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  1. I absolutely agree. I'm hoping that the whole OS for both new consoles is built around the SSD tech and data transfer etc. In a way, the new Xbox might be hampered by needing to have new first party games perform similarly on PC, seeing as they're pushing gamepass on pc pretty hard. Sony might have the advantage in that they don't need to worry about that, at least for PS5 exclusive titles. It's going to be fun finding out
  2. I'm not so sure that the bespoke solutions that Sony and Microsoft are touting as new, are much of an advancement on SSD drives that have been available for ages to pc users. They're certainly new to consoles. I suppose it's down to the bespoke OS more than the hardware.
  3. https://www.cpu-upgrade.com/mb-ASUS/PRIME_B350M-A_CSM.html Supported CPU’s listed on this page A Ryzen 5 2600X would be my choice. I have a R5 2600 and it’s great, paired with a gtx 2060 super.
  4. Having your Operating System on a SSD makes a huge difference to boot times on PC. If i was to recommend a quick upgrade to anyone is to get a 256 or 512GB SSD and install windows on that. It really does make a huge difference, maybe not in gaming performance, but to enjoyment and instant usability.
  5. 1440p is where it's at for me. It seems more noticeable going from 1080 to 1440, than 1440 to 4k in actual looking at the monitor with a game in motion. The jump to 4k isn't worth the fps trade off in my opinion.
  6. good point, the Xbox and PS4 are both plagued with constant game updates. Not the console's fault of course but it is a factor in the convenience argument. I guess some people will still have the perception that pc gaming is hard to get i to, and it does have a high initial monetary outlay. An interesting discussion for another day
  7. I have fallen in to this trap numerous times before. I've only now realised that previously "top end" PC's will be capable gaming machines long after they are no longer considered top tier. I gave my old i7 960 setup (over 10 year old processor) with a GTX 1060 to my brother in law and he's still happily gaming on it, oblivious to the fact that it would be considered an out of date relic now.
  8. I have a Ryzen 5 2600 and just got a 2070 Super (with the money i had saved up for a PS5). My next upgrade would be the processor but to be honest, i reckon i'm fine for at least another year or even 2 with my current setup. I had a Xbox One X which was great, i thought Forza 7 was especially good on it, until i tried it on PC. My PC with my old GTX 1080 ran it on Ultra at 1440p without breaking a sweat. As good as the consoles are now, they still really cant compete with a mid to higher tier PC when it comes to pure grunt. Consoles do have the social and convenience factor on their side though. tldr: the pc you currently have is probably more capable than you think and probably doesnt need upgrading
  9. We use discord for chat just now but the xbox option sounds ideal, i'll give that a go
  10. This is a major factor in me deciding to be PC only from now on. One piece of kit that i can upgrade incrementally that will play the library of games i have amassed over the gaming generations. It's a pity as the consoles have nailed the social aspect (party chat etc), but dick moves like this from Sony don't help matters.
  11. Pistol Whip - flat screen Rock version looks fun
  12. I use Wander quite a lot on the quest. It's basically Google earth with a new interface. We used it to scout out potential holiday destinations for next year
  13. I haven't tried on my phone but I was using a wireless dualshock 4 on my tablet earlier, i'll try with my phone later. Totally agree that this should have been the state that the service launched in.
  14. confirmed now works on android tablets on the stadia app. The quality seemed better than on a pc chrome browser too. I'll likely re-activate my pro sub now
  15. This seems to work natively on my phone now using the stadia app! I have a Xiaomi Mi 8. Hoping that it'll work on my Samsung tablet too.
  16. I'm sure Agent 47s head had some real time reflection bouncing off it.
  17. Where is everyone watching this, apart from on PS4?
  18. What flying game do you recommend? I'd love a good flight sim in VR
  19. Absolutely. If i didn't have the Rift S i would be more than happy with a Quest and Link. I only have both currently as i originally had a quest, sold it then regretted it and pre-ordered another one when they were out of stock everywhere. In between getting it i had a chance to get the Rift....then of course the order for the quest came in. Of course my missus wasn't happy though.... I mainly play seated games too, driving games are amazing on it. And Pokerstars VR!
  20. Haha it was yet another case of me selling something i wasn't using at the time, only to have sellers remorse and reeeeaally want another one....which i am again not using very much! Hope you're still enjoying it
  21. I have a quest and a rift S. I bought a Cosmos a few months ago when the rift S was unavailable but sent it back after a week. Despite a few updates the Inside Out tracking was very poor, especially compared to the Oculus stuff. The retailer took it back no problem. Vive's answer was to upgrade to the vive pro faceplate and lighthouses for another £600 on top of the £600 for the headset, no thanks. Despite the higher resolution on the cosmos, the overall experience is much better on the Rift S, in large part due to the bigger sweet spot on the Rift S. As for Oculus link, it does work well but i personally still prefer the using the dedicated headset if i want to play pc based VR games.
  22. I think the weekly's are now gone until you hit 1000, no idea why. Blue drops and rank up packages will get you there though. I'm only 750 on Playstation so i'll be levelling up too Any idea who is managing the clan now? I'm after an invite.
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