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  1. That's what I thought, sure I only just had the latest issue a few weeks back.
  2. No copy today, usually I get it Saturday.
  3. Finally about ten years later after such a reward system was touted for the Xbox 360. I was so convinced I would be able to turn GS into points I hammered it in the early days.
  4. Every few months there isn't a subscriber cover it seems. I don't mind too much since it's a nice bonus now and the covers are much better than the magazine when it first had this look and was cluttered all over the cover.
  5. Time that feature was dropped. It's been around for what a decade now? Infact I'm surprised we haven't had a new look in that time. It does feel like they are scrapping the barrel to fill the column. Would rather have something else in the space.
  6. I never get bored of the tracks in this, compared to most racers. Recently went back to it to play Bikes for the first time and after some initial issues getting used to the handling, it feel into place and I loved being back.
  7. So the calender is not a free gift then as such...seems a very random thing for Future to do.
  8. The store I worked in stopped taking last gen years ago as a store decision. Surprised some were taking worthless titles so long after but so much of it will be dead stock just cluttering up stockrooms. Vita and Wii U trades were always pitiful too but surprised since some have higher value and take up a very small amount of space.
  9. My direct debit is £8.99 a month and has been for about five years or more. Do they just forget about these and make a loss?
  10. The writing was on the wall for GamesTM when Future took over. The countless 'lists' every other issues too was a dramatic drop in quality and a last ditch attempt at some sales.
  11. The Cosworth is so much fun in the snow. Everytime I get in a super car, they feel shit in comparison.
  12. Really enjoying this, considering I barely touched Horizon 2 and 3. I think a two week trail of Game Pass has helped as I feel the need to play it more than usual. I have to say though I've only driven one car really which is the classic Ford Escort Cosworth. It is such a beast of a car on and off road that I can't deal with any other cars (seems counter-productive with so many in the game). One of the things that bugs me on the realism aspect is that they didn't bother to use the official Transport font on the signage and the motorway looks weird. But the whole seasons aspect adds so much variation and I'm really enjoying the snowy setup especially for off-roading in. I presume the Forth Road bridge section on the map will unlock in an expansion at some point?
  13. In other news, £6 an issue now! Glad I only pay £8.99 a quarter.
  14. Big marketing push on this, apparently our big Tesco has put up external POS and decorated the front of the shop.
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