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  1. Ahhh, good to know. Also, might want to check the record again I'm done now - if you beat it, fair play you deserve it.
  2. @Foxworth so decided to record myself trying to match the same pace. Only 7 minutes in and I got it - slightly slower as I fudged the ending, so can definitely be done quicker. EDIT - And just like that, it's been smashed
  3. Yeah, shame the switch doesn't have a record function like the PS4 otherwise I would have uploaded it. They key was to just keep moving and not slow down. My original clear was about 21 seconds, so shaving off so much time seemed impossible at first.
  4. Wow. What a level. Simple but so damn satisfying to clear quickly. Put in a few hundred attempts...
  5. Ok so making levels is too addictive... Put a few hours into recreating the original Resident Evil (kind of...). Much easier this time round, I promise! I'm pretty pleased with how this turned out. Let me know what you think. 3K9-9WC-3FG
  6. Thanks. Yeah it can be a pain... I had to complete it to upload and the randomness of the Bowser fire raining down can be frustrating. No checkpoints but still do-able! I would like to make an 'easy mode' with a checkpoint so that the mechanics can be gotten used to... I've copied the level and made he changes, but I can't upload it as the game is under the impression it's still the first level - any help?
  7. Got my first course up and running - would appreciate your thoughts! 52K-32T-SNG
  8. They are great. I was also late to the party and got a New 3DS XL shortly before the newest Pokémon release. I went crazy and bought about 8 games with it too. Sadly, i haven't been playing on it at all as of late - too much Destiny. I've been contemplating selling it which i may do rather than see it gather dust any longer.
  9. ... and put everyone to shame! Good to see you lads about.
  10. Britxbox... Boo! Kick 'em out! Just kidding fellas. Nice to see a few familiar faces! Welcome!
  11. Hey guys, back on Destiny after a bit of a hiatus. If there is any room spare at all or if you're ever short on numbers send me a mesaage on PSN. Usually free most nights. Missed raiding with you all but taking a break has given the game a bit more life and enjoyment.
  12. Came on to ask if anyone fancied helping with the Nightfall, after doing a fair bit on my tod. After reading the above, I won't be bothering!
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