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  1. I got this from Silver 1, can’t use, sbc fodder.
  2. My jammy twat mates first Gold 3 player pick Fucking guy kills me.
  3. Best use I had for the Scream cards was for an Icon SBC, when the moon was full it boosted 2/3 shitty cards so I could complete the SBC. Hoping for something better tomorrow night.
  4. De Gea still best Keeper for me so far. Only had his Loan one but his was fantastic.
  5. Think I'll keep my rewards for the Scare event, gonna be like asking a smack head not to use that needle of Heroin thats on the tray infront of him until the next day!
  6. But if he gets another POTM you will deffo need this card for it.
  7. Also remember to use L2 to nudge them off the ball if they are running next to you.
  8. I just came out of that Tourny event wishing I could fit Talisca in my team. If I replace Firmino with him, best Chem he’ll get would be 8, also knows Vardy and Lucas down to 8. Worth doing?
  9. Fuck. Im just shy of 20100, need to hit it hard tonight!
  10. Yep, you can. Hold L2 and flick R3 down twice.
  11. In that situation mate, score then hold L2 and tap R3 stick down twice and then sit back and smile. Well done on a great win. But on a side note, FUCKING PSN MAINTANANCE?!?!?!

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