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  1. And a red dupe so I had to pick that shitty Australian ST instead.
  2. I got one of those, guess which one? The other was Kimmich.
  3. My packs were Casemiro (88+) and Hummels (90+) Pretty meh. But silver linings and all that...
  4. Unbelievably shit content for Ligue 1 from EA.
  5. I heard when that happens they hack a sound bite from your controller and play it back to the whole office.
  6. Save for Ultimate TOTS next Friday evening.
  7. Which division are you in now Carlospie?
  8. Delete the account then mate and start again. You get 5 or 6 restarts I believe (The starter SBCs right?)
  9. Dont forget golden goal rule.
  10. 2 weeks Friday I think so 4th June? Only Serie A and Ligure 1 left for TOTS right?
  11. Save your icon ** x 25 packs for Ultimate TOTS if you do them.
  12. Which is why EA restricted the amount of times you can delete your teams and do these, people would just reset every time until they pulled an icon or two.
  13. Anyone in Div 4/5 wanna cheese the Roussillion objective? I can get the wins and goals, just can't be arsed with the assist with defender BS.
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