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  1. Brave choice to recast Bryan.
  2. I've never played Halo 2 before bar the opening couple of levels, as I got caught in the great bannening that came against chipped consoles just after it was released. Playing through it now and I'm in the middle of a...uh...civil war, I think? A bug daft slime monster grabbed me from some water and because I'd forgotten what happened to Chief while I played as an Elite, i dunno what's going on any more. But, more to the point, Bungie really didn't listen to any of the feedback about the Halo CE level design, did they? I always thought maybe there was an unfair backlash against #2 but, woah, it's fucking awful.
  3. Crawl My son's second 'horror' film. A fantastic 90 minutes. He loved it, I loved it, my wife was shitting terrified throughout. Very good, very effective genre movie. 4/5
  4. One of the main problems is that robots aren't scary any more. Back when the original Terminator came out it was playing to the whole "where does it end?" fears of a generation staring down the barrel of an automation gun. In 2020, we know where it ends. Make a modern day horror film about, I dunno, an Amazon Prime delivery driver who gets lost, delaying the heroes delivery or something. Much more relevant these days.
  5. Also, the figures in the Escalation expansion are wonderful. I must grab that at some point.
  6. @Kzo This is a similar colour scheme: https://citadelcolour.com/playlist/6054334997001/6122090753001
  7. It's another tool in the tool box. Need the right one for the job.
  8. Don't be afraid of going back over it either. My goblins have a contrast skin base which was too dark, so I dry brushed over the top.
  9. You're letting it pool too much (so maybe have too much on the brush). Also, the thinner is worth getting and playing with.
  10. Painted some LotR goblins. Pleased with how they came out!
  11. New Games Workshop orchestral manoeuvres in the dark revealed. THE VIDEO IS VERY EXCITING AND LOUD. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2020/01/20/warhammer-a-new-beginninggw-homepage-post-1/
  12. Yeah, that's what I had a week or two ago. Right, gimme a minute... edit: Seems to work! Awesome! Thank you.
  13. Nope, I paid month to month until I put the first code in, so it only took me to April this year. I bought 4 codes in total, and had to get refunds on 3 of them. (The MS website said was offer was for new customers only, so I haven't kept trying and trying since that)
  14. I could only get one of those to work on my account. Dunno if their webstore was having a bad day, but MS wouldn't let me redeem more than one.
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