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  1. You should be playing the disc version anyway if you want 60fps.
  2. How do you have it set to turn it off?
  3. What state is the game in now? Is it worth a play through?
  4. Can't see that happening myself now that the PS4 to PS5 upgrade is free.
  5. Now we know why it wasn't available straight away - they wanted to keep the complaints about fan noise away from the console launch discussion.
  6. But not at 4k. Disappointing seeing as other last gen games are getting 4k@60fps.
  7. Sucks to be part of that team.
  8. At the time of launch 'Only on PlayStation' was true though. If it has said 'Only ever on PlayStation' I could see the problem.
  9. Which is why most TV's have the option to apply the current settings to all inputs.
  10. Seems to be ok this morning but I'll keep that in mind if it happens again.
  11. Yes. Why is it shit? It should be up to the job surely?
  12. Just make yours their primary and theirs yours.
  13. Haven't played in about a week and tonight when I boot up I'm presented with an HDR black screen! Couple of reboots and no luck so I try Safe Mode. Change to 1080p and it's back. Check the Video Output Information and it says all options are available so I change back to 2160p and it's black again. Switch off and unplug for the night. Piece of shit hardware!
  14. Epic users: you can now transfer your Hitman 2 locations into Hitman 3. https://www.ioi.dk/hitman-3-pc-location-importing-guide/
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