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  1. I got Vardy for Silver 1, my best pick in 3 years.
  2. @Timmo Agree about Essien, sometimes hes great, most of the time hes just clunky, can't pass, dribbling is crap, his pace, even with Catalyst is slow, but he can score some great goals, thats why I keep him in.
  3. Was that before he was out of packs though? Theres a guaranteed TOTW/Moments TOTW SBC in the code to drop tonight. Gone balls deep on 84 Guaita and 84 Schowolow. Lets see if I can guess one of these things right for once.
  4. Or Or this one with Messi on RM? I'd rather play Mane tbh as it seems a waste having him as a Sub, but fitting him in means dropping Sandro and using either Carlos or buying a Robertson of some form.
  5. Because I end up getting smashed in games, then sit there with the hump spunking my coins on packs to try and bring me up again. It doesn't work. I'm up to 2.4 mill now after having a fire sale, what you think of these teams Gooner?
  6. Apparently Guardian gives him 90 on every position on Futbin. I see a lot of people use his as a CDM with Shadow, but it can make him "clunky" apparently. Engine I reckon, makes him a 92 CM/CAM
  7. Thanks man. I did a back turned opening and filed it then did a lil search through the club, started with Spain expecting a CB or CDM, nothing, then Netherlands and POW there he was. I was shaking haha!
  8. Ok.... Didn't get Zidane Didn't get Vieria Did get.... ... ... ... This fella...
  9. I know right, I dont understand why people dont do more of em
  10. I might do another. Got enough players. Could do with Zidane or Vieria.
  11. Laughable picks for my Gold 3. Biscuits from my packs. Overall, not worth the agro. Again.
  12. I sold mine. I found his card to be shit. His 89 was a wonder for me, this one didn't do anything other than fall over a lot. Went with Hazard, he's be good so far.
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