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  1. I've committed myself to painting a unit per week this year, for as long as I can manage it. This week I am 5 transfers short, but I should be able to sort them while I'm in meetings tomorrow. Next week I'm going to finish a single figure unit I've been working on for 3 years! It'll be both an easier week and a relief.
  2. It's specifically called out as an expansion on Warhammer Community, so it's that. I'm just wondering if it's a standalone expansion or if you need the core manual.
  3. Yep, both me and the wife thought it was excellent.
  4. All the reveals today were awesome. I'm totally tempted by WHQ despite having all of but never playing the 40k version (Blackstone Fortress). I'll skip Kill Team, I've enough with what I have right now to play that as much as I want/need. The Crimson Court for the new Underworlds season are amazing models. Totally blown away by those.
  5. So according to that poster Kong has grown to about 10x his height since the last film, which is pretty amazing.
  6. Classic "oh I've not painted anything in forever" statement followed by awesome looking mini post.
  7. My 2020 was a few bits of scenery, a couple of tiny plenz, and 92 goblin town goblins. The latter were exhausting. 2021 is the year I paint my space wolves. I'm on track for 1 unit per week currently, let's see how long it lasts.
  8. Pretty much hit the nail on the head there. But with more skulls.
  9. Just carefully applied pva with a brush and then sprinkled grass flock on.
  10. Thankyou! These are Primaris Aggressors, though they are the easy to build variety so not quite as bulky as the full fat versions.
  11. Finally finished a thing! Have switched to a dry brushing method for these good doggos using a smoosh brush. Plenty happy with the results/time ratio.
  12. Watched Outside The Wire. It is absolute dogshit. Avoid.
  13. They've delivered 3 consecutive generations of hardware that are frankly astounding and have done more to 'innovate' within gaming across those same 3 generations than Sony or Microsoft have achieved with their incremental graphical step ups since the turn of the century combined. The Switch is a frankly astounding piece of hardware that finally delivers on the promise of handheld gaming; a fully powered gaming console you play on the move. Not only that, they solved the challenges the PSP/Vita had and made it so it actually works in a way that makes sense.
  14. It has the best campaign of the Halo's, with ODST coming close second, but it takes a little while to get going. Keep going....
  15. I loved Until Dawn but bounced off of this. There were a couple of great bits, but lots of drudgery. Reading up afterwards, it seems as if it's possible to make decisions that remove entire, excellent sections from the game. I did that, and so that may have ruined it.
  16. It's one of my favourite series of all time and I still haven't watched the last 2 seasons. SoA is fantastic, with dumb moments, but fucking hell that last season went silly. Which is weird, because Kurt Sutter worked on both shows.
  17. 03/01: Night Slashers (Arcade) Completed this in 2 player with my son. It was pretty good - probably the right side of challenging as far as Data East games go, but still full of their bullshit to harvest credits from the gullible player. Infinite credits FTW! Features such classic monster characters as Frankenstein, Frankenstein's monster, Dracula, the Mummy and...errr...Rock Person.
  18. 31/12: Undertale (PS5) This was fun and mental and washed away the bad taste of Watch Dogs Legion.
  19. He's not making any more episodes unfortunately - he wrapped up around the pandemic kicking off, but the timing was coincidental.
  20. There are lots of variables with spray. GW is definitely more consistent can to can and colour to colour, in my experience. However, the AP stuff will absolutely be fine for you as well. Just remember to keep the can back and to dust across the minis. I still have nightmares about doing my Space Crusade models when I first got back into painting.
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