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  1. Little Nightmares was on PS Now I think. Great to have Tony Hawk, that is two months on the trot with Crash 4 and TH that I've been wanting to purchase both when they get to a decent price.
  2. I was surprised to hear the word bastard during a cut scene therefore I guess that is why!
  3. I cannot get any of the DLC working with the original game, it always stays greyed out even when downloaded. Given up now. Going back to 30fps though from Miles Morales is a shock to the system.
  4. Edit - PS Now customers will go onto the top tier, makes more sense! Wonder how the conversion for those subscribing to Now and PS Plus will work? Or will you just get put onto the Extra tier automatically which is stingy since we've paid out more than the new service for both. I'm curious if this means the end of the monthly updates and going into a Gamespass style drip feed through the month?
  5. It seems since things were moved across to this new company that the service has got worse. Added to that the Royal Mail issues too.
  6. I only had issue 365 last week, but I also appreciate there are severe postal delays in my area and we only get posted letters approx once a week.
  7. This is my most played game too
  8. Is the HDMI cable 2.1? It doesn't seem to have any label to suggest so?
  9. Just file it is a missing through your online account. I must admit the system to reorder back issues if you haven't had one is very good with no questions asked. Only problem is your don't get a subs copy with the exclusive cover. I've had two go missing this year and it's the first time it's happened in over 10 years of subbing!
  10. I've been shifting around my old copies of Edge and couldn't help notice when this issue dropped how thin the magazine feels. As the page count is the same it must be the thickness of the paper which feels a bit cheap now. Remember when they launched this look of the magazine and it boasted about its glossy pages! Aren't we well overdue an overhaul of the mag now after more than a decade?
  11. I'm still waiting on last month's. That's twice this year I've had no shows, the first time in over a decade of subbing.
  12. The cross-over with PS Now continues. Wreckfast and Stranded Deep were both on the service recently even if its the PS5 upgrade of the former. Wonder if the saves will cross-over?
  13. Best get moving; mind you if they stopped selling them last Summer, I wonder how much stock they actually have!
  14. Thinking about doing this, just wondering if the prices will hike on 12 months since theres no mention of it.
  15. I really enjoyed Maneater but yes it just seems a direct port of a last-gen title. No haptic feedback on the triggers, I had about 6 crashes throughout especially when more zones opened and the controls can get uncomfy after a while. That said I've got the platinum on it which was nice and I enjoyed just spacing out to something simple.
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