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  1. I think that falls short of being a promise, and I’m taking that with a huge pinch of salt given that Watchdogs Legion and Yakuza: Like a Dragon, two last gen upgrades, have already been announced as 1440p/60fps on PS5/Series X - I’m not expecting most games to run at 4K/60 on PS5/Series X either, which is why I think the Series S will struggle when downgraded. If games do run at 4K/60 as standard then they should run fine on the Series S. Maybe I’ll be proven wrong and the Series S will deliver most games at 1440p. We’ll see once the first next-gen exclusives start coming out.
  2. Microsoft has not promised anything. Why do you think the Series S will get 1440p on 4K games? 1440p is half the resolution of 4K, yet we know the Series S is about as third as powerful. Similar situation with 1440p to 1080p. It’s fine as long as people know what they are getting; it’s clear the Series S is a lot less powerful than the other consoles, but I don’t think it’s clear what that means in practice.
  3. Yes, agreed. My point is that Microsoft haven’t actually promised anything. People seem to be taking second-and-third-hand accounts that it will do 1080p as standard as gospel when it seems unlikely.
  4. Has Microsoft ever actually stated the Series S is targeting 1080p? Their unveil video stated 1440p (1m20s in).
  5. I'm still far from convinced. Multiple PS5/Series X titles have already been announced as running at 1440p rather than 4K. I firmly believe 4K still isn't going to be the norm this gen, with developers compromising on resolution for better graphics. Microsoft's Series S pitch simply says "1440p at up to 120 FPS", when it's obvious 1440p isn't going to be realistic for most titles. I'm not sure Microsoft have been particularly transparent about what to expect from Series S games performance, and I don't think we'll know for sure until we to see multiple next-gen exclusiv
  6. PlayStation support: Backward compatibility: PlayStation®4 games playable on PlayStation®5
  7. £76 is a lot of money for a controller and play and charge kit.
  8. That’s one interpretation of the cross-gen save issue. The alternative is that it’s a software architecture issue and Sony’s simply not as good at designing, developing and maintaining software compared to the biggest software company on the planet.
  9. I doubt that's why it was included, though. Titanfall MP discussion:
  10. I find it interesting that the only multiplayer game on there is Titanfall 2 - and I imagine even that is only included because of its single-player campaign rather than its online component.
  11. Plenty of people upgraded to an Xbox X/PS4 Pro to literally play shinier versions of games they already owned. This seems tame by comparison.
  12. I wouldn’t pay £40 for a video game, let alone £70.
  13. Why do you think most people buy a PlayStation/Xbox console? As a platform to play popular 3rd party titles. I’m always baffled when people get annoyed that Sony/Microsoft show Call of Duty, Fortnite, GTA V, Minecraft etc - they’re massively popular and sell millions of consoles.
  14. I doubt Sony has spent months playing pricing chicken with Microsoft in order to price themselves out of the market. I think the pricing will be very competitive with the Series X, while the Series S is a very different proposition that they won’t directly compete with.
  15. The main thing that is giving me pause about picking this up is the concern Microsoft will do incremental improvements and release a revised, more powerful, Series X console in a couple of years. I’m not really onboard with eliminating console generations as it will just result in more expense and degraded performance.
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