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  1. It's all happening this weekend! Here are the deluxe machines appearing at the event: -
  2. Afternoon all, Phil from NERG here. Just to give you a heads up that NERG is back for the 5th year. We're back at Gateshead Stadium. 100 video arcade machines, Up to 50 pinball machines and 60 consoles and computers and not forgetting traders. Machines announced so far: - http://www.northeastretrogaming.com/machines/ You can follow announcements on the social feeds - https://www.facebook.com/NorthEastRetroGamingLimited/ and Twitter @NERGOfficial We also have a micro brewery in the main hall this year and you'll be able to drink a pint of NERG Tickets are the same price yet again. £15 for a day or £25 for a weekend.
  3. I'll insist on the traders stacking games uniformly and having them in alphabetical order :-) On a serious note, like you say, I have no control over the traders and how they keep their stall or do their pricing. One thing I can say is though, there are twice the amount of game/console traders this year so prices should be more competitive as they compete for your business. I agree on the space issue in the first row. I'll make adjustments this year. I think Juno First is going to be there again this year :-)
  4. Just under 2 weeks now to the North East Retro Gaming event. £15 per day entry or £25 for the weekend. All machines free play! Roughly the same as the previous years with a different mix of machines. About 100 video arcade, 40 pinball and 60 consoles/computers. Also, plenty of traders. Same location, Gateshead Stadium. More info at www.northeastretrogaming.com Machine announcements via the social feeds: - Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/NorthEastRetroGamingLimited Twitter - @NERGOfficial Any questions, drop me a message. Philip
  5. NERG will be there with a few machines. Granted not what was originally planned but I've been hit by transport issues :-(
  6. Please remember, there are the same amount of machines at the other 2 major events in the UK. Play Expo in Manchester last October had about 113 machines I believe and their attendance on Saturday was 7500! At Revival last year, their attendance was something like 2500. NERG is the best "machine to visitor ratio event" in the country. And you have it right in the North East :-) Here is a full list of machines in the video arcade. I hope you read the list and maybe come back with your thoughts? If you weren't impressed with this line up, what would you like to see? I have a year to plan :-) Indy 500 - Twin racer Rave Racer - Twin racer Initial D - Single racer Nea Geo MVS - Fighter Marble Madness Candy Cab - Shooter Candy Cab - Shooter Candy Cab fighter Street Fighter 4 Mortal Kombat II NBA Jam - 4 player Point Blank II - Gun Vendetta - 4 player T2 - Gun (died on Saturday) Crossbow Gauntlet Legends - 4 player Gaulntlet II - 4 player Gauntlet - 4 plyer Killer Instinct Lethal Enforcers - Gun Smash TV - 4 player Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - 4 player Crazy Taxi Escape From The Planet of the Robot Monsters Point Blank - Gun Neo Geo MVS running ? Thunder Blade Daytona USA - Likned Daytona USA - Linked Chase HQ Neo Geo running Sunset Riders Star Wars Trilogy Arcade Fit it Felix Jnr Pac-Mania Mr. Do! Super Mario Bros. Robotron 2084 Missile Storm Space Invaders Part II Star Wars Asteroids Frogger Defender Juno First Q*Bert Centipede Space Blaster Mrs Pac-Man/Galaga combo Road Blasters Galaxians Kung-Fu Master Gyruss Ghouls n Ghosts Salamander Galaga 88 karate Champ Double Dragon Nemesis Terra Cresta Track and Field R Type Bubble Bobble Hot Rod - 4 Player Space Harrier Out Run After Burner Power Drift APB Pac-Land Green Beret Puck-Man 1942 Phoenix Asteroids Krazy Kong Bomb Jack Asteroids Deluxe Tron Time Pilot Dig Dug Pac-Man Gorf Return of the Jedi Super Punch Out Crystal Castles Beserk Amidar Pole Position Almost 100 :-) We could see the problem during Saturday with SF4. That's why we shut down the rock back and moved it to the stage. Next year, I hope to have a fighter section.
  7. The event didn't sell out last year or this year although this year's attendance was much higher. Saturday was 50 short of selling out. I have to stop the ticket sales online so the team can concentrate on tickets being purchased on the day. The stadium are very strict about the attendance being no more than 900 so we take the totals of the online ticket sales from Friday night and count the "on the door" purchases as they happen. All down to insurance and H&S I'm afraid. You're right, I should have made it clearer on the website but it's absolutely manic in the days leading up to the event. Sorry.
  8. Hey, same again....I'm a little puzzled about the coin ops comment. Please give me more feedback. Must improve! :-) Also, about the Terminator 2 pin. If you find a problem with a machine, please report it and the team will do their utmost to resolve. The Northern Lights team worked tirelessly all weekend to keep machines going. Remember, these machines get hammered all weekend which they certainly weren't designed for. One of the pinball machines, Fish Tales, had 400 plays on it over the weekend. Out in the field back in the day, 400 plays would be say, 6 months worth? Regarding the volume, no matter how high the volume is, the machines cancel out one another. You need one machine alone to appreciate the effects. It's just not possible with a hundred machines together. Some of the effects on the pinballs are fantastic, epsecially the later pins like Wizard of Oz and Star Trek(my personal favourite) but put four or five machines together and they all blend into one. The Simpsons popped as soon as we switched it on during setup on Friday. It just couldn't be fixed. 2 of the other machines that died were repaired and available to play on Sunday. Hyper Sports and Killer Instinct. Give me more feedback :-)
  9. Hi, I'm the organiser and I'd love some more feedback about this. There were 100 video arcade machines and 96 were different games. The selection was twice what it was last year. I need as much feedback as I can get to improve for next year.
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