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  1. Where else would they put them?
  2. Fan can be heard on mine whereas my Series X is silent.
  3. Does your non-4k TV even do 120fps? And is 120fps really that important to you when 60fps is perfectly fine?
  4. New York Collapse: A Survival Guide to Urban Disaster was brilliant and didn't this Tom Clancy bloke write a few novels?
  5. An Update on the Tom Clancy’s The Division Universe Ubisoft Hello everyone, When we launched Tom Clancy’s The Division in 2016, the team at Ubisoft Massive and all of our studios around the world had high ambitions for what was then the first completely original IP under the Tom Clancy’s umbrella since 2009 – not to mention it was also an ambitious game unlike anything Ubisoft had produced before. Thanks to you, our fans, the reception to The Division exceeded our expectations, breaking multiple Ubisoft records. You continued showing phenomenal s
  6. Nah, they've already got their money.
  7. Might want to install all the updates for the console, controller, Astro, and any other game you have first then re-box it.
  8. When using your phone to set up it asks if you want to add all the family accounts during the process.
  9. Because if games sell well at that price point it won't be long before they're £100.
  10. Isn't it more the case that all these companies want their name promoted for x amount of time?
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