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  1. Halo


    SK4TE surely?
  2. If anyone cares, Argos and Smyths both have re-stock of the "Official Xbox Series X Rechargeable Battery Pack & Cable Set"/"Xbox Rechargeable Battery + USB-C® Cable" (play and charge kit) at £20 - Smyths offer free delivery too. It's been out of stock in most places for a couple of months unless you wanted to pay £25+.
  3. This is all a bit strange. It’s obviously a huge deal to do something like this, so it must have been in discussion for months, and then they reverse almost immediately? It makes me suspect senior management at Microsoft have overruled it. The original move to put up prices doesn’t make a lot of sense long-term either. They can make Game Pass good enough value that people naturally move over without having to force the issue. Live Gold makes them a boatload of money at the current prices anyway. It also makes people rightly suspicious that they will jack up subs
  4. I mean, Sony/Microsoft/PC between them encompass most of entire broader core games industry, whereas Nintendo make Nintendo consoles to mostly play Nintendo games. They largely exist within their own bubble.
  5. I avoid buying Nintendo products largely due to the high cost of ownership. There’s 4-5 Switch games that I am interested in but it’s hard to justify £300 and £40 each - doubly so at this point in the system’s lifecycle.
  6. In Connected mode kills me every time. So difficult!
  7. Not sure how I feel about this post! It’s genuinely because I spent a couple of hours looking into it about 2-3 weeks ago because the new Xbox controller chews through batteries when used with headphones. It required a bit more digging than I expected to find anything concrete given how common they are (AACycler is one of the few exceptions), there’s a lot of inaccurate assumptions thrown about, and if I’m spending £50+ on something that should last over half a decade then I want to make sure I’m making a reasonably informed purchase. Might as well save others from having to do this w
  8. The generic term is low self-discharge (LSD) rechargeable batteries - Eneloops were the first brand on the market of this type but lots of other brands and generic versions exist now, generally made in the same factory (Sanyo originally developed, manufactured and sold Eneloop batteries, Panasonic acquired Sanyo but were made to sell the factory for competition reasons but retained the Eneloop brand. This doesn’t explain how Eneloop branded batteries are still better today, though). You can usually tell rechargeables are low self-discharge because they come pre-charged and usually
  9. I did some looking into this recently. Even though they are made in the same Japanese factory, they are not quite the same product. Eneloops seem to last about 25-50% more recharge cycles than “generic” (i.e. non-Eneloop) low self-discharge batteries (say 1000 vs 500-750 cycles before their held charge becomes significantly worse that it seriously impacts performance). AmazonBasics seem to be one of the better generic versions (around £1.50-£1.75/AA battery). Edit: I have read that some are now Made in China - these need to be avoided as they do not have the
  10. It didn’t occur to me they didn’t pay VAT until I saw the receipt. For each Xbox £5 gift card used, minus the VAT and their 30% cut, they end up paying a publisher £2.92 - the economics of this seem a little less crazy than at first glance.
  11. I rationalise some of my bitter cynicism as counteracting the relentless artificial positivity of marketing, especially when coupled with the inability to trust anything you read on the Internet at face value anymore.
  12. I strongly disagree with the sentiment that a remaster need a to be anything more than an enhanced port. There does is some graphical improvements to this at least - https://www.ea.com/games/need-for-speed/need-for-speed-hot-pursuit-remastered/media - but honestly higher resolutions/frame rate would be enough. Various companies, especially Activision, have muddied the waters by calling full remakes “remasters”. To me, a remaster implies it’s fundamentally the same game with a fresh coat of paint. Of course, whether that holds up, and whether the game should have had a rem
  13. Agreed, far better than I expected and shows the format relies less on the contestants being comedians and more about people being performers and throwing themselves into it. I get it for the others but I do wonder why Nicola Coughlan didn’t do a full series.
  14. Halo

    Xbox Game Pass

    You just redeem the code and it provides a message essentially saying that 12 months EA Access is 4 Months Game Pass Unlimited and press OK.
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