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  1. I've been back in the gulag with some buddies and it's more fun than any FIFA game.
  2. Did 6 Prime Icon SBCs because got nought else to do...And in order of appearance: Veron Shevchenko Drogba (lucky only did the first three sbcs for his PIM!) Vidic Owen Henry Ended with a decent one I guess.
  3. Im in the same boat, I'd need someone super special to now get into the team. My bud hit the Drogba sbc and says hes been great, even doing better with him that his TOTY Mbappe, but I think he only did that because his club was stocked full of players and he managed to do the lot using 81+ pp untradeables, but those new Icons should of been dropped 3 months ago, not in April.
  4. Is there a safe and dummy friendly guide anyone can recommend for this? My kids unearthed my old Vita and would like to have it.
  5. Damn your pack luck urgh I got f-ing Dumfries. *edit I thought that read Party Bag pulls, but still, I did all the Jumbos and Ultimate's and got my 4th Bernadeschi. Damn your pack luck.
  6. Hes not worth the hassle. Is he the same twonk from Burnout?
  7. Made it to Mega and just enjoying getting 100% on all the areas. With the exception of the annoying narrator, this game is superb.
  8. Done. Again!! Absolute joy to reply it all over and remastered in such a way that not only honours the original game like for like but now brings new visuals that adds a whole new dimension to it. Example, when I beat the 3-3 Monk again I stopped to marvel at the level of detail that's been put in, and most people will only give it all a fleeting glance, the walls, the portraits with their faces scratched out, the light of the candles gently illuminating the curves of wall decorations. It's simply beautiful. Roll on Dark Souls remake.
  9. With all the Fodder dupes sitting about decided to do the Messi SBC, what a player, can't believe I've pretty much ignored him since I've played FIFA, goal machine. Not sure what else I can do with this lot now:
  10. Kent and Tavernier link down the right could be something special.
  11. Best to get all spells / miracles you can with souls, then do White World first, complete all WW stuff, then go Black World, complete all the stuff, then go kill all the Named Phantoms and Primordials, get to White Character Ten, get the Friends (Ally) Ring, then kill all the NPC Vendors, get to Black CT, find Meph, do her missions and then get the Foes Ring, then go to 1-4, kill boss and start NG+.
  12. Yeah I noticed that after I got my Claymore to +10 and nothing popped up.
  13. Zola is really good though, but yeah as you say no one wants to see Italian when they open an icon, unless its the CB. I have so much fodder now, just need another Icon SBC to drop to cash in. Also in case anyone was ever thinking about it, Rulebreakers Kane is a ridiculous 730k/740k price range now down from 1.2 mill, probably because hes nom'd for POTM but I still feel Lingard will pinch it, and I imagine the price will rise pretty quickly after that.
  14. Did one last one before it went: Prime Roberto Carlos.
  15. Or like me save the pussy 3 times and finish his quest, get key and then someone bits after that.
  16. I got Van Nistlerooy in mine. Went through about 4 Mid/Prime icons packs and settled on Prime Makelele.
  17. NG+ is for a harder challenge and to get Platinum trophy.
  18. Depends mate, every game of DS I've done I always get the Talisman of Beasts.
  19. I had 171 packs saved, I now have 20 left for T2, loads of fodder for sbcs and BDay Thiago, Hermoso and Hee Chan.
  20. Bob Mills and sadly no I didn't meet Jet, I imagine if I did my immediate boner would of been most off-putting, but did I beat all the kids like me in the first episode and then smashed a the Vidiators (even made the Posh one cry) on the next one, but sadly bottled it in the Ragnarok axe throwing game. Also never got my GW bomber jacket, even after my mum called them to ask for it. Gutted. Theres vids on YouTube with the episodes with me in.
  21. 3-3 is great fun to invade, you get a trophy and a cool Hat too and can easily get your Character Tendency to Pure Black. Got all the rings now and used all the Demon's Souls I could, guess it's time for 1-4. Just wish there was a way to respec in NG+
  22. Same here. If you are fussed about the Platinum trophy make sure you check off everything before you go for 1-4, because you can't go back afterwards. My first run I've got all but one Ring to get, which I'm in the process of getting, then NG+ I can just get the Spells and Miracles that I'm missing to finish that off, then its just the challenge trophies that I believe are new additions (Kill Giant Knight boss without killing any archers etc).
  23. Only little blip I occasionally get is when you click X from the start screen, its like you can see a background of mountains for a second and then it fades.
  24. I'm going for WCT and have just beaten the Red Phantom as I phased in, which is fun, especially with the rolling Blue Skele up my arse and now have to go through it all into 4-2 to get the Primeval.
  25. I was in two episodes of Games World, the Sky One version. Was good fun. Just thought I'd drop that in there...
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