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  1. What flying game do you recommend? I'd love a good flight sim in VR
  2. Absolutely. If i didn't have the Rift S i would be more than happy with a Quest and Link. I only have both currently as i originally had a quest, sold it then regretted it and pre-ordered another one when they were out of stock everywhere. In between getting it i had a chance to get the Rift....then of course the order for the quest came in. Of course my missus wasn't happy though.... I mainly play seated games too, driving games are amazing on it. And Pokerstars VR!
  3. Haha it was yet another case of me selling something i wasn't using at the time, only to have sellers remorse and reeeeaally want another one....which i am again not using very much! Hope you're still enjoying it
  4. I have a quest and a rift S. I bought a Cosmos a few months ago when the rift S was unavailable but sent it back after a week. Despite a few updates the Inside Out tracking was very poor, especially compared to the Oculus stuff. The retailer took it back no problem. Vive's answer was to upgrade to the vive pro faceplate and lighthouses for another £600 on top of the £600 for the headset, no thanks. Despite the higher resolution on the cosmos, the overall experience is much better on the Rift S, in large part due to the bigger sweet spot on the Rift S. As for Oculus link, it do
  5. I think the weekly's are now gone until you hit 1000, no idea why. Blue drops and rank up packages will get you there though. I'm only 750 on Playstation so i'll be levelling up too Any idea who is managing the clan now? I'm after an invite.
  6. I'm coming back to this too, i've applied to rejoin the mukkers clan too. Feel free to add me on PSN - stevie-b111
  7. I would say control, but I’m itching to play Dishonoured now. Ive tried to get in to D1 before but never properly got in to it before, probably because of my old Destiny addiction. Might try Dishonoured this weekend actually. But yeah, I’d recommend Control first.
  8. PC2 is amazing in VR, i'm hoping this has VR compatibility straight away on PC.
  9. I've cancelled my pro subscription for now, they're just taking too long to release this on other devices. I want to be able to play it on my ipad or android tablet, or even my phone. I know i can play it on a pc or laptop browser, but i have a gaming PC. It's a good service and i'll likely subscribe again once they make it natively more widely available.
  10. I had a neo geo pocket colour with about 5 games, metal slug, golf and a few others. I sold it when I was in the army to my platoon sergeant so I could go out on the piss in catterick. To be fair I was only about 18 and probably ended up in the guardhouse as a result of said piss up
  11. Dirt Rally is great on PSVR
  12. I joined ship 2 as well but cant get on. Was enjoying this earlier too :(
  13. Oh, they were free on mine must have been a time limited offer or something.
  14. Remember that Episodes 2 and 3 are also on there, and free!
  15. I done the same and i'm loving the game so far. I get a real Fringe TV series vibe from it.
  16. I've started playing this again, i still have the fear for playing online though so just been doing squad battles. I really should just take the pain and play rivals shouldn't i.
  17. I use a battery pack in an iPhone X phone case that has a belt clip on it, works perfectly and I can charge my quest up as I play
  18. Robo Recall is great, it’s on sale on the Rift store and is cross buy, not sure if its on sale on the quest store. Pokerstars VR is now my favourite pass time, just ran my battery down for the first time ever. No battery warning at 1% strangely.
  19. I'm going to try this tonight Feel free to add me to your friends list, sbrandon111
  20. Not sure how active we are on PC now but I've applied to rejoin the clan
  21. I keep forgetting that I've downloaded that, I need to give it a try. I've been trying to get better at beat sabre, some of the scores of the mukkers on my friends list are excellent, I've a long way to go to catch them. Playing on hard at the moment, expert is still a bit of a jump.
  22. Let me know how you get on with it. I don’t find the quest that uncomfortable but would get one of these if it makes it as comfy as the rift s.
  23. Could it be that when using the chrome app on iOS that it doesn’t give you a true desktop site? It expected me to install the Mac OS chrome browser. It works on ny android phone using the workaround though
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