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  1. Confused by Gamora's appearance in this. When is it set?
  2. No Refunds, You Idiot – The Sony Customer Service Thread
  3. On the other hand if it weren't for region hopping I'd have bought a lot less games over the years.
  4. https://twistedvoxel.com/xbox-removes-buy-as-gift-option-turkey-argentina-store-seller-abuse/
  5. Got a device connected to TV your you can watch it through instead?
  6. With garlic you can level up much quicker (as you can kill enemies much faster) than other starting weapons letting get other weapons earlier.
  7. Vampire Survivors: The 5 Best Starting Weapons (& The 5 Worst)
  8. I found the garlic to be good as a starter weapon. If you can unlock Poe even better as that's his main weapon.
  9. A couple of times now I've had arrows pointing to items (at least twice it was a couple of rings) but when I get to their location there's nothing there. How do I get them?
  10. Why'd they let it happen in the first place?
  11. Disappointing ending. Thank fuck it's over.
  12. Just get a USB Bluetooth adapter for a few quid.
  13. Fingers crossed then because nothing appeals to me just yet.
  14. It's going to come bundled with a game/demo right?
  15. I currently have a pair of varifocals for everyday use and a pair of distance glasses when I'm just watching the TV. Would I need a pair for reading for VR?
  16. Got one but each step felt like something was going to go wrong and I had to login about 3 different times.
  17. Yeah wouldn't be hard to say you're too early come back later.
  18. If anything they say developing for the S should mean better results for the X.
  19. Just had the second email. Is it exclusive or just another link anyone and everyone will use?
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