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  1. Thank God that's over. It gets a bit better after the open world closes off and the plot becomes more substantial, but apart from the baddie the characters never become interesting and the storytelling is incoherent. If it wasn't my favourite game series I wouldn't have persevered with it. I'll still play whatever XVI is but I hope it uses something a bit closer to the standard JRPG template, like the Dragon Quest games continue to do with great success.
  2. I was worried ACE Team had gone normal after their recent Actraiser clone, but obviously not.
  3. Best film ever. I should really go and see the Final Cut but I'm already so familiar with every scene it seems like a waste of time & money.
  4. I thought it was an enjoyably plotless wallow in 60s Hollywood, with some great acting. I'm very glad I read the Wikipedia entry on Sharon Tate (who I'd never heard of) before watching though as her character would have seemed completely pointless to the film otherwise. As it is she barely seems to say anything, just dances a bit and smiles, but perhaps that's just how she was.
  5. Why hasn't some dictator done this for real already?
  6. I love the game too but I just can't understand why anyone would defend this stuff. There is no justification for separating story missions by several hours of forced side content, especially in a game that's so massive anyway. If you want to play all the side missions then that's great! Knock yourself out! But it shouldn't be forced on the player. It's not like there aren't many existing open world games that manage all this much better, including its own immediate predecessor.
  7. Except she's obviously not using it as a term of endearment.
  8. OR they could have balanced it so that, after you complete a story quest at the correct level, the next one isn't six levels higher, requiring the player to do multiple hours of side content to be allowed to continue the main plot.
  9. I know, it's the only black mark on an otherwise amazing game.
  10. I made this complaint a dozen or so pages back, and apparently it's your fault for not doing every optional side quest and activity along the way.
  11. Trumpets

    PC Engine Mini

    All I ask is that someone takes a picture of it next to a bag of Skips.
  12. Stalker mixed with Solaris, not as good as either but it still deserved a proper cinema release.
  13. Listening now. The GameSpot guy is, like, mad annoying, dawg. EDIT: I've listened some more and he's actually kind of fascinating. He's like an American Nathan Barley, a man with no obvious personality who communicates mainly in nerdy internet buzzwords.
  14. I'm up to chapter 6 and enjoying it more than I was at the start, but for me this is the all time worst mainline entry in the series. The combat is fairly fun but everything else I look for in an FF game, like plot, environment, world-building and characterisation are poor, the open world is a chore to navigate and it all feels a bit aimless. Why am I twatting about in a car with my mates when all the action seems to be happening, or has happened, in the capital?
  15. Brad's face speaks for us all.
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