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  1. Wish they'd announce the PS Now titles in advance. Would give me an idea what I should bother starting or not in this next few days.
  2. Who still has a Series X for sale?
  3. Thanks, I was unsure if that policy had changed recently to upfront.
  4. Somewhat bummed that they didn't announce anything for PS Now members, I subbed for a couple of years hoping it'd have some decent PS5 material at launch but it appears they are sticking with the dual subs. Was hoping to dump PS+ next gen!
  5. No copy here either. Odd as usually arrives in good time and even earlier in the pandemic it came on time.
  6. Yes I think so. Had a lot of fun with the second, had played the first but found it a little dull in parts.
  7. July additions are now online and include Watch Dogs 2, Street Fighter V, Hello Neighbor (as previously announced as part of the Indie lineup), Infinite Minigolf and The Turing Test. Watchdogs 2 is on until October.
  8. Selling codes on Ebay and using messaging to deliver them actually breaches Ebay terms. Back in the day people used to sell loads of Xbox Live codes on there for about £25 and would email them, but this got banned. They contacted me to offer 13 month individual codes...I'm still waiting but with Paypal backing I'm not bothered if it turns out to be fake or not. EDIT - Codes arrived, all redeemed fine.
  9. Excellent price, only just subbed but may as well top it up.
  10. I'm a sub so thats OK then.
  11. I found Lie Swatter wasn't playable over Twitch via Zoom. It was just too quick. Most of the other games have worked fine though.
  12. Is there no print edition?
  13. Sawgrass was in the first Megadrive PGA Tour games so very much ingrained in my golf game history especially the island 17th.
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