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  1. But you will have to delete the disc install and download the digital install instead as I found out this morning. Idiocy!
  2. So why did you register for a pre-order?
  3. I'm an idiot. Picked this up from Currys only to realise I loaded my PSN account months ago specifically for this purchase so I'm selling the physical version in trading.
  4. Why didn't you tell them to leave it somewhere safe?
  5. Hitcher

    Ghost Song

    Game Pass wins again.
  6. But you'd expect a new service to buck the trend a bit if it was good value.
  7. PlayStation Plus subscribers have dropped by nearly 2 million users since the revamped service launched in June.
  8. Not played much but was disappointed with the controls - No invert Y camera axis Changing the button layout also changes the button layout for the menus Needs a bit of polish IMO.
  9. I think you're just trolling us now.
  10. You should really be using a 4K console with that setup to do it justice; not one targeting 1080p. This looks absolutely amazing on a 65" OLED running on a Series X.
  11. Let me guess - you're playing on a 4K TV?
  12. Answered your own question.
  13. Anyone managed to save the herbalist? I tried loads of times before Goggling it but I still can't save them. As soon as the rats attack one of the guards they also attack the herbalist.
  14. The Division Heartland Rated In Brazil, Will Release For PS4, PS5, XB1, XSX, and PC
  15. Unless they're enhanced for Series consoles; in which case they update.
  16. If it was customisable this would be mine -
  17. Guess you binned this as well then.
  18. Finally decided to hook my PC up to my TV for some PC couch gaming but there's one thing I need some help with and that's the resolution when switching to the TV. I'm duplicating my monitor and TV displays but when I use the TV it always gets set to 3840 × 2160 and I have to change it back to 1920 × 1080 every time. Is there a way to permanently run at 1920 × 1080? Thanks.
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