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  1. I need to get back on this, it's much better than CoD.
  2. I play this on PS4 and Xbox One (courtesy of EA Access), add me for a game! stevie-b111 - PS4 sbrandon111 - XBOX
  3. Id like to give it a go - Iphone 4s on 7.1.1 and ipad air on latest version, whatever that is.
  4. I'm on level 18 I think on Destiny, PS4. I want to get to the endgame but just don't want to do the rest of the missions, they're boring and grindy.
  5. The thing is, I really want to like it. I'm just really bad at it just now and I've no idea why as I'm usually pretty good at these types of games. Perhaps titanfall has ruined it for me.
  6. Nah, they had the scope that highlites the enemies. I refuse to believe he was that good / I was that bad. May have been down to lag but I doubt it........in going to give it a go tonight anyway lol.
  7. I watched the killcams of this guy, instant scope and snap to headshot. It was either that or the gun and scope combo is ridiculously overpowered. Fun for him no doubt, game ruining for everyone else. Why the have sniper rifles in a quick shooter like COD is beyond me. Perfect for battlefield though.
  8. Game ruined again by overpowered snipers quick scoping (even though they said it can't be done). Some guy in the last game had 30 odd kills and 2 deaths using the mors or whatever and thermal scope thing. That's not skill, it's a flaw in the game.
  9. Yep, i turned the sensitivity up and i'm now slightly less shit. Seriously, i think im going to give up gaming if im getting this bad at it.
  10. I didnt even know it could be changed, i've been turning as if im stuck in treacle! It's really tough going so far, getting slaughtered. I need to stop playing it like all the other COD's.
  11. Picked this up today on the Xbone after my PS4 copy still hasnt arrived. So far so good. Most of my deaths have been my fault.
  12. Yeah, i think it's a good looking game. There's a lot going on a times so it makes sense to scale back on the fancy effects. I like it that its pretty sharp and contrasting. Makes it easier to pick out pilots a distance away.
  13. I dont inow if the visuals were a bit hampered by the 360 version though? i imagine it uses the same engine etc. Although Destiny doesnt seem to have suffered.
  14. So how does the online work in this then? I mean what are tue online road trips and Car meets?
  15. Man, Titanfall is so good. i dont know why it isnt more popular.
  16. Its good, slightly better than last year. It's little more than a data update but thats no bad thing in my book. Everything is just slightly better.
  17. i had an online game tonight, and for 2 and a half laps, it was glorious. The challenges were working and the racing was harsh but fair. then i got kicked due to server issues. i'll come back in a month when maybe some things are fixed.
  18. I tried, no dice. They said it wasnt possible to issue a refund. They also said that there is a disclaimer of sorts on the store page stating that it isnt working properly yet (or wirds along those lines). i told them i had preordered it before they knew of any issues, still no refund. Someone should take either Sony or Evolution to court over continued misselling of goods. it should at least be pulled from the shelves and digital disribution until its fixed.
  19. if i get a refund for my driveclub digital copy, does it get deleted from my library, or just stop working (more like than it does already)?
  20. yeah, this is exactly the issue i have with it.
  21. the only down side i can see so far with the xbox is the Store. unless im missing something, i cant find an A-Z of games or indie games etc.
  22. Im loving this game, add me! i'm always up for a game. sbrandon111
  23. Thanks. I was a bit confused as I've only really heard of Peggle and PvZ being free. They should promote it a bit more!
  24. Make that 3. Not just that to be fair, but was the factor that tipped me over the edge and gave me the push to go and buy the xbox. It's a shame as its a great game when it works. I've been playing forza all weekend and put Driveclub on last night to see how my club was doing. Servers still gimped. Ridiculous.
  25. This EA Access thing. I understand that Peggle and PvZ is free. Battlefield, Madden, NFS is showing on it as well. As they also free or timed trials?
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