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  1. Futbin guesstimates R9 costs 3.9mill to do.
  2. Oh my those new Icons! Pulled IF 92 Kroos in a 50k pack! Winning!
  3. Elite Dangerous

    I didn't think you could either?
  4. Elite Dangerous

  5. Elite Dangerous

    I would assume you would need to do lots of influence missions in that system, maybe start a war and then win.
  6. Just pulled 87 Zanetti from a 55k pack.
  7. Anyone completed the base icon packs? Seens some people pulling 91 Maradona and 90 Ronaldo on Youtube,
  8. I was wondering that, I filled it up and it said it was a 77 rated team! Fucking EA are such cocks.
  9. Elite Dangerous

  10. Anyone trying to qualify with the Silver Teams? Its a good crack, no poxy super pacy OP players, just skill and determination! Doubt I'll manage it tbh, got to the third round but its good fun, most I've had with Fifa for a while.

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