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    Nintendo Switch

    I’m not good enough at Tetris to know about such high level play. To my eyes, it plays well enough and it’s a fun - it sits firmly between classic Tetris and modern “guideline” Tetris. The biggest issues with it were licensing and political, not really technical. The Tetris Company were very rigid on only releasing “guideline” games for a long time (i.e. mandating narrow rules on how the game plays, such as piece swap, piece colours, piece ghosts, how rotation works etc) along with giving publishers exclusivity in the West. This meant a game like TGM, which was Japan-only and pre-guideline, was stuck firmly in rights hell, especially combined with the decline of the Japanese console game market. The developers, Arika, were also reported unhappy with emulation as, rightly or wrongly, they believe it killed the series. Edit: Have had two hard locks though!
  2. Halo

    Nintendo Switch

    Holy moly, just saw that Tetris: The Grand Master just got released on Switch and it's available outside of Japan as well. This is a port I never thought we'd see it happen for many reasons.
  3. Looks fine, I guess? Very Illumination and quite generic. I do think Mario was always going to be tricky to adapt, especially as Nintendo isn’t going to let anyone do anything interesting with the characters. The visuals look good… except for Mario, especially the clothing. I don’t know why it bothers me so much but it looks “off” - it feels they’re trying to consciously make it more realistic and detailed, probably to contrast the visuals with the games, but it feels over-detailed, doesn’t fit with the rest of the cartoony world and stands out compared to everything else. A weird thing to nitpick, I know.
  4. Ghost of Shihtzu-ma
  5. More power (especially for indie game ports), BC, better/more comfortable standard controllers, OLED screen as standard, more original games and fewer ports and sequels (I’ve not really enjoyed Nintendo’s Switch output vs the 3DS). Bonus points if the system gets a chunk of tablet-like functionality built in. An Apple Pencil-like stylus would be neat, especially if they could come up with a Wiimote esque input method as an equivalent for use when docked.
  6. Ten Drugs: How Plants, Powders, and Pills Have Shaped the History of Medicine by Thomas Hager is 99p Non-fiction book about the history of medicines. Really enjoyed it when I listened to the audiobook a few months ago
  7. It’s not just Yesterday, the quality of documentaries and education content across TV is abysmal. It all retreads familiar ground covering the same few topics and most are low quality and incredibly shallow.
  8. This series of Taskmaster is a riot, really enjoying it.
  9. I don't generally read crime, instead preferring science-y stuff. The best non-fiction books I've read are (in no particular order): Daniel Kahneman - Thinking Fast and Slow - an overview of behavioural science and biases Richard Rhodes - The Making of the Atomic Bomb - exactly what is says, the definitive book on the topic, extremely readable narrative science history. Siddhartha Mukherjee - Emperor of All Maladies - brilliant US-oriented book about the medical history of cancer. The followup, The Gene, is almost as good. Richard Preston - The Hot Zone: The Chilling True Story of an Ebola Outbreak - very compelling, reads like a thriller If anyone can recommend anything similar then please do! I'll also second Michael Lewis' books and David Simon - Homicide: A Year on the Killing Streets.
  10. Valve used the Half-Life 2 leak as a thinly veiled pretence to delay a game that was obviously incomplete and not going to make its release date anyway.
  11. “Digital collectibles are a highlight of the programme” That’s not a good sign
  12. Pretty dull, will probably eventually pick up the Kirby remake as I never played the Wii game and perhaps Theatrhythm at some point but same old same old.
  13. I was a little surprised they didn’t red flag it due to the reversing crane on track. Seemed a little unnecessarily risky even with a safety car.
  14. I don't think it would have mattered.
  15. It's not that hard to overtake, this is over - Verstappen will easily pass the Mercs.
  16. Halo

    Instant Noodles.

    Sainsbury's sell Nongshim Soon cup noodles for £1: They are very nice - "mild" is overstating it a bit even if it's less spicy than the Shin cup equivalents.
  17. I think there definitely is, it’s just a matter of how to best handle the transition - do a traditional incremental new gen cutting off the old platform of new releases, do something left-field and innovative to drive adoption, or do a soft cross-gen transition through BC. The Tegra X1 is 7 years old and Unity games chugging and the gulf in performance pretty much preventing many ports isn’t ideal.
  18. There’s an argument that every traditional console game publisher except Nintendo should pull out the Japanese market. And a lot of them pretty much have, releasing Western-oriented titles with token localisations akin to FIGS. Nintendo are in a bit of an awkward place. They don’t want the risk an expensive failure akin to the Wii U or risk hurting games sales by starting from zero userbase, but selling more modern hardware could allow for greater potential profits and easier development along with enabling better support for 3rd parties in terms of modern ports and engines like Unity. I wonder if Nintendo should just do iterative “Switch Pro”-style models going forward, have few to no first party exclusives initially, phase out the old models from retail, then very slowly phase out games support for old models rather than doing full generation leaps as in the past.
  19. Eurogamer: Steam is making developers clean up their in-store graphics Ignoring any underlying reasons that this is happening (the continued difficulty for anything to stand out on the Steam store) - if they can do this, why can't they mandate developers add patch notes to every update and enforce the consistent use of release dates?
  20. Series X stock is now widely available, but I notice Amazon now lets you pay across 5 months at £90/mo which might be helpful for some.
  21. The more concerning implication is that they have nothing they can feel they can show several years into development.
  22. I mentioned it a years ago… A racing game based around using die-cast cars with NFC to make them playable in-game. Die-cast cars are already popular, it would be a natural fit and would provide a clear USP against Hot Wheels etc. I guess the problem is that you would have to invest in making the game good and not some low-quality F2P mobile nonsense.
  23. I wish they’d just package the surprisingly fun (and very shiny) single-player campaign elements of Destiny 2 into a standalone product without all the baffling MMOFPS nonsense attached to it. Some of it is now unavailable which is a shame.
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