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  1. It took me a second to process you (probably) do not have your PS5 outside.
  2. I'm still playing through this but I love how it addresses the very specific point of "just killing unlimited faceless goons" By "love" I mean
  3. Watched Fear Street 1978. Not a patch on the first; very, very slow startup and then none of the great characters or plotting or figuring things out that I enjoyed from 1994. Holding out for a save with Part 3, but not hugely hopeful. A shame, Part 1 was excellent fun.
  4. The accounts are public, so there's no secret there.: We're worth £3.7b on the stock market. Games Workshop is already a very different company.
  5. Ha! Oh well, I tried A timeline order read of 40k is harder than a timeline order watch of the MCU now.
  6. For much of the current set up you have to go back to the end of 7th edition and read the lore in the Gathering Storm trilogy of narrative campaign books. That deals explicitly with some Important Things. Then you're into the Dark Imperium novels, which cover a good chunk of 8th edition. There are 3 of them. I'm not sure the end of edition narrative campaign - Psychic Awakening - is that relevant, but it's there. The Dawn of Fire novels are next, I think. I think from there you need to jump to the Indomitus novel, the first detailing the 9th edition and what's happening now. Surprisingly, it's war.
  7. Enjoyed this up to the end of the second act, though it was horrendously edited. Absolute car crash from that point on.
  8. 12/07: Warhammer Vermintide II What Strawdonkey said with the added summary one of the gang made during a session: "it's a Warhammer themed chat room". It's entirely served its purpose and is enjoyable, but I have no idea how to play it with any element of challenge that doesn't result in our near immediate demise.
  9. I really enjoyed Fear Street, am looking forward to seeing what it does as a trilogy. Just watched the Intruder. It continues the current trend of remaking Hollywood's heavily recycled scripts, but with black leads, but it does a good job of it. Dennis Quaid is great in it. Enjoyable nonsense.
  10. 06/07: Ratchet & Clank 2016 (PS5) Yeah I know there's a new one out, but I already had this and hadn't ever gotten very far. I decided to knuckle down and crack on rather than drop £70 on another game. Based on this, I won't bother ever touching a R&C game again. It's just...dull. It's slow, plodding, terrible animated story bits, the weapons aren't interesting (despite there being oh so many of them) and the difficulty is generally zero except for a handful of ridiculous spikes. Which included the final boss, which can fuck off because I was bored by then. There were a few moments of exceptional beauty in the game - it can be stunning to look at - but gameplay wise it was just dire. The script and characters weren't endearing at all. There's one bit where you literally have to run around a room in circles. Eurgh. Did not enjoy, was relieved when it ended.
  11. The stores have an exclusive mini and coin you can collect each month - you'll need to ask about it though, I think. They tend to get anniversary event mini businesses exclusives too. Other than that, you can pay in store for stuff ordered on the web terminal and it'll get shipped there for free in the following week's delivery; that includes any webstore exclusive stuff which FLGS' can't order in, and there's a reasonable amount of that iirc.
  12. 02/07: Necromunda Hired Hun (PS5) Once it got going it was alright. The last few levels were super fun, the environment work is absolutely stunning in lots of places. The gun play is...average. There's a wealth of gaming systems in here I literally didn't know existed for two thirds of the game, and then didn't really bother with for the last third. It's so close to being good it's painful in places, but shoddy animations and enemy AI stop it ever really getting there. The less said about the story the better. The campaign is brief. There are loads of optional side missions I really will not be bothering with, and now I've completed it I've freed up the HDD space already. Two favourite bugs; rumble only works for the default number of rounds in a magazine, after which it just...doesn't. And you can wall run around things - as in, a box, whilst always facing forwards. That one lead to some moments of absolute confusion.
  13. 26/06: Red Dead Redemption 2 (PS5) In my top 10 games ever, easily. Probably. Incredible.
  14. It's one of very few open world games I've played where the wider world outside of the campaign actually feels inhabited and alive. It's incredible.
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