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  1. The game everyone knows is best: Shenmue The actual best game: Shenmue 2
  2. Finally finished this, having abandoned it nearer release thanks to the extremely tedious monster bits. With safe mode patched in I was able to just enjoy the story. And what a story! It does an brilliant job of exploring the practical and the ethical sides of digitising and uploading mind-states onto a computer, and sets it all in a suitably grim, haunted environment. Theres some brilliantly fucked up bits, like and it manages to end in a genuinely bittersweet way. Bitter then sweet, in that order. Fucking loved it, bravo.
  3. There's a bit in Terranigma on the SNES where you get the casting vote in a local town election, and if you vote for the communist the town stagnates and you can't finish the game 100%.
  4. Curse of Monkey Island is RIGHT THERE and this is the art style they go with.
  5. ....aaand finished. Nothing epoch-making but very atmospheric and it looks and sounds terrific. I went in expecting a walking sim but it felt more like an old PS2 adventure or something.
  6. Alex is a fucking misery as well. I lost count of the number of times he referenced the end of the world in the last podcast episode
  7. FINALLY got the Infallible Trophy (win 5 games in a row) thanks to the current 'Clan of Yeetus' event. If you get good at launching yourself via the big hammers you can get through the three rounds of each game pretty reliably.
  8. Although you don't play as different characters, it already feels like 'Tales of Night City' to me. The main and side quests all explore aspects of the city through the situations you find yourself in and the people you meet, and the situations THEY find themselves in. The City is far and away the most important character in the game.
  9. I found this Asda own-brand version of Johnny Silverhand sitting on the ground just outside the city:
  10. On PS5 I've had one hard crash and one instance of V riding his bike upside-down and that's it in 20 hours. More importantly I found a ripperdoc who was selling an implant that lets me go invisible for 15 seconds (with a 60 second cooldown) and stealth sudddenly became much easier, even slightly broken in an enjoyable way. I just need to increase my cyber-hacking toolset and I'll basically be the Ghost in the Shell lady in bloke form.
  11. That literally looks like it came from an Xbox 360 game.
  12. Got to the title screen after 8 hours. I managed to avoid spoilers all this time so I didn't realise that...
  13. Count me in as another one who prefers the civilised, 30fps ray-traced mode over the smoother but less atmospheric chav option. Either way this is a massive improvement over the last-gen version; really glad I abandoned it on the One X and waited a year.
  14. I would have thought it would be a completely seperate download, but I could be wrong.
  15. I completed it when it came out but twice now I've tried replaying it and stopped at the point where the Alien starts stalking me. Too bloody stressful.
  16. I guess the setting is a bit Fallout-like and Exodus has its open world sections but really it's an FPS with lots of story and characters talking at you. It's not an RPG series.
  17. Bloody hell the PS5 version looks good! Night and day from the PS4 release - I'm coming off the back of the new Uncharted port and I'm finding this more impressive. There's also the added bonus that there isn't time to roast a chicken while waiting for it to load.
  18. I'd vote for the disintegrating aeroplane and freefall cargo parachute scramble ifrom the third game personally.
  19. I wasn't talking about the difficulty so much as the structure and obvious overall influence of the Souls games on the developers. I'd heard it compared to Zelda but the Souls influence is much more obvious to me. It's fairly hard but nothing crazy, so don't let that put you off.
  20. I nearly bought this a while ago and was delighted when it arrived on Gamepass. Looks and sounds lovely but after playing for an hour or so it's a lot more Dark Souls than I was expecting and hoping for.
  21. I remember an older relative walking in to the room while I was playing Guitar Hero. Suddenly, the rock star persona bestowed on me by the game was stripped away and I was a grown adult making clicking noises with a Fisher-Price guitar toy.
  22. To a rabid left-winger 'mild conservative' = actual Nazi.
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