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  1. 09/08: Carrion (Xbone) This was just delicious. The best Amiga game never made. It's almost a Metroidvania but not enough that the lack of map bothered me. Perfect length too. Would play a sequel. 10/08: Robocop (Arcade) Almost finished my Retropie arcade cab but I wanted to play on it today. Beat Robocop. Not as good as I remembered, but then it's all about that first level before it tries to cheese you out of all of your pennies. Except I have infinite credits. MUHAHAHAHAH. Expect to see more arcade game completions on here in due course.
  2. Yep, they went off sale beginning of last week. New starter sets go up soon though.
  3. I use Chaos Cards and Gameslore almost exclusively. Used to use Boardgameguru but they changed ownership and now I just...don't. Firestorm are great, used them a lot. Wayland Games I had a terrible experience with and will never, ever touch again with a barge pole.
  4. This is up and running on a Pi4 with an installation of Virtualman's arcade only build. @Goemon if there specific games you'd like me to try let me know. I don't how to turn on diagnostic or anything, but I can film it or put effort in and figure that out! Also, monitor arrived today! Woohoo!
  5. I actually found building them a really 'mindful' process, akin to building Lego. It's been super helpful. I've primed loads of my minis. My plan is to put my favourites on display, built and primed, and then just pick off whatever I fancy painting at the time, when I fancy painting something. Definitely buying less for a while though.
  6. I've built over 380 minis and pieces of scenery since we locked down. This isn't a humble brag, it's absolutely terrifying.
  7. Warcom article says they're all good to go from day one, so looks like that's the case. I've never bought into BB but always been tempted. I like this new imperial team enough to maaaaybe give it a go this time round.
  8. Wrapped it and built most of it today. I'd wanted to hinge the controller but it didn't work because I also wanted the controller at a slight angle. Except now I write that out it totally would have worked I was being rubbish but there's too much stuff in thr way. I got everything in and wired in, then turned the power on and the ring main went off after the monitor sparked. Not good. Turns out I'd driven the mounting screws waaay to deep and blew the board. Here's a picture of the setup after I removed the now dead monitor and launched it into the sun in frustration.
  9. My Kickstarter copy just arrived today.
  10. Charlie's Angels (2019) Back in the day I really enjoyed the Drew Barrymore CA movies - which if you care is part of the canon for this latest film. I thought they were super good action movies for the time. I remember seeing the trailers for this and thinking it looked a bit guff, but could be ok. Then it released and bombed, and Banks' gave some reasons for that. Given it was on Prime and we needed a family movie to watch, it seemed safe enough top it on. It's just not very good at all. Stewart is actually excellent in it, but everything else is just cheap and badly done. Avoid.
  11. Ordered the flat plates for the joystick along with what I hope is the final order of stuff until the marquee/bezel stuff. That's a £7 mistake and the only one so far. Also couldn't resist quickly wiring everything up and having a quick hillbilly go. It works! Quickly taken it back apart and finished embiggening all the holes with a Dremel sander, and final coat of undercoat done. Hoping the vinyl wrap comes for this weekend and we can really crack on with the build the.
  12. I just haven't got the tools to countersink them. 5 of the 6 are wedged in hard without any need for glue so I'll see how many I can catch like that and make my mind up on the glue in the final fitting. I've also discovered I ordered the wrong variety of joysticks, with an offset fitting plate. Not a blocker, but I'll need to get flat ones for the final fit on that too. That's just stupidity andmy brain's new found trick of not registering things it really should do when I read.
  13. So all my joystick parts arrived. I went full Sanwa - figured I'd spend a chunk of money on putting great parts in the machine which I hope will last me an age. BUT! The MDF is 12mm thick. The Sanwa 30mm buttons - which I already need to dremel out the holes for as they're only 28mm - have a thread on them that's about 13mm thick. I should have maybe got the snap fit ones instead. I dunno, I clearly did not research this bit carefully enough. The 2 IL buttons I got have massive long threads on them so are no hassle at all. I came up with 3 different solutions: 1) send them back 2) counter sink from underneath, probably by 5mm, but I was worried that would weaken the board 3) replace the MDF with either a metal sheet (no idea how to connect the joysticks) or a thinner plyboard sheet. So, at lunch I got the Dremel out and figured what the hell. I can always get another board. I dremeled out to 30mm where it was just big enough to let the button through, but also tight enough they don't just pop out. Figure I'm goign to go with this now, and some hot glue, rather than countersinking them at all.
  14. Second coat on the cabinet done. With the vinyl coming I'm focused on making this as smooth and lovely as possible, so probably another sanding and a coat to go, with a final light sanding to go. One thing to bear in mind with the packs of this bloke is he cuts the holes to 28mm, and depending on the buttons you buy you may need to widen them. I've got to Dremel 1mm all round from 16 of them this weekend.
  15. So today's actual work on the box is going to consist of sanding and putting a second coat of primer on it. It's dried pretty grey in comparison to those picks, so I reckon 2 more coats. Should be able to get them done for the weekend. Decided not to paint it all round, though (priming is still valid effort). Instead I've sat down and picked wraps/vinyls from here: https://rockstarprint.co.uk/index.html I was going to go for a full/half bartop kit but decided not to for a couple of reasons: I didn't really really like any of them I want this to be 'ours', mine and the boys. So we are picking and choosing I need to have something that is 'extendable' downwards when I eventually get a stand It's worked out marginally cheaper than a full set and it covers more. It also means I don't have to do any painting beyond the priming, which is a result. I've also entered all my expenditure so far on to a spreadsheet and really wish I hadn't.
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