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  1. Pelekophoros

    CeX now trading board games

    Their buy and sell prices are bonkers.
  2. Pelekophoros

    Games Workshop, An Appreciation Thread

    Thank you! Complete fluke. The stone is just astronomicon grey, agrax earthshade wash and then light grey dry brush. The plants are a simple green and agrax. The mud was a complete accident. I tried to paint it a yellow sand colour but it came out shit, so then I put a brown on but it was watery and looked ropey, so then I chucked Agrax on it and hey, it looked ok!
  3. Pelekophoros

    Games Workshop, An Appreciation Thread

    So, t-minus 3 weeks until I might have ready access to a games club near work which I'm really hoping is welcoming to noobs, so I figured I should probably crack on with painting some stuff. Gonna focus on finishing up a Killteam squad's worth of Space Wolves as well as Stormcast Eternals from Shadespire. It'll be a lot to get through, but as most are assembled and primed I should also be able to try a new approach of painting faster to an a reasonable standar. TBH, it's not exactly a huge step down from the best I can do, and it takes me so long to do that it's killing my enthusiasm! First, up Stormcast Eternal 1. This one is done, bar a matt varnish. Next up, Space Wolf Sergeant. I had no idea how to show this without kitbashing (which I've done on another) so it's stock Primaris as it stands. Just got his head and the metal to do, then I'll base him.
  4. Pelekophoros

    Netflix - Releases & Recommendations

    Are they all the films Netflix has funded from script to screen, or is that a mix of those and other stuff that they’ve simply snapped up the distribution rights to? i actually think it’s a pretty decent, diverse list both in terms of quality and genre.subject matter. It’s as if Netflix are the new Blockbuster.
  5. Pelekophoros

    Games Workshop, An Appreciation Thread

    Firestorm Games have been good to me.
  6. Pelekophoros

    Black Library, anyone a fan?

    Here's my current progress, actually - just got to finish up Path Of Heaven and then Tallarn is next. Probably on to the Raven Guard arc after that, but my commute will be changing from 2.5-3 hours a day to 1.5-2 hours soon so it'll take a lot longer to get through (averaging about a week and a half for most audiobooks atm) https://pasteboard.co/HIeTTt3.jpg
  7. Pelekophoros

    Black Library, anyone a fan?

    Path Of Heaven is the best of them, for sure. The borderline racist accents they use in the audiobooks don’t help, but I found the amount of pondering they all took over which way to go made my teeth itch. i have liked the short stories about the Iron Hands and the bits of the bigger novels where they and other hangers on are doing guerilla warfare.
  8. Pelekophoros

    Black Library, anyone a fan?

    I've been working my way through the audiobook a for about 6 months on my commute. Last one I listened to was Vengeful Spirit. It was...ok? The big problem is the books give a terrible idea of time. Isstvan is constantly referred to as if it was recent, but then lots of other stuff goes on too. Key, reoccurring characters seem to change their motivations. I loved the first 3 books of the series, and then the Emperor's Sons books along with the Thousand Sons downfall were really good (the odd one being crap). Angel Exterminatus I still done get what the fuck happened Fulgrim is referenced in later books as if he's dead, but then there are meetings with him where he's whatever he is now. The overarching problem is that you've got Horus working with the Warp, but being confrontational with it; he's very much trying to use the power and seems to be in control. Then you've got Mortarion who refuses to use it, and despises it, despite his troops coming back from the dead as plague lords. And then Fulgrim, who is literally some kind of ancient Eldar god now. They're good back ground noise for the commute. I need to finish up Path Of Heaven, despite the White Scars books being pretty shit overall then, I dunno, I'll either jump into the Mechanicus books or take on what looks to be an insanely detailed look at the Ultramarines. Fantastically, the Horus Heresy books are finished now! But they stop at the drive of terra and there's a new series coming about that.
  9. Pelekophoros

    Games Workshop, An Appreciation Thread

  10. Pelekophoros

    Games Workshop, An Appreciation Thread

    Hooray! I can stop looking at the GW catalogue archive and go to bed now.
  11. Pelekophoros

    Peter Jackson to adapt Mortal Engines for the screen

    YA adaptations aren't the problem; a constant stream of movies all telling the story about plucky youngsters standing up to dystopian states is. We've recently done the Divergent and Maze Runner series with our lad, and will bobble on to Hunger Games soon, but it's just the same story. The Giver was a good film that at least tried something a little different, but it wasn't all that. Away from the Dystopian Adaptions, to give it its own genre, there's plenty going on that could/should be good. This looks like the same thing dialled up to 11 in terms of special effects - which, given Jackson's last 4 movies all having shocking CGI sections mixed in with good ones doesn't fill me with hope.
  12. Pelekophoros

    Games Workshop, An Appreciation Thread

    Shoulder pads aren't chaos. That right one is the same marking as Space Hulk termies. Hmmmmmm....can you get a good shot of the knees?
  13. Pelekophoros

    Games Workshop, An Appreciation Thread

    Paint it however you want. I think Novaforce has called it right - it's shoulders and chestplate clearly mark it as chaos, but if you want to paint it as a Space Wolf then do that. If there's any loyalist chapter that doesn't give a shit about uniform rules, it's them.
  14. Pelekophoros

    Games Workshop, An Appreciation Thread

    I'm hoping that an imminent change in job and location will afford me ample opportunity to get to a games club and start playing. That will then hopefully mean I get ultra motivation to paint lots and clear the backlog. [Narrator: it won't]
  15. Pelekophoros

    Rambo: Last Blood

    I didn't mean explicit references - I meant the viewers (and your) emotional attachment to the character having seen them.

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