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  1. Yeah I had to turn off the crosshair, it was sitting off centre. The only other thing I noticed was that the hud elements were more toward the middle rather than the sides. I didn’t know this was a quest problem though. Apart from that the game looks and runs great.
  2. There's a great VR bundle available just now. Thanks @klargon for the heads up in the Oculus thread.
  3. Borderlands 2 VR is worth more than the £11 top tier cost alone. It's fantastic.
  4. I was all excited for Ray-Tracing and all the associated bells and whistles, to the point that i thought i'd always pick the quality mode over the performance mode because it's got to look better right? I was wrong. 60fps looks better to me now, well certainly runs better. On pc, 1440 @ 60 is now my sweet spot too. Cyberpunk might look a bit better with all the RT stuff on but it just runs so much better without it.
  5. I had that flashing on my Series X, restarted the console etc but it was still there. I thought my console might be faulty so no offense but i'm glad it's not just me! It doesn't happen on PS5 at all, or switch. We've (myself, missus and kids) have went from winning one in every 3-5 games last season to hardly ever winning this season. Was there a reset to SBMM or do you think we've simply jumped up a bracket, if thats even how it works? We seem to be pairing off against more and more pc players too.
  6. Like turn based strategy games?
  7. I dont bother with the crafting, i find enough decent weapons laying around
  8. I have a Boxed Mario Kart 8 Wii-U and a stack of games that i've often thought about selling, but the fact that it's soft modded with a hard drive full of games, and it seems to be going up in value (well the gamepad anyway) makes me keep hold of it for the time being. But i'd be as well just selling it, the likelihood of me playing it again is very low.
  9. I would, but the online service is terrible. If you can actually get a game it's usually a lag fest. It's unfortunate as it plays a much better game of football. Also when i have managed to get a game, almost everyone has the same team. Ronaldo, Messi and Mbappe up front. A direct result of the players being so easily available. I'm not sure if i prefer the rarity of the best Ultimate Team players, or the ease of getting the best Pro Evo players to be honest.
  10. They need to remove the ability to buy fifa points that allow you to buy packs. Obviously they wont but all in game items should only be available by playing the game. Fortnite is another one that springs to mind but at least the shop items are cosmetic only, no matter how desirable they may be. The players you can get in Fifa directly influence how good you are at the game. I'm an average player but had a loan Maradona for a few games. I was winning games i would otherwise not have won, no doubt. You should not be able to spend real money to gain an advantage in a competitive game.
  11. 3 times this morning I scored first in friendly one league and the other guy just continued instead of forfeiting. Was fine last night. Maybe time if day dependant I guess. Got a few wins but just frustrating that I always forfeit of the other guy scores first, we’re obviously just going for the icon swaps.
  12. Only the Ultimate Edition i think
  13. I enjoyed doing the quest for the predator skin, and i think i would rather get them that way rather than just buying them. I'm a sucker for game subs though, FOMO i guess.
  14. Ah so thats why i now have 1500 vbucks, i thought i had purchased some by mistake! Seriously considering joining this fortnite gang subscription thing. Is it worth it though?
  15. I’m loving this now for some reason after hating and dismissing it up until now. Got a few wins and regularly squad up with the missus and kids. Still can’t build though.
  16. You can have my key for Moving Out if you like, Trine 4 and Iris too if you want them
  17. Cant find stock of a switch anywhere My missus has commandeered my switch and i have a lit, but want to get another full switch.
  18. Done another and got Dubravka, he'll do nicely
  19. Awesome thanks. What positions are we looking to fill? I'm not very fancy with the skill moves so defence might be my forte
  20. I fancy a bit of this - stevie-b111 Do i create my player within this mode or is it carried over from an offline mode?
  21. Swapped the 2 icon swap cards for 2 x Ultimate packs.....got Team of the Week Wolf (german RWB) in each pack. Ffs.
  22. Thanks looking forward to trying for the icons after season reset, should I put something before my squads name to show I’m playing for icons? I really should read up on fifa online etiquette
  23. So i have 2 x icon swaps and could get a third by tomorrow. Should i cash the 2 in for 2 x ultimate packs or go for the 3rd and swap them for 5 x 85 players?
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