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  1. Ah fair enough, wow those graphics for a 3 man dev team are insane!
  2. Cheers Wroth! It's giving me some idea of how to go with a few things, also I-tween looks amazing for something that's completely open-source as well. Given me quite a lot to think about, the bit about taking away and adding back the items to the array opened my mind a bit though. Actually, I've solved a major problem in my "head program" I wanted a Tetris style game where blocks rain from the sky and you're on the ground pushing them until they're 3 of a certain color (you can push big lines at a time) until you get squished, I got the whole each block checks the surrounding blocks and disappear aspect but I couldn't work out how to push big lines of blocks and still check the surrounding ones, obviously you make blocks your pushing into an integer up until the unoccupied block and whilst moving, when the blocks briefly snap to the grid you dissolve the integer, they check around like regular blocks and do what they have to do, then you rebuild the integer with what's remaining. I'm going to give it another try once my PC gets up and running!
  3. Sounds like you've got your work cutout, I really would like to see the code that goes into this - I wanted to make a grid-based game in Unity a while back but just didn't know where to start... There were so many problems in my concept that I gave up thinking about it and my PC being a pile of shite helped me excuse that.
  4. That is one weak story!
  5. Go for it! I'm not even sure when I'll be able to use my Bliz account again or if I'm going to have the same troubles as with Steam.
  6. Sounds good! This may be a little too hand-holdey but you could go a step further and have special pieces for certain puzzles that only have so many flat edges to connect with, say for the cat example the base of the neck you could connect to, the rest of the face would be in that papercraft Katamari style. It'd add a bit of humor although I realize that'd be adding a lot of work, especially for a quick jam.
  7. This Abyss Oddysee look's quite special, capturing enemies, rogue-like, beautiful art style, parrys etc... Very similar to Ascendant which I adored; http://store.steampowered.com/app/255070/ (Also on PS3 and 360) Disclaimer: Don't think Atlus count as an indie dev - but not many do nowadays.
  8. Thinking about it, making a cube would be pretty difficult on the brain and once you get to later levels; it'll increase significantly with every extra bit, what about having a spinning finished object like a cat or something in the background and you have to roll up the pieces to match? It'd allow you ramp up the difficulty, add a bit of variety and add in visual cues...
  9. I don't know about the PVP aspect, seems like an unbalanced Halo with fewer people! Ah well really enjoyed the last mission and I've been enjoying jumping around trying to break the boundaries in true Bungie style.
  10. Well done! I'd like to see how you implement the puzzle element, if done right I think you could be onto a winner!
  11. Aye, love this bit was my favorite in the original series and this is blowing it out the water so I'm looking forward to catching up!
  12. Man I'm tempted to watch last weeks anime but meh, I don't want to watch anything genuinely decent on this laptop.
  13. Anybody else thing the traversal mechanics could do with some work? Getting very tired of being stuck on incredibly trivial objects...
  14. ^Looks alright, one to keep an eye out for. In other news, Crypt of the Necro-Dancer gets approved on Steam, here's an awesome trailer.
  15. Loving the little flecks of music you hear from time to time .
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