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  1. Just tried it on iPad, same result. I guess we’ll just need to wait for official iOS app support
  2. There are halo style head straps available for the quest on ebay, if they're anything like the rift s ones then they'll be great. Close to pulling the pin and buying one to try. To be honest though, i dont find the quest that uncomfortable. As long as the bottom strap is at the bottom of your head, i find it fine. I also have a slim battery pack in a iphone xr case that has a belt clip thing on it, clips on to the headstrap of the quest perfectly and act as a counterweight.
  3. I'm really enjoying stadia just now, my experience has been pretty solid so far, I'm on fibre broadband though and wifi mesh so that might be a factor. Tempted by borderlands in the sale as well. No support for my Tab S6 yet though which is disappointing.
  4. I picked up space pirate trainer in the sale, looking forward to giving it a go.
  5. The Serious Sam games and Talos Principle are all on sale just now on steam, all for VR. They're all very good apparently. £12.50 for the lot.
  6. I'd be up for that. I'm terrible at Poker mind you......or am I? I am.
  7. Careful you don't let sunlight hit the inner lenses, it borks them apparently. Sounds fun though
  8. I'm using a Vive Cosmos, load times are similar to yours. Waiting on my new Rift S being delivered so will compare when it arrives.
  9. Huh...i've just read that bluetooth devices can affect it pretty badly. Might explain why i always get left side drift as i wear my smartwatch on my left wrist.
  10. I might keep it in the hope that it will be better on the PS5, whether it be with a new VR system or the current one. When it works, it's great, the drift just puts me off though. I wonder if Zero Hour is playable with move controllers?
  11. I just cant get my Aim controller to work properly. Controller drift just puts me off too much. No doubt it's a problem with my setup but going to sell it along with Farpoint and Firewall Zero Hour.
  12. Can this be played in a limited play space? Mostly seated but standing would be fine, I don't have much room to flail my arms around though
  13. Good logic actually. I was swaying toward a Series X, but my PC just now is decent enough for 1440 high settings on most new games, and I have a One X as well. MIght just get the PS5 at launch and wait a bit for the Series X. I say that now and will end up getting both at launch with no time to play them and eat beans for a few months.
  14. So are they saying that the series X will output better graphics at a higher level than a 2080ti? Trying to decide whether to upgrade my pc or wait and get a series x.
  15. I genuinely think that they are lacking in direction and ideas without Activision and their studios. Unable to do anything other than re-use old assets and rehash existing gameplay ideas.
  16. Pixel Ripped is amazing using Oculus Link. I think it's coming to the Quest soon as well.
  17. and with that, i'm finally out. I spent ages getting Recluse, then it got nerfed. Izanagi's - Nerfed. Now the other pinacle stuff i spent ages getting will be unusable in end game stuff? Nah, no thanks.
  18. Yeah I agree with spatular. I've been working my way through it, it takes a bit more learning of the mechanics and flow than beat sabre or Pistol Whip does. I'm hoping it will click once I comfortably get to medium / hard. Not as good as Pistol Whip though.
  19. I was playing Destiny 2 on my Android tablet last night using this, it was buttery smooth. I'll try Doom tonight and see how it performs.
  20. Now that you mention it, I think the Pistol Whip soundtrack is amazing. It might not have had the same appeal if it was mainstream songs. Like you, I bought the green day pack for beat sabre but found it to be more of a novelty than anything else. In other news, @Speech has me beaten on most of the songs on Pistol Whip, I must try harder
  21. I meant more mainstream tracks then. I genuinely thought the pistol whip ones were custom tracks.
  22. It's great! About to move up to normal later. I wish they brought out some licensed tracks. Anyone got any idea when audica is coming out?
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