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  1. And I didn't read any interviews with them at all. What do we do?
  2. Pre-order from an independent maybe?* It won't take long for stock to come through again, I wouldn't have thought. (I feel so dirty saying that)
  3. Sign up for the email me, but if you've a store nearby head there on Saturday morning. Out of stock online doesn't mean out of stock in stores.
  4. An interesting thing from a conversation the other day was that it's actually incredibly hard to raise the bar for the top level painters. I mean, they're just so fucking good already, how do you enable them to become better? They understand colour theory, wet blending, light sourcing, air brushing, glazing, etc etc etc. There aren't really new products that can raise that level. But what you can do is help lift the bottom, up. Some of them may stick with whatever it is they learn (whether it's Contrast paints, Quickshade, Devlan Mud or even drybrushing which a good amount of paint-snobs turn they're nose up at). Some of them may feel confident enough to try new methods, to move on. Some may even blend different approaches and just have a toolset full of stuff. It's all good. For me, the legacy of Contrast paints might be two things. First, I can look at having a painted army as something that's more achievable given my skill levels and the time it takes me to paint to a standard I'm happy with using 'traditional' (ha) methods. Second, painting is immediately more accessible to my son and it has a chance of making the hobby more accessible to him as a result. What I'll be really happy to see is a good contingent of the painting community just not bother with them, and to continue to put out amazing stuff that's clearly got lots and lots of talent and ability behind it.
  5. The army in a week stuff is great. I really liked t'other Adam's LotR army he did in 2 evenings as well. I might have ordered the entire Contrast range this morning.
  6. Century Spice Road Grabbed this from the Expo, with no real idea what it was except I vaguely recalled people being excited about it. I really like it! My wife and I have had 2 games so far, and they've not been remotely close, but it's a nice "light" strategic game. @strawdonkey mentioned it's supposed to be like Splendour (a game I can play with him and Moose) and while I get the comparison if I squint ("I buy these things via a simple mechanic to enable to me to have more currency to buy these other things") I don't really get the comparison. But then I'm a very casual gamer, so I guess if all you see is the code then they may seem more similar. If I'm still playing it in a year, then I may consider the sequel. Mesozooic Played this with the family at the Expo and bought it. You have eleven cards, which you lay out in a 4 by 4 grid (with one gap). You then have 45 seconds to slide them around to score as many points as you can. Completed exhibits get 6 points each, connected monorails get 4 points each, your topiary gets an automatic 1 and every jeep next to a dinosaur gets 2. It's dead easy and very very lightweight. Where it looks like it may get interesting is with the advanced modes. Rather than having a set deck, you shuffle together the different character cards along with a batch of neutrals and then do some hand building using the Sushi Go pass and grab model. What you end up with is then what you lay your grid out with and try to score. Plus, there are lots of extra cards to mix in too. For a game that takes 5 minutes to play it looks like it's got a fair bit of depth and enjoyment to it.
  7. They had it Friday in a few spots
  8. We tried: Bosk - place trees, score, blow leaves, score. I enjoyed it, but I think it should be renamed Tree Chess. House Of Danger - the Z-Man Games COYA board game. It failed to be as engaging as Escape The Dark Castle, has none of that games randomness or replayability, and I just don't get why I should drop £20 on this over a collection of COYA books. They've not made enough of a 'game' from it, unfortunately. Sorcerer - it was ok, I guess. Just felt like all the other card games of its ilk, but with artwork that made me feel a bit ill for some reason. Back on Sunday to try some more stuff. Really fancy Chronicles of Crime, would love to try Dice Hospital and expect to spend time in the family zone.
  9. Chaos Cards the cheapest again, though both they and Travelling Man appeared to be lighter on stock than previous years. I grabbed Pandemic Legacy S2 (£48) and Tokyo Highway (£26) - the first looked like it would disappear at that price quickly and the latter I've wanted for a couple of years. Back on Friday with the family, so expecting to pick up some more family friendly stuff while I'm there. Show felt great. Still wish they'd switch to e-tickets but really enjoyed it this year. Friday's feel so relaxed!
  10. And in a new hall! For anyone rocking up later, there are additional ticket booths outside halls 2 and 3. Worth checking before you entire the swamp that is the Hall 1 queue.
  11. If FW were allowed, and it were any mini, you'd just be looking at a global Golden Demon, surely? And the point of Everchosen appears to be that it's not that. It's more accessible (I'm particularly pleased to see the Young Bloods category) and tied to contrast paints launching. (I am a GW employee but the views expressed here are entirely my own)
  12. New website just launched: https://citadelcolour.com/ Not just about contrast but, obvs, they feature heavily. Sets out clearly how Contrast and Classic paint methods sit alongside each other, depending on what you prefer to do.
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