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  1. Hit and miss. Lost games last night due to tackles not registering or some shocking rebounds.
  2. Had a shocker WL. Some of the games were just unplayable. Silver 1 again with 2 games in hand, which I did. Ended 12 wins. At least I got the Icon Swap.
  3. Like me now with 18 Werners bought at 45k that have dropped to 40k each. The flood of packs have killed the prices.
  4. The rate EA are dropping pack SBC’s I’ll have 50 to open for Scream next week!
  5. Haha got lucky and did these three in one match, the guy didn’t even get 1 shot and quit at HT. Team:
  6. If it was Mid Ballack then I would, but had Baby B in F19 and wasn’t impressed. Riu Costa was the first Icon Sbc I did in F18 and he was great. Miffed that they want 19 for Base Butra, loves his Prime card, best player from 19 for me. Prob get Rui.
  7. Rui Costa was always good. Need a CAM.
  8. Look at this bullshit And in Rivals no less, looks like I’ll be down in Div 10 by the end of this bollocks.
  9. Tell me about it. Good shout on the Oblaks. Next time let us know too eh?
  10. My new fav is the double tap through ball, gives it bounce and the defenders can miss, seems to always find the feet of my strikers.
  11. Reckon if I' of tried that, my winger would of passed to the guy infront of the Keeper. Always seems to want to pass forwards with me.
  12. Do it mate, gameplay is much better than F18 and 19. Servers a bit ropey but that can be fixed.
  13. Yes! Aubamy gets POTM! Please please please have my TOTW’s in the all the FUTBIN SBC Solutions!
  14. Jesus this market has gone bananas!
  15. Check out these two matches I played yesterday. It’s like Night and Day. First game it was smooth as silk and we were both smashing it at either end (although I felt I was robbed with some wanky defender business) and the other game slow as shit with my players all being out paced, but luckily he was crap so I won anyway.
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