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  1. Be interesting to see what the build options are for it. DAY ONE BABY
  3. It's also driven by buyer and seller behaviour though - the simple fact is new stuff sells at higher volumes, so reprints are inherently risky because you can't be particularly certain that the demand exists for it, you won't have a marketing cycle geared up to tell people it's available and trade stockists may not even be interested in it anyway because it won't sell through in high enough volume (particularly in comparison to a new expansion where the demand is far more measurable and certain). What neither FFG nor retailers want is stock sitting on a shelf, whether that's in a shop or or a warehouse.
  4. I'll be interested to see the new Codex. Given I have a SW Codex, plus extra datacards from models not in it, plus all the changes across the board and now these new models, it's definitely needed. I haven't been here for previous editions, but suspect the expanding SM Primaris range is the driving force behind it - as a force they need to be easier to play. I'm interested to see what (if anything) gets put in there from the Vigilus books. Wasn't initially mad keen on the mechsuit but I have to admit it's really growing on me now. I love that it has the detail of having sound suppressors so it can operate in stealth. Alternatively, in the grim darkness of the future there is only noise so nobody notices it anyway.
  5. Yep, Dettol. No idea on the brake cleaner tbh.
  6. Dettol is fine with GW minis. Also, cheap Tesco Brake Cleaner comes recommended by an ex-studio painter here but I've not tried it myself.
  7. I've not read the rules yet, but I'm fairly certain you're misinterpreting the article there. This is absolutely AoS' version of Killteam, with different stuff thrown in. It says a box of miniatures will give you enough for a 1000 point Warcry warband, with some left over for reserves. You're not (necessarily) building a 1000 point AoS force to use in this game. Given the first Warband being released is a set of 9 minis for £30, I don't think you're going to have to go for a £50 starter set to get another non-Warcry branded warband. As for Underworlds stuff - again just guesswork - but I don't think there are enough minis in a pack for that game to field a full Warband here. As for the towers etc in Killteam Vs here - yep, it had more scenery but this has extra Chaos beasts. I'm looking forward to getting my copy, looks ace.
  8. I'm properly excited by the prospect of a female Thor. The passing of power between the heroes is a running theme (Iron Man to Warmachine, Cap to Bucky, Spirit hefting the hammer) so it's fantastic that it's set to continue. Hemsworth can keep Aguardianing To The Galaxy with his axe and having fun over there. That said, I'm disappointed in the casting of Portman as that female Thor. The character she's played isn't a strong enough presence for it to be feel like a particularly authentic passing of the metaphorical torch, and I find her an incredibly dull and distant actress in most things she plays. That works well in stuff like, say, Black Swan or Annihilation but in a movie like this? Hmmm. Not sure. That said, I have faith in the director so it'll be interesting to see what he does with all this. Probably the most exciting movie announced for Phase 4 right now.
  9. The base of Underworlds itself is only £40 and has everything you need in it.
  10. Me! Yes, it looks like a great value starter set (like Killteam) tbh. I want to have a good nosy and see how transferable warbands from Underworlds might be. I'm hoping "very" because that means I've got lots of compatible minis already. The magpies definitely play a part in the desire given the Killteam starter set sold out everywhere for a while too. That said I've not cracked open Shadowspear, Blackstone Fortress or Rogue Trader yet so might actually take a pass on this.
  11. Having finished Mollog's Mob up I decided to do some "proper" painting instead of focusing on contrasts. But then I got a DIY Funko Pop instead. So far I've based it yellow, blocked out some blacks and done a first pass at tidying up my crack handed skills.
  12. I've painted these in lots of small bursts so not really kept track. Mollog himself is...maybe 4 hours? Feels like an excessive estimate though. The others were maybe 90 minutes all in, at the very very most.
  13. 99% Contrast paints. Nearly there now.
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