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    F1 22

    It has native VR support? Guess i'll be buying it tonight then
  2. I'm drastically scaling back on gaming and in the process of clearing out a lot of my collection. I need to free up the space and i've realised that there is no way that i'll ever have the time to play all of the games i have, especially with another child due in December. I'm trying to be a bit more focussed with what games i'm playing and actually finishing them for a change.
  3. Using the wheel and pedals really does transform racing games, or even just driving games. I got my wheel to work with Euro Truck Simulator and it sounds trivial but it really does make the games a lot more fun and immersive. The learning curve isn’t so steep once you get used to it. I’m a far way off troubling the leaderboard top times but I’ll get there
  4. Thanks I’m actually finding the game surprisingly accessible so far. I’m getting a lot more comfortable with the wheel and it’s definitely a lot smoother. I don’t think I’ll ever go back to using an auto gears assist, it’s so much better using manual gears. Apart from rally games obviously.
  5. I want to get involved. How do I get involved. I have the game and a wheel! Even an oculus headset if that’s required.
  6. I picked this up at the weekend, i plan on spending some time with it over the next few days. It's a looker isn't it!
  7. Thanks for the replies, I’ll stick with the paddle shifts. Annoyingly I couldn’t get my wheel to work with Euro Truck Simulator (maybe a blessing in disguise).
  8. Quick question, is it worthwhile getting the gear shifter or better off with the paddles on the wheel, for a newbie?
  9. I got a Logitech G29 wheel and pedals yesterday and it feels like I need to relearn how to play a driving game. It’s so hard! Great fun though
  10. I’ve been so close yet so far!
  11. The new fallout boy music pack for Beat Saber is great. Now i just need to beat my nemesis @Speech on the leaderboards
  12. I'm quite enjoying it. It has fairly simple combat and streamlined rpg elements, but it's fun. Definitely worth the £34.99 i paid for it from Game.
  13. I’m absolutely loving the 3ds just now. So much so that I’m preferring it over my switch. I love the 3d effect, it adds so much to the games for me.
  14. I've just started this on PS5 based on this thread. I've no idea why i ignored it for so long, i guess i thought it was just a Last of Us clone with motorbikes. I was very wrong!
  15. It's the first game i plan on playing on Steam Deck
  16. Enslaved : odyssey to the west Fantastic story and great gameplay (for the time). Streamlined just enough to stop it from being boring or too complicated.
  17. It's amazing. I actually use it when scoping out holidays to check out where the hotels are, routes etc. It's always fun to revisit old places you've been on holiday for a walk around too
  18. Check Wander out, my favourite app on the quest
  19. The new Electronic Mix tracks in Beat Saber are certainly challenging. I cant beat them on Hard yet...Definitely stepped up the difficulty on them.
  20. I was going to buy Eleven Table Tennis but got a warning saying that you need at least 2M x 2M area to play in. Would you say that you need all that space?
  21. I'm not jealous AT ALL! I keep telling myself that i don't want one......then check my email 3 times a day for my pre-order email
  22. My almost 4 year old loves this. Hilariously she’s destroying people online as well.
  23. Xenoblade Chronicles 1 has a reminder button just in case you forget what you're supposed to be doing. I use it. A lot.
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