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  1. Probably your TV changing refresh rate.
  2. They're already the most expensive streamer because you have pay extra for HD, UHD or more connected devices. If this also stops me using Turkish Netflix then I'm out.
  3. Both my son and me use ethernet connections to watch Netflix though not Wi-Fi!
  4. That's it I've cancelled my pre-order. I can't justify the expense for REZ alone.
  5. I always use archive today https://archive.is/toB0y
  6. Don't give them a penny - just emulate.
  7. And then Russia will start a war with another country and it'll get postponed again.
  8. Booted it up today to compare them both and while the X360 version is the best looking it lacks the refined controls of the new version.
  9. So it doesn't even have proper netcode for online play?
  10. Xbox version - faithfully recreated and enhanced. Does this mean it is the Xbox 360 Arcade release?
  11. Use 5.1 or 7.1 uncompressed.
  12. Unless they reveal something else that interests me soon I think I'm out. So far only REZ stands out but not for an extra £10 plus the cost of the kit.
  13. Skinamarink -5/5 Pile of pretentious rubbish.
  14. Not many people pre-ordering them I guess so there's plenty of stock to shift.
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