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    Really enjoying the single player - nice variety of missions. Online is great fun - sabotage being my favourite game type. Couk, I was having trouble with those 2 guys when trying to cross the bridge until I realised you can take them out before you even get near the bridge. Could be a few more check points and the save function isn't very well thought out IMO - you need to manually save when finishing a level, why there's no auto-save is beyond me, I had to re-do the first 2 missions because of it.
  2. Had a quick go last night - got slaughtered. Felt like Vandal Hearts crossed with Sentinal - a good thing. I like the destructive scenery. Questions- How do you cancel a selection? Any sort of replay value? ie a ranking system for each battle or hidden items like Vandal Hearts.
  3. Cool, I should be back home by 8. There's quite a few from my friends list (mainly forumites) that are on the XIII scoreboards just can't remember who at the moment.
  4. PM Yod@ and ask him. I think he once got some new to mod and sell. You'll get absolutey loads of stuff on there from him though.
  5. Well Friday night is normally a long night for me on Live so how about we fit some GRIT in then? BraveStarr, what time's best for you on Sunday for some XIII?
  6. I love XIII online, very GoldenEye.
  7. Lucky you. I used Special Delivery when I sent Yod@ mine (I also sent my SNES, GC and Saturn as altogether they where still under the weight limit) and IIRC it took about 18 hours to get to him in NI.
  8. Do you take turns or does the enemy move while you do?
  9. I can't keep up with it at the moment. Tonight - Counter Strike (if it's been delivered) Tomorrow - Steel Battalion Beta Thurday - Unreal Friday - PGR2 Saturday - RS3 Sunday - XIII And I want to play some more Wolfie in between. I'll need a bloody Live Diary at this rate so I don't forget what I'm meant to be playing.
  10. Those 2 words there have now got me really excited. Download when I get home. Cheers.
  11. I use a USB/SP charging cable for when I'm at work. I think they're less than a fiver.
  12. Right then, name the time & date and I'll do my best to get on.
  13. Hopefully mine will be there when I get home.
  14. It's all up to you now Ux - time and date.
  15. I don't think Ux was interested to be honest.
  16. Just me and Bravestarr on XIII for awhile then. You wont regret it though.
  17. Advance Wars 1 Advance Wars 2 Advance Wars Dual Strike
  18. Make sure you unlock the Focus or you wont get in Uxorious' games. I think you'll find there forumites on every night of the week.
  19. When did you get that then ? Let me see let me see Thought I'd told you mate??? Too many games lately I must have forgot. You'll have to pop round one night and take a look.
  20. Yes mate, you can have the voices coming out of the TV's speakers. I've noticed most Live games these days have the option to do this - RS3, XIII, PGR2.
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