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  1. Decent. I wasn't actually expecting monthly PS5 games and Worms Rumble is a laugh. Interesting to see (more) EA games on here - suggests we could get most of what's on EA Play through PS+ eventually anyway! However, Rocket Arena is dogshit.
  2. I'm not entirely sure. At a guess, I'd say 6-8 hours max.
  3. It was years ago, but Sony were super at replacing my launch day console back with the PS4.
  4. I mainlined the core campaign. Thought it was wonderful. When the optional side quests opened up I tried the first one and it was buggy(!) So I didn't bother with any others. A charming, inclusive and accessible game. I liked it a lot.
  5. Yes! Just all the way through I was giggling at those.
  6. 23/11: Bugsnax (PS5) Finished running through the main story today. There are a load of sidequests and things that I could hunt out still to go, so plenty for the completionists amongst us, but I'm not one of them so am happy as is. It's relatively challenging in places, and I suspect all those extra things are where the depth of the systems they've put in place shine, but the main story never gets too challenging. And I'm ok with that. It's enjoyable, simple nonsense. But where the real pleasure sits is with the characters. They are wonderfully written and
  7. 22/11: ESWAT Cyber Police (Arcade) Bit rubbish this one.
  8. Oh ok. I would have thought it'd be the same. It was this screen, bottom right (option for me has gone now as I did it this morning)
  9. Assuming you have bought the standard edition of Miles Morales on PS4 and have loaded up the PS5 version, you can buy the uogradr. I thought the same as you, but we are/were not correct. 1) load game 2) press x 3) select savegame 4) you should now be at the point where you have some menu options. 5) bottom right of the screen are three things you can do. One of those is upgrade.
  10. Oh sweet, I may look at that at some point then as I never did all the paid DLC. Didn't think to look in the game rather than, say, the actual shop front. EDIT: Once you select your savegame but before you start playing, it's an option at the bottom - R1 to upgrade. That is quite hidden.
  11. I was firmly in the "I want all the shinies and will take the lower frame rate" until I actually fired up a game. I thought performance modes would look less next gen, when in fact they look more. Spiderman with the upgraded 4k graphics on my new 4k TV at 60FPS is absolutely stunning. I can see me switching to fidelity for relaxing around the city, but for serious sessions performance is clearly the way to go. Demon's Souls boots up in performance mode. It looks stunning. I fired it up in cinematic and couldn't see the difference bar it feeling uncontrollable and lookin
  12. If you buy the PS5 version of Miles Morales I believe you can upgrade and get remastered for £20, but if you buy the PS4 version of Miles Morales you get a free bump to the PS5 version but you cannot then upgrade it to Ultimate and get the remaster for £20.
  13. No idea, I can't do full RGB though (same wording as other poster above) and I think the picture looks fucking insanely good!
  14. Your console is running in 4k HDR but it's not using full RGB colour range. Mine is the same. Apparently the PS4 Pro was the same. The only solution is a new TV. Don't sweat it.
  15. 20/11: Astrobot's Playroom (PS5) Wonderful.
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