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  1. I bought this just before Christmas when I got my quest and thought it was rubbish. Read this thread the other day and gave it another go. I wasn't paying any attention to the beat or music, I wasn't playing it right at all! Fantastic game, a proper high score chaser. Makes me sweat too which is a bonus
  2. Ordered! I'm justifying it by not buying a Rift S. I've been using the Anker cable which works fine, but it's not very flexible and pulls the headset slightly, adding weight to it. I used the velcro loop that comes with the cable to secure it to the head strap which helps a bit, but i've read that the Oculus Link cable is a lot lighter and more flexible, and a good bit longer. Any justification is better than none
  3. I have this one: AORUS AD27QD 27" 2560x1440 144Hz IPS FreeSync/G-Sync Tactical Gaming Monitor. I use it on my PC and my Xbox One X is also hooked up to it. I didn't appreciate how much of a difference having a decent monitor would make.
  4. I haven't done the sideload thing yet. Is there any danger of bricking the thing or getting banned by doing it?
  5. I've been playing Pavlov via Oculus Link on Steam, it's amazing. I hope it comes to the quest, not sure how they will handle the mods and custom content though.
  6. I have a spare one of the Amazon basics one if you want it.
  7. I got this one https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/B07H3G6SWQ?psc=1&ref=ppx_pop_mob_b_asin_title And some velcro straps, but I've also ordered an iPhone X case with a belt clip that fits the battery pack. The velcro works fine though.
  8. My battery pack arrived today, I can't overstate how much more comfortable the quest is with a battery pack attached to the back head strap. Well worth the investment.
  9. I've ordered a battery pack that fits inside an iPhone X case that has a belt clip attached, and a short charging cable. My plan is to secure it to the back of the head cradle strap. I'll let you know how I get on when it arrives tomorrow. Incidentally the battery pack is half price on Amazon just now
  10. Just bought Apex, looking forward to playing that later. I never noticed Shadow Point, will grab that too!
  11. Any suggestion as to what battery pack to get? Incidentally, my cable arrived today to try this with Oculus link. Very impressed so far. I tried No Mans Sky through Steam VR, looks much better than the PSVR version, the controllers are much better to use too. I ordered 2 x cables, the amazon basics one, and the Anker one. The Anker one is a better quality cable, but I prefer the Amazon one as it's lighter and doesn't contribute to the weight at the front of the headset.
  12. It's not a requirement, I certainly had the option to create an Oculus account from scratch, I just chose to link my fb account instead.
  13. I suppose you could set up a fb account solely to use with the Oculus. I just chose to use my fb account to create the Oculus account because I couldn't be bothered to put all my details in again, I didn't think it was mandatory. My Oculus friend list is separate from my fb friend list.
  14. I got that space shooter that was on sale yesterday, it's really good. More arcadey than space sim but more fun for it. I'll probably get Sairento today if my bank card stops screaming at me.
  15. That sucks mate. I use Facebook to keep in touch with old friends once I moved away, but it totally shouldn't be forced on people.
  16. Bit the bullet and bought a quest. My mindset was that if I didn't like it as much as my psvr, I could easily sell it on for a small loss. I needn't have worried, it's amazing. The screens are so much clearer than the psvr. My username is sbrandon111, feel free to add me
  17. Thanks I'd like to try it before i buy the premium thing. I'll have a look for a buddy pass.
  18. If i get a buddy pass, can i play in a browser? Also...is anyone selling a buddy pass?
  19. Good point. His base card is only about 2k coins I think so might just give him a go. Planning on making a la Liga / France league hybrid squad so he will be handy for that.
  20. I done the Cavani one, cost me about 15K, had to buy 2 players to get the chem up. I want the Williams one but funds are too low now. Might just buy the normal one, his stats seem pretty decent. I'm using Vardy and Rashford, sometimes Bale up front, is he any better than either of those?
  21. I wouldn't mind the futmas Rashford but the requirements are silly. Was futmas as bad last year?
  22. You hold down on the left stick? Or hold the shoot button down?
  23. I've had rubbish luck with packs over the weekend. Nothing decent from all the marquee matchups rewards.
  24. Ah, i'm miles away from getting in the weekend league i think. Might make a proper go at it next week though.
  25. Dumb question time.....Reds? What are they and how do i get them?
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