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  1. The CPU is cooler but the memory, VRM, and exhaust are all hotter though!
  2. Just use the HotUKDeals guy.
  3. With 'Coming to Game Pass next year' under it.
  4. Happy 20th Birthday Hoping we get some more Re-boot news today.
  5. I'm happy to wait for it to come to Game Pass next year.
  6. Someone had to mention batteries again! You know it's just a veiled 'console wars' fight nowadays.
  7. Hitcher

    PS5 Pro

    News to me!
  8. Hitcher

    PS5 Pro

    PS5 says 8K on the box!
  9. Pretty sure this is the reason. And don't forget the apps as well.
  10. I was referring to all the screens you just can't skip because they want their names shown for x amount of time.
  11. I'd like to go back to it but the last time I tried I didn't have a clue whether I'd cleared out areas or not.
  12. No matter how fast they boot you still have to sit through all the loading screens though.
  13. The biggest thing for me with VRR is the fact that I've not seen a single screen tear (on Xbox Series X of course).
  14. Yes, you put the disc in the drive when you want to play.
  15. They haven't played it yet so they can get their money back.
  16. Bloody hell, that reads like 'Fuck you, have HFW upgrade for free but everything else is going to cost you $10'.
  17. Only if you don't currently have a subscription mind. Yeah but it's a complete ball ache to do PS5.
  18. The fact that it's a work in progress I suspect.
  19. Norman Reedus did that last week.
  20. If only they'd done that a year ago!
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