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  1. Is there a repository or guide with essential mods for this? I've been playing Project Cars 2 in VR and want to give this a go but i get the feeling that it's much better with mods?
  2. I was lucky to have the original Spider-Man in my pile of shame on the PS4 so I’ve been playing through the remaster on PS5 before I play MM. Loving the remaster.
  3. Tempted to try the reshade stuff, but I really only want the image a bit sharper. I’ve turned off film grain, aberration and motion blur. Hopefully changing the DLSS setting will fix the sharpness. It defaults to Ray Tracing Ultra before I turn those others off.
  4. I have a 2070 super, should i turn Auto DLSS off? I play at 1440p. Ryzen 7 2700x and 16gb Ram if that makes any difference
  5. I would be up for the poker night. I'm not good at poker
  6. Was it a big robot thing (brigg)? If it was that one, you're not supposed to fight that, just nip past it and follow the path to the left. Those guys roam about for high level fodder.
  7. What can i expect on a 2070 super at 1440p? Medium settings?
  8. The PS5 upgrade now works for this. The actual game is pretty good so far but I don’t think I can put up with dialogue. It’s hilariously bad. Surely people don’t actually talk like this in London.
  9. Sorry I couldn’t join last night, my clan had an impromptu go at the raid, started at 7pm and got it finished at 11. Decent raid, if a bit short.
  10. Thanks, I’ll give that a try. Will I need to keep the Turkish account on my PS5 once the update is downloaded?
  11. I love the racing in Horizon 4, I just don’t know what to do next. Online is still a mystery too.
  12. I still can’t do the PS5 upgrade for this. I’m waiting for the upgrade before I start the game. By the time it works I’ll have moved on to something else probably
  13. I'm also on xbox, desperate to get the raid done too. Feel free to invite me if youre looking for an extra for anything
  14. It's cross-gen play already. Is it not 4k as well already on capable consoles?
  15. Are you playing on PC or PS5? I'm looking for a PS4/5 group to play with
  16. It seems so. I’ll try it without a disk in to see if that makes a difference. It’s not even a loud noise but now I’m listening for it.
  17. It got noticeably louder when i went in to the spiderman menu screen, and the disk drive is pretty noticeable when it's spinning up. As i said, i'm probably looking for something that isn't there.
  18. Thanks. I think i'm looking for a problem that isn't there. When people say their PS5 is silent or whisper quiet, i think "hold on, i can hear mine so it must be faulty".
  19. My PS5 is a bit loud when the disk drive is spinning, and when the fan runs full tilt. It's certainly not silent but much better than the PS4. I've no reference point so hard to say if it's faulty
  20. WRC 9 is amazing on PS5, half price just now on the PS store too
  21. I thought it was waiting until the PS5 disk version launches in December. No idea it was a bug.
  22. Anyone tried Asda online? That’s where I got my Xbox from edit - out of stock as well
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