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  1. I set it world class, I've been easily beating teams on that with their chem rating being low. Might have been my formation. I've been using 4-4-2 but might need to change it up a bit.
  2. Just had a really weird game of squad battles there. The other team was 28 chem, should have been easy. My team were at 98 chem. I couldn't get the ball off them, all my passes were being intercepted. My players were all going slow. Got beat 2-0.
  3. I'm sitting with 125 players in my club. I'm scared to sell the ones I won't use incase I need them for SBC. Am I better to just sell them?
  4. I must have dropped a rivals reward level without noticing. Was expecting 17500 coins, got 2500 and a gold pack. I'm not doing the lottery this week that's for sure.
  5. I did get a totw lainer. Is it best to keep the totw players for the SBC's?
  6. Might put it on Vardy, or maybe Werner?
  7. Cancel that, it's untradeable. Of course it is.
  8. Ooh I have a hunter card. I take it I should just sell it. What's the going rate?
  9. Got bonucci from a pack. Is it better to sell him while he's worth something or build a team around him? Otamendi is my current good centre back. My team is mostly Spanish / English league
  10. Yeah I think the coins would be sensible at the minute, could cherry pick players to improve my team that way. Just finally got Vardy from the SBC so can try and build up some coin. I'm dying to get doing some of the objectives but they're still a few weeks away I think.
  11. My rivals reward is either 17,500 coins, a mega pack or 2 x untradable mega packs. Any recommendations?
  12. I've been trying to do that buy prem gold's at 350 and sell at 650 thing all day, but so is everyone else it seems and I keep getting outbid. Is there a prime time to do this?
  13. Won a rivals match for the first time this morning with a last minute winner. Finished 3-2 after going 2-1 down. That's me hooked now isn't it.
  14. Just got a Team of the Week Kryvtsov in a reward pack. Though I would finally have enough coins to do the vardy squad challenge. It's untradeable.
  15. Amazing! Thanks. I'll do the squad battles. I'm at silver 1 just now but haven't played the team of the week or featured squad.
  16. My current team. Severe lack of coins though.
  17. That sucks, I never quit a game. If I'm getting battered I just use it as a learning game. Got lucky with a pack this morning I think, Goetze and a Barcelona right back.
  18. Silly question, but is chemistry more important than high ranked players? Some games feel like my players are running a lot slower than other games, I think it's when I've tinkered with the lineup and not paid much attention to the team chemistry.
  19. Jeez those placement matches were rough. Everyone I played had teams full of special card players with 100 chemistry and aguero up front.
  20. Got beat 4-0 in my second placement match. A bit soul destroying. Using 4-2-2-2, might change to 442 if I can find a good RM
  21. You need to play on world class to do the single player Icons things? I've only just stepped it up to Pro. Is there much difference between the two or should i just forget the icons for the time being?
  22. Is there an app to help you find players for the squad builder challenges?
  23. Played my first game online, first of the 5 placement matches. Went down 3-0 quickly but got it back to 3-2. Ended up losing 4-2. The other guy was using trick moves all the time and seemed to get rattled when I pulled one back. Loved it though.
  24. Tell you what, having better players really makes a difference in this. I was struggling at professional level in Ultimate Team then i got Aguero as a loan card. First game using him, won 3-0. Only problem is, now i need to save up enough to buy him on the transfer market.
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