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  1. Hope its Hyborian. Still want to see King Conan come to life!
  2. FInished the last series and decided that imo JJ is probably the best Marvel Tv show they made. Followed closely by DD of course and then my main man The Punisher. Luke Cage, Iron Fist and The Defenders were a bit shit.
  3. "Skeletons no longer appear to get their weapons stuck in their skulls when switching to a banana." From someone that hasn't played this game and knows nothing about it, this fix sounds.....interesting.
  4. Could of been worse I guess. Also got Quag from a 82+ pack.
  5. Mate you could of done some of mine!
  6. Hahahahahaha man but what a fucking pull!
  7. Ultimate TOTS SBC in an hour! What we all looking forward to getting guys? Sarabia? Oblak? Alisson? Or that Portugal flag ....CM Bernardo Silva? Personally, I'm hoping for a French flag. Either player would be welcomed. Also got 40 odd 82+ packs lined up, may take it to 50! Might also stream the opening via Youtube....Could do with a few more Subscribers???
  8. Thats a fine squad now matey. Deffo WL ready. I'd swap Shearer and Eusiebio though, his 5* weakfoot will work better for you on the other side. Id' also move Gerrard to CAM and get Kante as your CDM.
  9. Blanc needs Shadow IMO mate, he's slow as fuck.
  10. Only got 10? Oh well, lets get that German TOTS pack then. Lewy pls.
  11. Hit Gold 3 after some right shitty games, and I think this'll be the last WL I'll be playing. In fact probably done with Fifa now, at least in a serious way. I was getting 28 shots (18 on target) and scoring 1 or 2, and losing to players that were getting 4 or 5 and scoring most of them. Dynamic Difficulty is 100% in this game.
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