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  1. Bayern Munich President; That's exactly it. He gets it. There's so much money elsewhere in football, there's no need to price fans out of attending games.
  2. Agree with this. It does throw up issues. Though acceptable for a lot of games. I hope there's some kind of final Vita version that takes remote play into consideration, resulting in more or less...a dualshock 4 with the Vita screen in the middle. There's also this, which I have for remote play; You can use it as a mount for any phone/tablet (to use on emulators, games etc) but obviously if you want remote play, the device needs to support it via the app. Great to have proper controls though.
  3. Yep. Since the update I haven't had any of the problems people have been experiencing...except this. It's really annoying. I'm on my 3rd play through of Oddworld (a game which has worked without error on two play throughs), and it's crashing every 10-15 minutes. The 3rd playthough is my speed run so it's damn annoying.
  4. Various groups trying to arrange a walk out on the 77th minute at the Sunderland game over the new (outrageous) ticket prices. I definitely agree with the sentiment, but won't be walking out myself, I stay and support the team until the end, like always. Though I would be lying if I said I didn't give it some thought. Think a protest after the game would have been better. Fenway are coming under heavy flack for this, as soon as they lose the fans, it becomes a toxic situation. Their site calling us 'customers' certainly doesn't help.
  5. It was disappointing to concede how and when we did last night. Right up until that point, we were clearly the better team, and were dominating in the 2nd half. With the old problem of not being able to put the ball into the net. The goal was a wonder strike out of the blue. Right after that, we lost a lot of confidence and belief, reverting back to our comical ways. The 2nd goal completely killed us and we lost it completely after that. The problems of course are still prevalent. Realistically, best we can hope for now is a Europa League place either via the League Cup or scraping it in the league. Top 4 is well gone. The Europa League is of huge importance now with the Champions League place up for grabs. We somehow managed to reach one final, so let's hope we somehow, as unlikely as it seems, reach that one too. At the end of the season, when Klopp has a clear out, nobody can say he didn't give these players a chance, it's their own fault.
  6. For Dropzone, not really, I just got it playing naturally. It was confusing to me at first as the game keeps telling you that you defended the pod..but it only counts of course, when someone is actually pressing square on it. For the AT-ST - choose Hoth, on supremacy. I say this as the token location is really easy to get straight away (it spawns right after either side claims a control point) right next to the first small entrance on the left of the map. I just camped there each time and got in the AT-ST right away. Head to the spawn point for the rebels and trample away. Also, make sure you are sprinting as I didn't realise the AT-ST could do that at first. It did take me a good few tries to be honest.
  7. Finally got the Platinum trophy for this over the weekend. In the end, the Battle missions and Survival missions were very easy using camping spots, with the exception of Tatooine (that I needed an online partner to complete). This is a great game though, but will be taking a break from it now until a good bit of DLC comes out, and then jumping back in.
  8. The Gerrard Final. 10 years ago. Fitting as we play West Ham in the Cup. Gonna be a bit different today of course with the reserves being played.
  9. Thanks, that ledge is great on Tatooine. Did it (with a partner), one camped on there, the other just to the right of it. Only Sullust to go now!
  10. I think the song from World Cup Striker deserves a mention, classic: Etched in the memory forever.
  11. The craziest thing about this game was after you've finally beaten every team, and have won the World Cup...the referee screws you over by stealing the cup and makes you play Team Nintendo to take it back. He's a real SOB. The shoulder barge was pretty awesome too.
  12. Master on Survival is a killer...I've done two so far (Hoth and Endor) by employing cheesy tactics. Haven't tried Sullust yet, but Tattooine is incredibly difficult as there appears nowhere to camp. Think I might have to go 2 player on that one. There's a trophy for not dying on master, which I think could be done on Endor and there's one for completing within 35 minutes, which is probably best on Hoth but is going to be tough given you have to be a bit more agressive. Will be done with every trophy then!
  13. All the March amiibo - Ryu, Roy, Famicom ROB and the 4 new Animal Crossing amiibo have just been put on Amazon UK for £10.99 each if anyone wants them. I've ordered, but maybe I should wait, there's so many cut price deals these days and stock isn't an issue at all now.
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