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  1. I’m loving this now for some reason after hating and dismissing it up until now. Got a few wins and regularly squad up with the missus and kids. Still can’t build though.
  2. You can have my key for Moving Out if you like, Trine 4 and Iris too if you want them
  3. Cant find stock of a switch anywhere My missus has commandeered my switch and i have a lit, but want to get another full switch.
  4. Done another and got Dubravka, he'll do nicely
  5. Awesome thanks. What positions are we looking to fill? I'm not very fancy with the skill moves so defence might be my forte
  6. I fancy a bit of this - stevie-b111 Do i create my player within this mode or is it carried over from an offline mode?
  7. Swapped the 2 icon swap cards for 2 x Ultimate packs.....got Team of the Week Wolf (german RWB) in each pack. Ffs.
  8. Thanks looking forward to trying for the icons after season reset, should I put something before my squads name to show I’m playing for icons? I really should read up on fifa online etiquette
  9. So i have 2 x icon swaps and could get a third by tomorrow. Should i cash the 2 in for 2 x ultimate packs or go for the 3rd and swap them for 5 x 85 players?
  10. I'm really enjoying working through the Icon Swaps Squad Battle games. Finished the 1 owner one pretty easy and now on to the Silver one. Made a squad of SPFL players and walked the first 2 games. Hagi, Aribo and Roofe really should be Gold cards. The jump to World Class wasn't as severe as i thought it would be. I think i'll leave the online stuff to next season, fresh start and all that.
  11. Cyube looks really good, might give that a try later. I wonder if they will ever bring Minecraft natively to the quest.
  12. Thanks, I should really just take my medicine and do the placement matches. Only way to get better is to play better people I suppose
  13. The problem with online for me is i'm not very good. What is the golden goal rule in this context?
  14. Are these icon swap things pretty much un-achievable if you’re a single player only player? Im working my way through the first club only challenge and will get 1 icon swap for it, but I need 8 minimum to get a swap for an icon?
  15. To be honest he was pretty happy, he sold some when they went up and retained some. He's pretty confident they will go back up after i explained that thier last game (Witcher) has a similar launch, although not as high profile. I know nothing about finance
  16. I like having the latest consoles (FOMO i guess) but always sell or trade in the last gen consoles to part fund them. Sometimes i wish i had kept all of my own consoles but realised that although i like the idea of "retro" gaming, i dont actually enjoy it. I went through a period a few years ago of buying a N64, Dreamcast and Gamecube, collected lots of games then finally sat down to play them. I thought they were rubbish, not at all like i remembered. I used to trade in current gen consoles for the other big console of the time mainly because i couldn't afford or justify having both (PS2, Xbox etc) but thankfully now i'm in a position where this isn't an issue so this has settled down. A down side to this is simply not having the time to play all of them (mainly looking at you Oculus Quest) so my pile of shame is growing all the time.
  17. My Brother in Law does shares and investing, makes a decent amount doing it as a hobby. About a year ago he asked me about games companies as it was an area he was interested in investing in, particularly eastern European companies. I told him about CD Project Red and this massive game that was about to come out...
  18. I'd need to get better at Fifa first, i'm genuinely terrible. Division 8 material.
  19. I've played it on PC with a pad, it has button prompts etc already mapped.
  20. Seriously considering selling my PS5, it's just getting no use just now with the amount of games available with gamepass. On the gamepass fodder description, Outer Wilds is a great example for me. The game deserves to be lauded on it's own merits but gamepass is the perfect vehicle for it.
  21. GDPR legislation with regards to being the Data Custodian is pretty simple. If the data sits on a storage medium that you are responsible for, you are then liable for any breach of that data. However a factor in this case is that the data forms part of an account that @gooner4life is the owner of, irrespective of who inputted that data. Gooner has an account containing data he inputted sitting on Sony's server = its gooners data on his account with Sony being the custodian. Scumbag gain access to gooners account and inputs data on to account = its scumbag's data on gooners account with Sony being the custodian. Gooner still rightfully has access to this data on his account.
  22. Does this hog your home network bandwidth while you're using it? My missus would take the hump if i was playing something and she couldnt watch some nonsense on Netflix.
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