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  1. I've only just it also so add me.
  2. Actual PS2 screenshots - I think not. Still looks they're going correct the mistake that was Driver 2.
  3. I'm sure I've seen birds flying around and on one track I swear there was a train or something travelling around in the scenery.
  4. Might be breaking the confidentiality agreement but then how would they know. I'm sure Magic Lord will take you up on this offer though.
  5. I was thinking the same thing myself. It's always nice to have a little banter before starting another round.
  6. I get playing Time Splitters 2 but not any other FPS.
  7. I've got a 28" Toshiba for under £500 that has component/progressive scan. I believe the 32" model is well under a grand as well.
  8. No worries mate - it was quite funny really, especially when you shot me up and then said 'What's going on?'.
  9. I'm getting it. I've got it on the PC but I can't it play using a keyboard and mouse - too used to controllers I affraid. It's annoying all these Live titles are coming out so close together but there'll be a drought again soon enough.
  10. That was a bloody fantastic evening, it's funny how the next game comes along and you forget just how fun the old ones were. Thanks to all who turned. PS We rule the Safe. B)
  11. I hope you're still going on tonight.
  12. mystamac, have you tried plugging a controller in another port and using that with the headphone?
  13. Give PGR2 a break tonight and come play Wolfie instead - http://www.rllmukforum.com/index.php?showtopic=23384
  14. Oh yes, better than the DOABV nude patch IMO.
  15. I've umm...I can't ummm... Sorry mate. Right tonight is Wolfie night, tomorrow I'll be having an earlyish night, Saturday is the meet, so Sunday afternoon I'll be on.
  16. It's very blocky. Seriously, it looks lovely but what happened to the curved surface on the SNES? Cheers. Erm... You'll start counting the number of keys on the amiga and snes next Hang about, I'll just go and count them.
  17. It's very blocky. Seriously, it looks lovely but what happened to the curved surface on the SNES?
  18. Guilty. Apart from buying all the limited covers.
  19. Picked the latest issue up this morning - didn't know it was due out yet. I've only had a quick scan here's what it features - CEG Vetrex, Commodore 64, Nintendo Famicom, Commodore Amiga, PC Engine, Neo-Geo AES, Sega Mega Drive, Nintendo SNES, Sega Saturn, Hardware price guide. déjà vu.
  20. There's no need to worry about the talking thing, just the general hellos and goodbyes will be fine while you find you feet and within no time it'll be like we've know you for ages.
  21. Dare I say it - are there any decent strategy and/or RPG's available for this?
  22. Hey there WTF?!?!? superfunk out Sorry just feeling a little controversial today !!! I am still off sick from work. Also Hitcher..you are too popular as its telling me you have too many friends on LIVE for me to send you an request Shit, looks like some more 'weeding' is needed.
  23. Can't wait for 'Advanced Wars'.
  24. Hitcher


    Wonderful! You've tried it online? Got the patch? I'm always up for some instagib, or team games! Have I mentioned that I like this game? Got the patch and played a quick game last week (CTF) with some yanks. I never knew you liked it.
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