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  1. We have a very diverse bunch here at RLLMUK with varying opinions, backgrounds and outlooks which i think is great
  2. Being unable to separate the game / franchise from a major player in the real life product is difficult for some, as in where does it end? Do you boycott all WWE programming and games because Vince Mcmahon has done some very questionable acts (allegedly). Do you not wear any Hugo Boss items because of the German Uniform issues in WW2. Do you boycott American Football because of OJ Simpson? Very pedantic examples but just trying to highlight my point of where does it end? I fully understand why some people would want to not buy the HP game, that's their choice. My personal opinion is that if it reviews well, i'll buy it because i want to play it. Probably on sale or second hand. There's likely a load of good and decent people that worked on the game, possibly even members of the trans community, who knows. I certainly wouldn't judge someone on what video games they decide to spend their own money on.
  3. You will do it, and the game really opens up after that. I breezed to the second boss straight away (haven't beat him yet but got close). For Phrike, i had a health vial and an Astronaut, i wouldnt have done it without them> Thankfully after you beat Phrike, you dont need to beat him again to get back to the second level Oh, and if you haven't already, set the auto aim to high, reticule to the biggest setting, and auto run to on. Helped me massively.
  4. I got this little sd card holder from Etsy that sticks to the inside of your deck case. Simple idea and solution but it works great! “Steam Deck Case SD Card Storage Holder | Different Sizes Available | 8/14 Slot” £3.39 for the 8 slot one 😁
  5. I’ll need to try and track down a new switch lite then I think. My missus has commandeered my switch for Animal Crossing and Dreamlight Valley 😂
  6. How easy is it to get switch games running on it? I’d like to play Zelda and Fire Emblem without having to faff about with two handhelds.
  7. I finally beat Phrike last night ( i bought it a launch, gave up about a dozen times then finally persevered enough from Friday). I think im almost at the second boss already. You dont half get useful items straight after beating phrike, i could have been doing with them on the opening biome. It seems like a bit of a high ceiling just to get to access the rest of the game. I can see it putting a lot of players off. Great game though.
  8. any ideas on a button mapping software to use to remap the capture and assistant buttons on the stadia controller?
  9. I use proton experimental and DX11 mode. I've limited my refresh rate to 40 but it's stable at high settings.
  10. I bought Castlevania Lords of Shadow, and Mirror of Fate HD for about 2 quid each from cdkeys. I skipped over them for some reason when they came out and i'm really enjoying it LoS so far. The deck is perfect for this Cant wait to play through Enslaved again too.
  11. I always put screen protectors on any mobile device with a screen. You just never know! I also have a 4 year old tearing around the house all the time so there's that. Also good to include in the listing when said device turns up in the trading thread eventually.
  12. You can play online too with a separate launcher. Not sure how that will work with the deck but you can join or make a virtual trucking company and do weekly convoys etc. Truckers FM etc do live “traffic” (server ) reports for the online part!
  13. I want trucker fm on in my car. I’ve played this and American Truck Simulator on and off for years but it’s unexpectedly perfect for the deck
  14. I hope you're listening to Trucker FM via the built in online radio payer? Any self respecting pretendy truck driver would! (i do).
  15. Football Manager 2023 runs great on the deck. It has text scaling too which helps. If i could get Destiny and Fortnite on the deck then it would completely replace my gaming laptop. What a great gaming machine it is.
  16. This is great. I had to change the camera angle to the chase cam though to be competitive.
  17. I have a weird issue with Gotham Knights on the Deck. I've playing Gotham Knight's between the Deck and my Gaming Laptop but today the deck is showing the cloud save as out of sync and the game needing a 2gb update. But the cloud sync wont sync properly presumably until i update the game, but the game wont update for some reason. It starts but then just stops the update. I've validated the files and have enough storage for the update. The game works fine on my laptop and save has uploaded to the cloud. Any ideas? Update - a reinstall fixed it. Steady 40fps using default settings now too.
  18. Oh, I was sure it would only let me set the resolution to 720p in gaming mode when I tried it docked. I didn’t tinker though to be fair. I’ll try it again later
  19. The deck only outputs at 720p in docked mode right? So I’m guessing that the performance in docked mode is identical to handheld mode?
  20. Is there a way to see the file size of a game on the steam store on the deck? I can’t see it anywhere. Its usually in the system requirements section on the steam desktop store.
  21. DMZ is amazing. As @T Pot said, it's much much better with a full squad on comms. Focus on the faction missions and do some contracts on the way.
  22. I've had 2 games of solo warzone. Finished 33 first game and 25 second. Got 4 kills in the first game and 3 the second. Really enjoyed both games which is a surprise to me as i got insta-killed every time i tried the original warzone. I couldn't get in a game last night on the Xbox but got in straight away on PS5. I've turned off crossplay on PS5 so i wonder if thats borking the xbox network settings (the accounts are both linked on Activision for cross progression).
  23. Hilariously, i'm finding that the attachments (barring maybe the odd one) actually make the weapons perform worse. They all pretty much feel better to use without any. The trade-offs just aren't worth it.
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