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  1. Ballzzie

    Pokemon Go

    The Special research bit where I have to battle another trainer from the Great League, do I need to create a party and then battle a RL person?
  2. Ballzzie

    Pokemon Go

    My Friend code is 8199 7507 0382 in case I missed anyone here (LordJerec) I'll stick up my kids 2 accounts too if you dont mind adding, they dont play much but I take them out on weekends when I can and they hunt about, they would love to send and receive gifts.
  3. I'll be on that, after the first night....
  4. Ha its ok mate, I can lock my own one down, and from what I've seen on F20 there are lots of ways to earn packs so hope it won't be needed as much. I reckon I just need to leave the game when the promo's come out with 125k lightning rounds! But I've steeled myself. Won't spend coins on packs, won't buy more than 12,000 points a month, will save packs for Promo's, take credit card off of payment system etc.
  5. I'm in 2 minds about it. One hand, I've heard very good things from the Beta like the in game events and rewards and lots of good changes to the gameplay, plus theres been some great players been transferred around that will mix up some teams. Other hand I reckon you need to play this game a lot, and there'll always be that temptation to spend money, which I dont want to do. On the opening night its tradition but going forward I dont want to spend thousands of pounds, and its very very easy to do this over the course of a year.
  6. I just wanted to see what was involved. Should of guessed it would be a pain in the ass. I might fuck that all off and do something else.
  7. So I bought a Warehouse as I wanted a Ruiner 2000, thought I might as well boost some cars whilst I have it as I look up the 32 car method and I could earn some decent cash out of it. First cast I go to sell, some griefer prick on those flying bikes with rockets takes me out. 100k down the swanny
  8. Ballzzie

    Pokemon Go

    Can you trade them then? My kids will be pleased.
  9. Ballzzie

    Pokemon Go

    I got a couple of shiny Suicune's in the Raid event. How'd you all do?
  10. Thinking about getting a NIghtclub. Anyone else got one? Heard you can make decent money storing stuff in there from other businesses? Any tips?
  11. Ballzzie

    Pokemon Go

    Finally caught a sodding Ditto and progressed the quest! Raid event tomorrow too.
  12. I like the La Croqueta nerf. For those that haven't seen it in Fifa 19 a player can spam it flawlessly and get through lots of players. In Fifa 20 it looks like the more you do it consecutively the more messed up it gets and the ball gets knocked further away from the player and hopefully into the defenders feet.
  13. I'm PS4 looking for some players to tag along with to do some of the bigger jobs. Just kicking around the Arena most nights now, love it there.
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