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  1. I done the Cavani one, cost me about 15K, had to buy 2 players to get the chem up. I want the Williams one but funds are too low now. Might just buy the normal one, his stats seem pretty decent. I'm using Vardy and Rashford, sometimes Bale up front, is he any better than either of those?
  2. I wouldn't mind the futmas Rashford but the requirements are silly. Was futmas as bad last year?
  3. You hold down on the left stick? Or hold the shoot button down?
  4. I've had rubbish luck with packs over the weekend. Nothing decent from all the marquee matchups rewards.
  5. Ah, i'm miles away from getting in the weekend league i think. Might make a proper go at it next week though.
  6. Dumb question time.....Reds? What are they and how do i get them?
  7. Morelos TOTT get! Got 3 goals in the first online friendly game, buzzing Im a Rangers fan so this was a must get after the disappointment on Sunday.
  8. Am I right in thinking that the new Morelos challenge is all done in friendlies, and the online part can be done against a friend?
  9. Had a torrid time online with this tonight. Probably shouldn't have tinkered with my formation and tactics. Just couldn't seem to make any space to get any shots off, and when I did, I hit a post or crossbar. More practice needed....and maybe some YouTube videos
  10. Thanks all, will give the Pants method a go later, and the LM / RM method makes sense. I've done quite a few SBC's and been lucky with Pique etc. Kind of given up trying to get Icons, depending on the challenges next season.
  11. How do you get so many coins? Through trading, buying packs with real money and selling players or by playing? Is there some trick that i dont know about?! I had 120K once and thought i was loaded.
  12. How do you get to many coins! I had 110k and thought I was loaded
  13. I never even think about the playing style cards, I really need to look and see what I have in my club. Do they drastically change the way the players play?
  14. I'm not too fussed for Promes, Vinicius Jr has been decent for me, would happily sell Promes and use the funds for someone else.
  15. 4411, same as the screenshot. Just got Laporte from the final marquee matchups SBC, looks better than Pique on speed, will try them both
  16. I have McGuire or Stones for CB, Vinicius for LM and Callejon for RM if needed too.
  17. That's the thing, I have no idea what I need to buy. I've kind of just made my team up of whoever I've been lucky enough to get in a pack. Apart from the SBC Vardy of course. I'll put a screenshot up of my team, any advice welcome!
  18. Just got a tradeable Pique from a SBC reward pack, McGuire was in there too. Do I sell or keep for my main team? Planning to play online a lot more so the will be using my top team.
  19. Damn, so the two tokens I have will be worthless?
  20. I got that Portuguese Barcelona RB today, tempted to sell. Pretty much given up trying to grind for the icon tokens, no way I'll get them done in the time left this season. Do we know if the ones we've earned will carry over?
  21. This happened to me last week. I fixed it by going in to the power menu and restarting the console from there. On a related note, i'm loving my PSVR. Noticed last night that i had a few games sitting on my account from PS+, Until Dawn VR and and a few others
  22. PSVR mega pack and a few other VR games. I love it so far. Wipeout VR and Dirt Rally are amazing. I plan on properly getting stuck in to No Man's Sky this week as well. Still got Blood and Truth to play as well.
  23. I have a standard Thiago Silva and Sami Khadeira, worth selling just now or holding in to them? My main team is a EPL and La Liga hybrid so no real need for them just now.
  24. I just got a PSVR last night in the game deal. I tried Wipeout and No Mans Sky. Wipeout is incredible! I was looking down at my arms and around the cockpit, even looked behind me at the craft engines. I was disappointed with the movement in No Mans Sky, then i found the smooth settings in the options. To be fair i was using a Dual Shock 4 rather than the move controllers. Is it better / different with the move controllers? I'm picking some up today so will try it again.
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