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  1. Bennette98

    Your shameful gaming secrets

    Yes. lol no I wouldn't have been. Wouldn't have been as long ago as I've mentioned. But I wouldn't have been much older
  2. Bennette98

    Your shameful gaming secrets

    My family were all very competitive on Wii Fit back in the day, trying to conquer the leaderboards and get the best scores in the skill games. Even my parents used to get involved and it was something we could all play together and take turns. In general I was probably the worst at most of the skill games but 10 year old me worked out small tactics/cheats which I used when no one was around to get the best scores. I wouldn't necessarily call them cheats but I was definitely not playing the games the proper way. For the football heading game I was stood just behind and stepping onto the board on one side when I needed to lean that way, instead of standing on the board and leaning in the direction I needed to go. Same again for the ski slalom but I also used to do this down on all four and use my hands as it was much easier to control. I started to smash some of the records, but people grew suspicious cause I was wank when everyone was around but I had to best scores. I just said that I play it a lot. Anyway one day everyone was out and I was playing and there was a skill game for sitting on the balance board for as still as possible and any movement would cause the skill game to end. Our high score for this was around 30 seconds I think. The cheat I found for this was to pile a load of board games onto the board as obviously these don't move. Got it setup and it's all working well, whilst i'm just sat on the sofa watching the timer increase. Until my family gets back and I don't hear them outside and I'm in the front room. So they open the front door and I'm just sat on the sofa with all the board games in the house piled up on the balance board (about 0.5m in height), and I'm just sat there surprised, face going red cause I've been caught. What makes it better is the skill game actually has maximum time limit where it just ends and about 15 seconds after everyone gets home and realises whats going on the TV shouts "Finished" followed by the cheery Wii Fit music because I had completed the skill game. For the most part they did find it quite funny.
  3. I've seen a few videos on Twitter of right-footed players taking pens with their left foot and just passing it down the middle
  4. Pretty much, there prices seem to fluctuate weekly anyway, I can *usually* buy a shit tonne Wednesday when TOTW drops for 350 coins and sell them say Monday for 600 coins. I guess with BF being out the prices were pushed up a bit more? I've had a quick look and can't see a SBC that would effect their prices really. I was only gonna buy him as an investment to sell this and didn't know the best time to buy him was or if the rise would be significant enough to be worth it. Then when you factor in the risk of trading with players worth 600K there's a lot that could go wrong.
  5. Any of the non-rares I could get. Ranged from 75-81. Selling the 75s for 950 and 81 for 1100 etc. (I'm on Xbox remember, so prices may be slightly different)
  6. Didn't risk it with Hazard over the weekend. Lowest I seen him fall to was 585 and now hes back at 640ish... I'd been buying and stocking up on non-rare prem golds for quite some time for 350 coins each. Stocked up about 120 of them and sold them all for 950-1100 this morning (because of SBCs I assume). Winner Winner
  7. I'd say Team 2 and would suggest TOTW Meunier over Lala as it should still give everyone 9 chem (I think?), if he's not out of budget
  8. Yeah I've been monitoring the price and can see it dropping as it goes. Good point about FUTMAS/TOTY, hadn't considered that. Thanks, think i'll hold off as it's 80% of my coins at stake and there is obviously much safer deals to be made
  9. @Pants McSkill Would you expect the prices of the best IFs to rise? Not playing the game currently so might invest in Hazard IF whilst its down. Would it increase once BF is done?
  10. I thought Hazard's dropped at 1 last month? Are we expecting it today?
  11. When is POTM usually dropped? In my head I was expecting it today at 1 but clearly I was wrong. Are we expecting it to be Aubameyang?
  12. Was looking at investing in a Felipe Anderson OTW last week expecting him to get another IF at some point. Was being tight over the price and didn't want to spend the 110k and was trying to get him for as cheap as possible so was bidding up to 105k, gave up in the end. Course he scores two at the weekend and is now worth 200k+ EDIT: Being tight over 5k as I could see his price was coming down throughout the week.
  13. @Steely are the requirements for the UCL SBC the same every time? Do you know what they are?
  14. This only happens when the rating of the new card matches or exceeds the rating of the IF. With Sancho his IF is 79 rated and his standard card is 72 rated so his IF card being upgraded is unlikely.

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