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  1. Skinamarink -5/5 Pile of pretentious rubbish.
  2. Not many people pre-ordering them I guess so there's plenty of stock to shift.
  3. OK, maybe I wont then as it requires PS Plus premium!
  4. It was all BS after all - So you're fine unless you open up the console itself.
  5. Did they say what region they were when you bought them?
  6. I still don't see how liquid metal at over 70°C is stopped by a lip.
  7. If you can use Turkey it'll be much cheaper to buy 3xTurkish Gold and then convert to Ultimate than anything else.
  8. Sounds like BS to me. If there's break in the seal then even if it's laid horizontal it'll leak out.
  9. I'm the opposite. Nothing shown so far really interests me and there's nothing innovative. Will probably cancel my pre-order unless things change before launch.
  10. If I wasn't signed up to a Turkish account (~£4/month for the top tier) I'd have already canceled as Netflix is the most expensive streaming service out of the lot. This just smacks of greed and could even backfire if people with separate accounts decide it would be cheaper to have one main account plus extra members.
  11. Turn off your TV instead; it's really not very good.
  12. I found them repetitive to be honest.
  13. Yeah, never had any problems with LG OLEDs.
  14. Microsoft President Brad Smith says the company "offered Sony a 10-year contract to make each new 'Call of Duty' release available on PlayStation the same day it comes to Xbox." According to Bloomberg, that would also cover PlayStation Plus, Sony's subscription gaming service.
  15. Sam goes on strike for better pay and conditions.
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