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  1. Chronic Inane Pun Disease (CIPD) is a terrible thing and the last thing a sufferer needs is people encouraging them.
  2. Others may disagree but to avoid burning out I'd just look up a Youtube summary for S1, then play S2. S3 follows directly on so you'd get the most benefit that way.
  3. He's not remotely that bad but he is a bit boring and I don't understand why they keep including him.
  4. Oim still enjoying the goim, but the more oi ploi the more obvious the limitations become. It could also do with a few narrative or goimplay peaks as it does sort of burble along at the soim pace all the toim. The natives' accents are addictive though.
  5. As IF I'm that left wing. Your political compass is a wonky as your taste in driving games.
  6. Since my suggestion of MGSV went so well, I'd like to submit Resident Evil 4 also. I went in expecting The Game Of The Generation but found myself playing a spectacularly un-scary pudding of an action game that farted in the face of its superior predecessors.
  7. I reinstalled DR1 and it's definitely the better game for me. Handling is more enjoyable, tracks feel more like real places and look less cartoony, pace notes are more realistic. It also gets extra points for its small ~300MB patch (vs over 30GB on PS4) and for not requiring a constant online connection.
  8. Bloody hell, I only listen to the podcasts but he's somehow even more annoying on camera!
  9. There's no benefit to moving around but thankfully you can turn it off in a settings menu and play it like a traditional DQ game.
  10. Way to talk to your audience...
  11. My arse, your face. Shitty game.
  12. Metal Gear Solid V is so bad it makes all the other games in the series slightly worse by its mere existence.
  13. Now on Teer Fradee. Pretty! I played a bit of Technomancer a while back and this feels like a big step up in ambition and quality.
  14. I haven't reached the island yet but I think I'm going to like this game. Feels like a proper RPG without the sort of dumbing down we've seen from Bioware and Bethesda lately, and the world fiction is dense and interesting. The only downside so far is the crappy lip syncing, but I guess the AA budget has to show somewhere.
  15. Brilliant! How do we make this happen?
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