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  1. I got 92 TOTW Ramos, 91 BD Di Maria, 90 Europa Handanovic, 89 FFS Palacios and 88 CL Goretzka. Prob save for the next 88+.
  2. Smashed this weekend's double XP, Level 98 to 154. Shipment 24/7 is just the best thing in this game when it goes right and the most aggravating thing in this game when it goes wrong.
  3. You're getting all the luck now eh? Should of read the next post too. GG I've not touched the game now for ages, just emptying my club for pack thrills, hardly got anything left now.
  4. Not much different than mine. Lloris is a good keeper mind. It all went into a Prime Icon Pack. Got Drogba, so not bad.
  5. Isnt that supposed to be part of the fun? Why automate a process like Egg Hatching for eggxample (haha) when that Shiny drops after your 500th egg, wouldn't you want to be there when it appears rather than checking your Pokémon boxes the next morning to see if you got lucky?
  6. Or you could clear the cache on your phone and redo the Home account. My kid did the same thing.
  7. Thats ok it seems, I think all you need to do it move some Pokemon into/out of Home app via the Switch before July 6th and I think you will get him via the Phone app, just make sure thats linked to your account.
  8. Guys, anyone got a high IV (pref 4 x Best) foreign language Abra or its Evo's that I could borrow/trade for pls? Want to start my next Shiny Mon hunt.
  9. They will be a lot quieter now as the Gigantamax events over. Hope you all managed to fight a Zeraora? If you did and you use Home, make sure you have moved a Pokémon into storage and you'll get a Shiny Zeraora later.
  10. Zarate. Into Prime Icon SBC: Laudrup. Summer Heat Zlatan is so much fun to use.
  11. Not a team I'd want to face in a WL match
  12. Amazing content last few days. Shame it's so far down the line it's hardly worth the effort.
  13. So a little into the DLC, biggest surprise so far has been finding out Off to get some Mushrooms or something.
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