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  1. hi, i'd be looking to do some iron banner tonight!
  2. Hey, Is there a queue for the renegades? I'm enjoying destiny 2 so far but don't want to take up a place if others are playing more. I haven't quite managed to finish the story yet so don't think i'll quite put the hours in i managed in the first year of destiny! Perils of marriage and children!
  3. Hi all, Am i being stupid? Was there a second clan setup after the renegades was filled up. Ta CueBal1977
  4. Ffs. My phone has been downloading the update ever since it came out!! My call of nature game had been off limits!
  5. Yes I'd say it probably is. [Grumbles that he bought a 4k tv and only has Netflix...]
  6. Cuebal1977

    PS4 Pro

    Having played no man's sky it always seemed the ps4 struggled with it but saying that it was hardly the only flaw in that game. Might look nicer on the new box.
  7. Cuebal1977

    PS4 Pro

    I've put a pre order in but I'm seriously considering dropping it as in failing to see what it's for. I have a 4k tv and the Netflix app on it does 4k. If it had a 4k br player i'd be sold... Might get it to see what it's about though. :-/
  8. What's the space like in the rllmuk clan now chaps? V quiet in ugvm.
  9. Hi all, am giving destiny another throw with the taken king - what light level do you realistically have to be to have a go at kings fall?
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