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  1. The main problem for me is Aloy herself. She comes across as extremely arrogant and is condescending to everyone.
  2. Sure is, seeing as it's not even been announced.
  3. Hitcher

    Xbox Game Pass

    Been looking forward to that as well.
  4. Isn't the GTA price only if you GamePass? At least that's what it says for me on the dash.
  5. Pretty sure it does because I chipped away at one over a long period of time.
  6. You shouldn't go in expecting the story to be on the same level as TLoU2 but the gameplay is better imo.
  7. At least it runs @60fps.
  8. Well for starters the side is too wide and the corners are too sharp.
  9. Hitcher

    Xbox Game Pass

    No, you said Gold.
  10. Hitcher

    Xbox Game Pass

    Yes, my son did it yesterday.
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