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  1. Can confirm the same issues with the premium feed on android pocketcasts.
  2. Invite sent used to love Halo MP on XBMC but as the years have gone on so have my skills! I will dip my toe into the online with 5 though
  3. Thanks for the Game tipoff, I was on the fence as with a massive gaming backlog and not much time to play. Halo 5 now installing!
  4. 40 with a measly 205 light, guess the game now begins!
  5. Well attempting the hand of oryx solo is proving fun! Been really impressed with TTK content.
  6. Well been enjoying this for a couple of weeks and time permitting I should hit 40 over the weekend. Would like to get into PVE stuff as I am clueless as to what's next after the max level! GT as username
  7. Well another week gone by and I'm still chipping away when I can. Just hit 25 and having loads of fun, proper addictive!
  8. Lmao just beaten him camped out in the hidey hole cave, happy days
  9. Any XB1ers oline at the mo able to help kick Sardons arse? I'm almost at launching the controller at the TV level of frustration!!!
  10. If anyone is bored enough and ever wants to "sherpa" me through from level 14 I'm all ears!
  11. God damn the waves after the siphon witches. Level 11 and I'm getting my arse kicked by a level 9 mission!
  12. Which console Hexx? If XB1 I am of similar level if you ever want to group up sometime. GT same as username.
  13. Well I have managed a couple of hours since Friday - damn the realities of being an adult eh! But so far I am having a blast I rolled a Hunan Titan and I'm close to Level 10, just completed the encounter with Sepkis Prime last night. I think I have seen a few of you ingame but I am going to need a decent gaming headset, if anyone could recommend any than I would owe you a pint!
  14. Well I went for it, all being well it arrives today so I can get stuck in! Also I have been supplied with a list of duties from the missus and we are out at a friends wedding reception tonight. Sudden diarrhoea may be happening!
  15. For some curious reason I would like to give Destiny go. I think I would be completely overwhelmed though, any other members recently started from scratch? XB1 edition?
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