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  1. Have you read or watched anything about the X yet?
  2. Xbox uses the region you're in not the region of the account. So you can use a VPN with your UK account and set the VPN to the region of the code. I use MTCGame for games and/or Gift Cards using this method. https://xbox-store-checker.com/en/how-buy/
  3. Booted this up and wondered why I couldn't find The Foundation so I had a look online and it turns out it's not available on Xbox for another 3 months!
  4. Hitcher

    The Division 2

    Yes, but that basically means you're limited to using 1 skill whereas a 2 man team have each for reviving and the use of 4 skills.
  5. Hitcher

    The Division 2

    What the fuck! It's hard enough solo as it is with no-one to revive you.
  6. Hitcher

    Xbox Game Pass

    Yes, but get 3 years Gold if you can afford it as you'll end up with 3 years Ultimate.
  7. Do it online?
  8. The same people are watching multiple times trying understand what's going on.
  9. Hitcher

    The Division 2

    You can now change the whole world level.
  10. Exactly how consoles and PC's work now - less work = less cooling!
  11. I'd imagine 1st party games will make use of these 'features' and the rest won't bother as it would mean too much extra work for little benefit.
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