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  1. I think the first episode will cover Midgar and then just the first village you go to, where you get all the playable flashbacks to Cloud as a Soldier agent and the backstory behind Sepiroth. That would give a bit of variety to the visuals and tee up the rest of the story by introducing the main villain.
  2. Just beat the 'final' boss after 60 hours, saw credits and congratulated myself on finishing another lengthy JRPG... ...then found out there's basically a whole third act I didn't know about. I take it I should play this rather than shelving the game like I originally planned?
  3. I thought I'd get used to that name, but nope, still annoying.
  4. To be fair, Shenmue always existed in its own isolated pocket of the gaming universe, away from all the other games. It was true in 1999 and looking at the footage of 3 it's thankfully still the case.
  5. A viable competitor to Steam is a big win for the consumer. I'll agree the way Epic are going about it is perhaps overly aggressive, but if that's what it takes to destroy the monopoly Valve have had on the PC for a decade plus then so be it.
  6. They should cancel the PC version out of spite and really give them something to moan about.
  7. One of my favourite games, so I just had a small heart attack seeing this thread pop up during E3, thanks for that Prepare yourself for one of the best final boss battles ever.
  8. It must be exhausting to be woke enough to care about trivial crap like this.
  9. User Banned (3 Days): Thread Derailment, Resetera-phobia, casual use of a word that could trigger Chernobyl survivors.
  10. Day 1 for me - I like it when a dev really pushes old machines to breaking point, like Shadow of the Colossus on PS2, Half Life 2 on Xbox or GTAV on 360/PS3.
  11. The art style is generic even for a Tales game, but it looks much nicer than Berseria/Zesteria.
  12. Well I think it looks great. Were you all really expecting Ninja Gaiden style limb amputation in a Star Wars game?!?
  13. Ten minutes of my life I'm never getting back.
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