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  1. Whatever one you like the most.
  2. Haven't you ever had an Amazon packet scanned as 'Handed to resident' only to find it on your doorstep where any Tom, Dick, and Harry could have nicked it?
  3. DF proved it's pretty much a waste of time (and space) having BC games on the internal over an external SSD.
  4. Why exactly? When both the Series X and PS5 can drop to 1440p that seems pretty inline to me.
  5. And likewise you Sony faboys defend a built-in battery to the hilt don't you.
  6. If only Sony let you use your own batteries!
  7. So the Series S is getting 60fps then. And they've addressed screen tearing on Series X|S -
  8. Yeah, they've screwed up their HDR implementation. Auto should be off for non-HDR content and automatically switch on when using HDR content. At the moment auto is permanently on.
  9. And yet this thread keeps getting bumped.
  10. Cheaper at MTCgames - https://www.mtcgame.com/en-GB/xbox-games/call-of-duty-black-ops-cold-war-cross-gen-bundle And yes to the VPN question.
  11. Where are all the stock alerts?
  12. Doesn't it just do pass through when switched off?
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