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  1. 2042 is the first Battlefield to not feature a story driven campaign since 2008. It not having a campaign is more of a surprise than EA making more BF games with campaigns at this point. I'm excited by other studios getting involved, they've just as much chance of delivering something good at this point. DICE have spent 3 games getting this wrong now (4, if we count the debacle that was BF4's launch and the subsequent fracturing of the community through over aggressive expansion plans). That said; Rush on the 2042 maps is good. I love Rush!
  2. We've all forgotten they already tried this before with Hardline, shared menus, the BFV purchasable cosmetics and the like then? None of this is a surprise. Re; yesterday's update - loads of good QoL changes in there (medic distance etc), coupled with a new BF2042 Rush mode in portal are brilliant. The latter is immediately fun and addresses problems with the map size too, as they are fresh maps. Looking forward to seeing the weekly missions.
  3. Yeah that, meant it in good humour. Love seeing all the stuff in here.
  4. I'm waiting for the December patch now - have all but downed weapons for any level of serious play. I'm not confident it'll fix it though, as I think the maps are actually its biggest issue. Interesting thing from playing with bots; Breakthrough has different arrangements on it per map. I do wonder if they could rejig the current ones to be more dynamic and offer better lines of attack. I suspect they can remove/add capture points at will.
  5. That's a fantastic interview that's about so much more than the god awful thumbnail suggests.
  6. Also, and we've talked about this before, it makes it more difficult for returning players. As a casual player whose purchased every game and expansion in the series but never bothered with the whole meta game thing, trying to come back in is 50% "what the hell should I be doing?" and 50% "oh, that thing I bought is no longer available" now. (Or at least that's how it feels). It's made me unlikely to bother trying again, and the prospect of giving them more money has completely gone out of the window.
  7. Custom modes are locked down aren't they? You have to play the DICE modes to advance I think.
  8. I genuinely think there is a mode somewhere in Battlefield that could accommodate this, but it also needs stellar map design. Bear with me: Take the Frontlines game mode (or even standard Breakthrough) Build a great map that has two paths through it (these new maps have plenty of space to do that on) Split the player count between those paths; Infantry and Vehicles cannot switch, or interact (use natural features or map design or overground/underground to support it). Aircraft can go between the two, but the spawn rules mean the best you could do is fly over, die once and then you're back in your path. have each path battle through to the end in a 32vs32 context the final point is a full 64vs64 map in some way (a climax!) I readily admit that might be shit, but Frontlines was fantastic and by building on it with two paths you could create interdependencies that make each forces position better/worse in some way (environmental shifts) and create a more dynamic battlefield. I dunno. It seems like a surmountable problem, but critically it's entirely dependent upon good map design, and I am not seeing that in this initial batch of maps.
  9. Yeah, 11 days in and the best conclusion I can come to is "the maps are shit and this is boring". There's definitely something you could do with 128 player servers that would be great, but this isn't it. Some of the control points are literal radio masts on literal hills with no cover around them. Huge expansive, completely flat open areas that you either need to traverse without getting murdered or sit in to try and hold them. Attacking spawns on Breakthrough are within 10 seconds of air support range for the first batch of objectives, while defending forces vehicles are miles away. While the flow of maps is slowly changing (demonstrating people are learning tactics to get around the terrible layouts and designs) every map plays broadly the same every time. It's like a new generation of level designers joined DICE, but their only exposure to BF was 24/7 Metro servers. That they've now nerfed XP gains in Portal adds to the pain - that is almost great, but I'm now being punished for playing in there because it breaks their future Battle Pass plans.
  10. God, the menus on this are just so obtuse. Given they're clearly leaning into the gamification of progression coupled with a Battle Pass/Seasons model, it's painfully difficult to actually figure out where you are up to with the base progression, what's coming next, what challenges you should focus on etc. It's pretty shit. Had my first game of Hazard Zone and, within 3 minutes of spawning in, we were wiped by AI opposition. We'd taken cover by fuel tanks, y'see, and they blew them up and we all burned to death.
  11. I've no issue with not knowing when I'm spotted, but the proximity grenade being available to every specialist and the proximity it seems to be set to is absolutely game breaking. That, coupled with the recons passive spotting via the drone has completely fucked Breakthrough. A baffling design decision.
  12. Just spawned onto a Breakthrough match multiple times as the attacking force, but we had all sectors, there were no capture points to take and the enemy forces did not exist. AAA gaming at its best.
  13. Yeah, it was a Spanish independent tournament - and it's the incident (and outcry) which has provoked this response from GW.
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