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  1. I have VRR and it stutters when simply standing still and spinning the camera around.
  2. Did you let your PSN sub run out?
  3. Power off the TV at the wall for a few minutes.
  4. Settings > General > Network settings > Go offline.
  5. Wouldn't we all but games are so complex nowadays that's virtually impossible.
  6. I guess but I'd rather play a fixed game though. Can you not just disconnect the internet connection and play?
  7. Patching takes as long as it takes; there's no way to speed it up. Would you rather things just didn't get fixed?
  8. Having players using K+M against controllers doesn't seem fair though.
  9. Double tap the sync button to switch between the last 2 devices synced.
  10. That's not how it works. So they know the rough amount they're going to have per server. Too many and it's just game over.
  11. One's an old tech handheld and the other's a next-gen console.
  12. Mine's never downloaded more than one at a time when I've had a queue either.
  13. Widescreen looks nice but the menu are shrunk as well which makes it too hard for me to read them properly so I switched back.
  14. And you can't transfer it if you have any open orders and some can't be cancelled!
  15. You're going to need the disc if you haven't bought it digitally otherwise you could just sell it on.
  16. Umm, select button on Halo - 'Download now'.
  17. I'm just glad I don't have a PS4 save to transfer over.
  18. So what the hell happened to Advance Wars 1+2: Re-Boot Camp seeing as it was meant to be "40 minutes of information focussed mainly on games launching this winter" then!
  19. Pretty sure it's the same all the other upgrades and can only be bought on the day of release.
  20. Had a quick go but I think I'll wait until they fix the framerate issues it has even with VRR.
  21. No, stop. The other way around.
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