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  1. Superglue is absolutely essential in your tool kit - especially if you snap your model in half and need a seamless joint like you say... Your point about the Wet Palette is spot on. The sooner someone uses one of them (even DIY) the better. Contrast is good, but it is unforgiving and it is not necessarily faster. It definitely has its place in the toolbox (IMHO etc) Long dead unfortunately.
  2. Excellent! It's decent, if a little runny and uncontrollable. Once you've used it up (and you will, given the lizardmen set you've bought!) treat yourself.yo the Tamiya. It behaves a little differently but it's honestly a revelation.
  3. At this point it's probably not worth worrying about sub-assemblies, or bits that will be hard to get to. You're just getting started. If you prime it back, the bits you can hardly see that are tucked away become shadow, and you can only see them when you're up close anyway. That's not how you'll look at your models 90% of the time. The three things I wish I'd known when I started: - thin your paints with a little bit of water. Trial and error will get you to the right consistency, but it stops it glooping on everywhere. - this is the best glue. It sounds like you're using superglue. Stop. - focus on the basics. Base, wash, layer, dry brush. You don't need anything else to get good result. You're beginning your Warhammer journey at a time when the amount of guides, resources and painting methods are numerous, but that can also make it overwhelming. In the past 2 weeks I've come across 2 new methods on how to paint things! Just enjoy it. Paint a thing, be happy with a thing, create momentum.
  4. 100% agree with this. They'd clearly dressed it the week before and had maybe spent a night or two in it, but the general feeling of the entire house was pretty cold and rubbish. I get what they were going for - converted barn house type thing - but it didn't feel like it was a house of particular architectural merit beyond having a very complicated roof. From the outside it continued the modern trend of looking like it could either be a house or a modern office development. The Old People's Wing was fairly nice, and I liked the sentiment behind it, but the new house was just....horrible. I hated the windows, I hated the view along it, it managed to look pretty cheap despite having £1.7m spent on it overall. It just didn't work. Kevin was being gentle with them when he binned them off for having a formal dining area 10 feet from their informal dining area in a huge open plan living area. Like you say, the view from the master bedroom was fundamentally ruined as a result of the annex, and it just all seemed so unwelcoming. I'm sure that as they finish the groundwork and the land around it recovers it'll soften it, but in comparison to the OCD dude's hobbit hole a few weeks ago - essentially a similar idea - this lacked vision, style and heart.
  5. Votaan you will likely struggle to get hold of until the unit boxes go on general sale, but there may be a few of the new army box knocking about.
  6. 26/09: As Dusk Falls (Xbone Sex) The first time I tried this the art style pushed me right back out again but, after a second concerted effort, I got past that and got to the meat and potatoes of the game. Overall, had a lot of fun with this. I like that it shows you all the key decision points and outcomes in maps, as well as those which are actually impactful on the outcomes at the end of the game. I tried to play it with each character consistently rather than cheese the ending, and ended up with: I enjoyed all of the chapters except the last one, which felt a bit dull and boring and very much like a wrap up of everything rather than anything particularly interesting. I'd be tempted to do another play through to see how differently it can come out, but not that bothered. Wasn't a fan of the very last scene really, as it left the story without what felt like full closure.
  7. There is no "view all miniatures" button, you are correct.
  8. Oh god he stole it from a children's home, didn't he?
  9. You stole a console you didn't want any games for?
  10. "I've spent £500 on this thing and there's nothing to play on it, change my mind?" Really? Donate it to a children's hospital and then have a serious chat with yourself, you plum.
  11. 19/09: Bad Dudes Vs Dragon Ninja (MAME) This was objectively terrible in every way. So much so that it was only at the end I realised I'd played it relatively recently, and I must have forgotten it. It follows the very tired Data East template. Poor enemy variety, impossible bosses, final level where you fight all the bosses again. Hey ho.
  12. The campaign I was playing had one guy lose a battle. As a result of his end of game roles, 2 of his 3 or 4 models (I forget now) started the next battle in prison in the middle of the map, and he needed to cut them free before my gobbos stabbed him to death. It did not end well for him, but it was brilliant fun.
