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  1. Is there a way to see the file size of a game on the steam store on the deck? I can’t see it anywhere. Its usually in the system requirements section on the steam desktop store.
  2. DMZ is amazing. As @T Pot said, it's much much better with a full squad on comms. Focus on the faction missions and do some contracts on the way.
  3. I've had 2 games of solo warzone. Finished 33 first game and 25 second. Got 4 kills in the first game and 3 the second. Really enjoyed both games which is a surprise to me as i got insta-killed every time i tried the original warzone. I couldn't get in a game last night on the Xbox but got in straight away on PS5. I've turned off crossplay on PS5 so i wonder if thats borking the xbox network settings (the accounts are both linked on Activision for cross progression).
  4. Hilariously, i'm finding that the attachments (barring maybe the odd one) actually make the weapons perform worse. They all pretty much feel better to use without any. The trade-offs just aren't worth it.
  5. I have the Logitech K380 and i use it with a cheapo bluetooth mouse, works perfectly. I bought the jsaux dock from @simms, and while it's great i dont think i'll use it in docked mode, i wont use the deck for emulation etc so cant see me tinkering too much. Expect to see the dock, mouse and keyboard in the trading folder shortly!
  6. What’s the consensus for the best proton version to use for Gravel? (Or native)?
  7. So for emulation, can I just fill a sd card with roms and pop it in the deck (after installing emudeck), or do I need to format the sd in the deck first? And if I do, will my pc read it to allow me to transfer the roms on to the sd?
  8. This is very hard on MP but I’m slowly getting better I think. Still mainly using the M4 but might try the Lachman later. I’ve not really had any issues on Xbox apart from this morning it was only letting me select Warzone 2 after a round of MP. I had to go back to the Main screen every time.
  9. So I managed to get a 256gb m.2 on the cheap from cex (£35) and done the upgrade to my 64gb deck. Aside from the screw securing the ssd being super tight and the head stripping, a trip to the shops to get a slightly bigger screwdriver (Phillips +1 size was perfect), and 2 attempts at getting the OS to load (it didn’t seem to like the first usb drive I tried), its all working perfectly!
  10. Dishonoured looks and plays amazing on the deck. I never properly got in to it when it came out ages so but I’m absolutely loving it in the Deck. What a great little machine it is.
  11. I always thought that the Dreamcast failed because EA never really got on board with it and never released Fifa, Madden etc on it. It only then appealed to the “hardcore” arcade type gamer. I loved it.
  12. Why oh why did i cave in and buy Vampire Survivor. I cant put the bloody thing down now.
  13. Another day, another deck question: Sometimes, often in fact, my deck won’t turn on after it has been on charge when it’s been shut down. I need to plug it back in to power then hold the power button down for a few seconds before it’ll come on. Is this normal, a known issue or am I doing something wrong?
  14. How do i do this? I didnt want to put a dual OS on there but if i can run it solely from a removable sd card then thats a win - win!
  15. That worked! Great game btw for anyone that likes wipeout. The deck really is a great little machine, I’ve hardly touched my PC or Xbox since I got it.
  16. Pacer keeps crashing on my deck, proton db has it listed as gold. Could it be that it doesn’t like running from the sd card maybe?
  17. Did you have to reinstall and set everything up again like the proton stuff or an I overthinking it
  18. Ah ok, thanks. Not sure I can be bothered with the hassle. I don’t want to risk bricking it or setting it all up again.
  19. Noob question : i have the 64gb steam deck. Am i correct in thinking that it has eMMC memory and an empty M.2 slot? So i can just buy a 512 M.2 and put it in without worrying about reinstalling the OS etc?
  20. Anyone know how to get Need for Speed Most Wanted running on the deck? I bought it in the sale yesterday and it gets stuck in a grey box in the middle of the screen. I think it’s supposed to be a login screen or something but it’s totally blank.
  21. I think you've got to know and use ALL the shortcuts on every track to even be competitive on the higher difficulties on this, possibly even Normal. It looks great though and is a genuine alternative to Mario Kart.
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