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  1. GT Sport is great, especially after all the updates, but the single player component will always be cut-down compared to the mainline games. A GT7 built on the engine and graphics of Sport but with a full GT mode would be a KILLER PS5 launch title.
  2. ...aaaand credits! Took me a mere six years and the only reason I'm still playing it is because there hasn't been a full Gran Turismo release since. I really hope Polyphony can get GT7 out the door close to the release of the PS5 (a la GT3), or even as a launch game.
  3. I sold my Atari Jaguar and bought a Playstation in launch week. Best decision I ever made, even though it was a couple of months before I had enough money to buy a game for it.
  4. The longer the cutscene, the better.
  5. I can only assume you have shares in Codemasters or something.
  6. Or you could save money and just play them in DR1 instead, and benefit from the better visuals, pace notes, track design etc.
  7. Yes, you need a US account to activate the code on, then you can play it on your UK account.
  8. God of War for 7 quid at CD Keys. I've played through it before but not since I bought my nice big HDR TV, and holy shittington does it look good on that.
  9. They're remaking MediEvil 2.
  10. I played a couple of hours then uninstalled it and just replayed Rage 1 instead. Much better game, and still looks kind of amazing.
  11. All adult Nintendo fans should be on a register, and many of them probably already are.
  12. Metal Gear Solid V is an irredeemable pile of turds, and its creator is a bellend.
  13. Loved the original but I'm not sure I have the energy for another 100+ hour playthrough with some new bits.
  14. At least Genisys was a bit mad, this was just dull. The new cast was poor (the anti-Terminator woman aside) and even Linda Hamiliton was meh in it.
  15. Reviews for this game were always going to be completely irrelevant to a long term Shenmue fan. Pay them no heed.
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