  13. Battle Companies is great fun, and can lead to some wildly imbalanced but hilarious scenarios. I loved what I played of it before lockdown.
  14. Loaded up the PS5 version on my PS5 and it's choppy from the very start in places.
  15. Neither of the consoles do this generally, and one of them gives you just 2 weeks notice. I'm not sure this gen is for you if you're reliant on the subs service.
  16. I agree on the Theron running example, both because of the reasons you cite, and also because the ship eventually rolls over and - being FUCKING MASSIVE - demonstrates that a huge area of the space they were in was about to be squished. She's trying to get out of that area, and turning left would not have necessarily helped. I think it's more a poorly framed SFX sequence. In the context of this thread - stupid character decisions - I'm not sure people are saying they're plot holes. They're just fucking dumb choices. Prometheus does have those by the bucketful. Let's go with Fifield - a geologist on another planet in a temple filled with dead bodies who decides to smoke weed in a sealed spacesuite - and Millburn - a expert bioligist who decides to get close to and try to pet a new alien lifeform when he encounters it. The whole fucking film is anger inducing, because almost every situation relies on huge stupidity on the part of everyone else in order for it to work. It's like Wayland Yutani hired the worst candidates in every field it needed specifically to make the mission the absolute disaster it was.
  17. I meant more in terms of when he's up talking in front of people. So much of Love And Thunder just felt like a stream of consciousness direct from his brain, mimicking his cadence and silliness in interviews. I agree with you completely on his other film output. I completely agree with your take on his Thor films. L&T definitely feels like it was made in the midst of a global pandemic where everyone went a little bit crazy and had a wild millionaire's party in Australia.
  18. I honestly haven't got a scooby on typical army size. The new box set is a continuation if the ruleset from the 2018 set though. There have been some expansions since then mind.
  19. They'll do fine, I'm sure. Having had my first proper game of LotR last week though - having previously played Battle Companies and enjoyed that - it's just so elegant and accessible. And fast paced! A full 8 turns or so took the same as 2 turns of 40k. The battlefield seems more dynamic, the nuances of the rules more fluid yet understandable. I already have a Goblin Town army, but they're pretty one note, so I'm going to go Minas Tirith; the new starter set plus a Battlehost plus Aragorn should give me a decent army to learn with.
  20. I've wanted the new Squats since they were announced, but their similarity to marine armour and my hatred of painting that armour, coupled with my excitement for the LotR games, means I've bottled it at the 11th hour. Instead, I've pre-pre-ordered the new LotR box set and am now going to skip the Squats in favour of grabbing one of the new Battlehosts for a fraction of the price. Ultimately, I already have one full 40k army and at least 3 part armies that I never play with. Don't need another one.
  21. Watched this on Saturday and I guess I kinda land at "it was alright" conclusion. If I could summarise my criticism, it's the same as I had/have of GotG2. It's a film that ups the quips and throwaway gags, but does so at the expense of actually earning them. It's not a punchline if there's no lead in to it, so it's just people trying to be quotable rather than it assisting with anything. And that's entirely Waititi's thing, right? Say whatever bullshit is in his head, and some of it lands well. So, like GotG2, it's predecessor is one of my favourite movies (not just Marvel movies), but this one fails to hit the mark. And I think that's part of the problem; after being so delightfully surprised, is it possible for lightning to hit twice in the same way? I'd say probably not.
  22. 07/09: Arcade Paradise (PS5) Lots of goal/achievement chasing left to do, but I hit the credits last night. This is just wonderful. Scratches the Tedium Simulator itch whilst also giving you a host of fantastic little arcade games to play. The goals, the To Do lists and the all the little things you can buy scratch every dopamine itch a boy could want. Loved it. Will continue to play it. Hope they release arcade game packs for it as I have space in the shop yet.
  23. I'm not going near Pile Of Shame photos... My son's gotten back into painting after years out, so we've committed to spending an hour a day working through our stuff. He has Orks, I have everything else. He's coming along to the game club I play at in October and super hyped to try a simple 500 point game.
  24. Sorry, yes. Didn't mean to imply only Annette did human stories, or that that moment was his. Poor writing on my part.
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