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  1. Pretty sure thats the pros formation of choice. I think i will try the wide version.
  2. Ive decided Rivals is fucking bullshit.
  3. Pretty decent TOTW, and with Futmas starting this Friday guys its gonna pack tastic. I advise you to invest in EA shares now.
  4. Almost deleted this game last night. First match, Rivals. Go up against a decent enough 82 rated squad playing 4141 i think, the strong defensive/quick counter position. Anyway so we start and bang my team are fucking waist high in trecle. Turning and reacting is so slow its almost unplayable. I managed to give a decent game though but after 90 mins in the 2nd min hes on the counter and my defenders mong out and bang corner. I say it out loud to myself “This is where he scores and wins”. I select Ramos, my tall sturdy, defender ready to header it clear. He then changes his kicker. My selection resets and goes back to Zola, the 3’ 4” Gnome of the footballing world. He takes his kick and his player headers it down, but Courtois has stopped it!!!! But he couldnt grab it, although 20 game minutes earlier he grabbed a ball out of the air that was flying at 400mph?!? And the ball bounces to the next opposition player that of course is not being marked because my defenders have suddenly started playing the Statue Game. And the player just casually chests the ball in an open goal as Courtois lays there looking up at the sky. I press the PS button, close the game and leave the room.
  5. Yeah man done as soon as it dropped. Its only slightly higher than my CL card but heck it looks better right?
  6. Its ok, packed Kante last night, complaining over. Only managed Silver 1, lost all but 2 games by 1 goal and that was either stupid game mechanics or just bad luck. Really not worth the agro. Unless I pack 90 Salah on Thursday.
  7. I swear the packs are on like a rotation. I packed 88 Litmanen earlier and its funny how his price has gone from 750k down to 698k since I did. I reckon player at certain times get put in packs and so a then people pack him and market prices thus drop.
  8. Had the Blue Flash!!!!!! Dzeko...
  9. This melt beat me 4-3 on the end with a wanky cheap goal, but this was almost worth the hit.

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