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  1. Yeah. Mbappe is 300k less than what I paid on the weekend. Didn't expect such a drop.
  2. There are lots mate, all depends on how fast you want to get the coinage. If you have money and you can live with wasting it, then buy packs. If you are the RTG type then you will need to follow trends, news, match results and fixtures to work out what players will be valuable at which times to then invest and resell. Or you can go middling and buy low Monday am (1/2am seems the sweet spot) and the resell Wed/Thur/Fri.
  3. Oi! Van Der Sar has been a great goalie for me, 10 x better than De Gea has been at least.
  4. I bought Mbappe for 2,770,000 today and I thought that was a good price. He's 2,585,000 now.
  5. Personally think NIF Pique is too slow for CB. But if you can use and he's better than what you have the great use him. At least give him a try. And if you sell, what are you after for your team?
  6. Been using 442. With the second formation I'd probably switch to 4231 or 4231 (2) I think feel DT2 would be a waste if I play 442 to have any of those guys are CMs.
  7. Which team chaps? This is my end game final team now (until TOTY)... Dream Team 1 Or Dream Team 2
  8. And that Tagli guy as LB seems like a good fit too if you can get a matching CB. I might get him, along with Di Maria as I'm in the process of literally selling EVERYTHING to buy that Mbappe, as it seems I won't be packing him, or any of the others on offer.
  9. Was he giving it? Lost to some mug last night that paused three times in a row after I scored first, brought on his red Greiz and Yedder then acted like a cock when he went 2-1 up. I equalised and had 4 good attempts that would/could/should of been goals had the game "decided" it was my win, but instead he let him score his third in the 92nd minute. I hate losing to the cunty players.
  10. Did three Prem 81+ Pedro Henderson Ndidi
  11. Are 83's still inflated due to the SBCs?
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