a new platform, instead believing streaming would be a sufficient USP on its own when, if anything, it puts people off. Instead, they needed to think of launching it akin to launching a new console. What do you need to do to compete with Microsoft/Sony/Nintendo/Valve? Obviously having some of the same games would get you nowhere - instead, you need either compelling day 1 exclusive content or provide a fundamental
  11. Looks like Focus Multimedia (who run Fanatical formerly BundleStars) have been sold to Fandom (formerly Wikia, the people behind agressively spammy wikis)
  12. I imagine that’s a message for PSN support to use the PS3 serial no rather than the address to verify the acct to try and stop you from regaining access again.
  13. I've not seen any of those films but wouldn't have known the answer - I thought The Hours was about Virginia Woolf rather than being fictional?
  14. I’ve noticed Bohemia Interactive have pulled Arma from third party stores as well, so this is definitely a trend.
  15. I’m probably just old, but I’ve concluded that that these sorts of games are largely time-sinks for kids and aren’t meant to appeal to me. This explains the crazy scope and complexity, limited tutorials, poor UI, user documentation, arcane mechanics, lack of respect for time etc.
  16. Did I miss it or did Nintendo not mention Amiibo once during the direct?
  17. They don’t need an excuse to release ports.
  18. Was that the voice actor for the Heavy?
  19. I’m tired of these 3 word Tory slogans
  20. Nintendo is really scraping the barrel on ports with Miitopia, geez
  21. It’s a port of an original Xbox game - I was surprised they presented it as though it was a new game.
  22. Halo

    Xbox Game Pass

    The biggest disappointment about Forza Horizon doing so well is that they don’t feel the need to revisit PGR as it doesn’t scratch there same itch. Part of me has long wondered whether the Xbox having Forza means there would be a bigger potential audience for it, not less, but we’ll probably never find out.
  23. As the article you linked states, 22 was never about syndication but rather an arbitrary number that became considered the acceptable amount to keep schedules filled with original content. It’s a different model - the UK filled out their schedules with more prime time ongoing soap operas (including shows like Casualty, Holby City, The Bill) and light entertainment instead presumably, in part, to keep costs down.
  24. There probably is a gap in the market for the Wii-like super-casual console vacated by Nintendo but it’s very hard to pull that off without the existing brand power and loyal existing audience of Nintendo, similar to how Apple’s transformation required the Apple brand and existing loyal audience so they were able to succeed where NeXT/BeOS weren’t. I don’t think Intellivision’s brand will cut it. I doubt it’s a coincidence its price is the same as the Wii’s US launch price.
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