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  1. All over that. Also, no Mbappe but first ever decent WL rewards.
  2. Just don't look at the Twitter trend for him thats kicking off (no pun intended) at the moment.
  3. Hows it going with the investment thing Gooner?
  4. You should of sold him at 2:30, hes dropped 300k since TOTW release.
  5. Its my fucking turn for a Red card that I can proudly display in my starter squad. ITS MY FUCKING TURN!!!!! Gold 3 is the lucky one and 3 times its been shit. I want some WL luck!!! I know I can't complain but since I started playing Fifa 18 I've never, ever had a decent WL red. Its like I've never been recognised for my efforts. I want that fucking Mbappe!
  6. Thats why I'd hold any Headliner players you pack. They could all really increase in value.
  7. That one looks alrite. Could switch to 4231, 41212, or 442 though depending if they use the wings or cut through the middle more.
  8. BOGOF Chinese New Year packs will be the culprit.
  9. Yeah Dinho got banked. I was looking at Eusabio, he was great for me in F19, but that was as a CAM and I'm really getting on well with 442. Packed 90 Dalglish a while ago and he was very good, I didnt see the point of holding him when I have Aubamy, then I got Buts in a Base Pack, so he goes up top as his prime was my fav player from F19 and still scores some absolute bangers as a Baby. Gulliet was something for me to stick my coins so I didnt waste them on the Ultimate packs that were calling me. And I've never used him before. Hes very good, but I dont have the skillz to utilise him to his full potential and I got him sooo cheap (4,450,000. Currently lowest bin is 4,680,000 and was nearly 4.8 last night) so will sell when I can make a couple of hundred thou and prob get 94 Zidane or Matty.
  10. Pogba's been a superb CM for me, tall, fast and with Hunter has a good right foot. I've got Kante and he just doesnt seem to do much for me. He can't hold the ball, pass, shoot or seem to mark properly.
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