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  1. Guess you binned this as well then.
  2. Finally decided to hook my PC up to my TV for some PC couch gaming but there's one thing I need some help with and that's the resolution when switching to the TV. I'm duplicating my monitor and TV displays but when I use the TV it always gets set to 3840 × 2160 and I have to change it back to 1920 × 1080 every time. Is there a way to permanently run at 1920 × 1080? Thanks.
  3. Sony really are taking the piss here seeing as they have loads of CoD exclusive stuff.
  4. This is key to dominating battles in Gears.
  5. I'm spending more time playing turn-based tactical games lately (Into The Breach and Mutant Year Zero currently) and have found watching a 'let's play' helps me understand the games mechanics a lot more than trying to work it out myself. I recommend ChristopherOdd.
  6. Yeah, it was alright but nothing special.
  7. Compared to the previous entries that's not hard.
  8. Full version available to install on XBox - 50GB.
  9. While impressed I've come to realise that it's not for me so I'll be selling mine soon.
  10. Netflix Games is what got me giving Into The Breach a second chance after bouncing off it originally. It's prefect on a mobile device.
  11. Never try and sort things like this out with the delivery company; go straight to the seller as it's their problem to sort not yours.
  12. Until it turns into the usual Assassins Creed map.
  13. Feels like they're just retelling the same stories to me this season.
  14. Even more puzzling when Criston hasn't even aged!
  15. Don't know if it was mentioned anywhere but Series controllers have been reduced to £39.99 in the UK.
  16. Am I the only person to struggle reading anything in this game? I'm colour blind but none of the colour blind options help and my eyes hurt after awhile.
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