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  1. Woo, currently first! Can’t imagine it will last long
  2. Very quiet in here this year. Here's my current lineup Suppose you can guess who I got from the Max 86. Icon SBC
  3. Timed this horribly wrong. Still have my Sabitzer and he's now worth 20k (I should have listened!) With Rodrygo, his price dropped to 200-210k last week so I decided to buy another 4. Sold all 5 yesterday morning for 245k. Made roughly 175k in profit, nice. Only for his price to spike up to 400k yesterday evening when he got his upgrade. Meaning if I would have held on for an extra 12 hours I would've made close to 1 million profit from 5 sales...
  4. Queue the best pull being Joao Felix...
  5. No upgrades on the RTTK cards after the knockouts? So qualifying and winning 3 of the group stage games are their only opportunity at upgrades?
  6. I've lost interest in FUT so decided to sell up last week. Got 1.2 million coins sitting waiting for my return later in the year. Only players I have kept as investments are 1x Sabitzer OTW (bought for 34k, currently 55k) and 1x Rodrygo RTTK (bought for 230k, currently 232k)
  7. Made a successful late push into Division 1 ahead of season end Rocking the same team as last time I posted but have added Kante to my ranks. Got 250k coins and trading up to Neymar
  8. With the season ending this week and rewards/packs being given out for your rivals division, do you think it would be a wise idea to sell up shop ahead of a market blip?
  9. OTW players seem to be rising now following Tomori's upgrade. Doubled in price since Wednesday Decided to invest in Sabitzer OTW this morning at 33k as he only needs 2 more wins for his upgrade.
  10. Few upgrades, will see how I get on tonight
  11. Yeah I think 300-400k is the most i'd be willing to commit to it. Push on past that and Neymar becomes the better option (assuming you have the extra 200-300k coins for that)
  12. I've read online that there is a Flashback Mbappe as LW expected this week, so holding out for that first before committing my coinage
  13. 12 wins this weekend. Suarez and Lukaku (both duplicate) being the best pulls from my rewards. Here's how I set up: Was using 88 Koeman (who I have now sold) rather than Alaba and was swapping him and Llorente around in game. Got 700k spare currently so looking to make some changes this week.
  14. Well that Dembele is gonna be fun to face
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