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  1. So my pre-order hasn't come in to the local Game store apparently. I'm convinced that they sold it by accident yesterday. They don't know when another one will come in. I could order one from Smyths but they only have the neon one in stock Someone tell me that it's not worth the hassle please.
  2. My local game were taking pre-orders for Friday, might be worth giving them a shot. £20 preorder fee to guarantee one for launch though.
  3. Great news! I've started playing this a few times and always got distracted by other games. Will definitely go play it now, especially as I loved Control.
  4. add me on steam and i'll happily run some dungeons. Prophecy is dropping good guns just now. Pretty sure we used to play on PS4
  5. i'm enjoying the game and whackiness of it, it is mario golf after all. If you want a straight laced golf game then get 2K Golf or whatever it's called?
  6. I'm loving Sine Mora at the moment.
  7. Game streaming is fine if you have fibre, a good router or wired network, and no-one else is using your internet. I have 200M fibre and a decent mesh kit at home, and stadia and xbox streaming both shit the bed if the missus and kids start watching youtube or netflix etc. I dont think it will ever replace having a physical console to play on, and i dont think i want it to.
  8. I'm fortunate enough to have both the PS5 and Series X. I only feel like i'm playing a "next gen" console when i'm playing my PS5. The different UI, different controller and PS5 only games are a huge factor. In my opinion, it's the superior console to the Series X but that's mainly due to shiny new console syndrome. For some reason i just don't see the Series X as a new console, it's just an upgrade in the same way that the One X was.
  9. I popped in to game the other day for a browse, then went home and bought the game digitally, purely for ongoing convenience. I'm part of the problem i guess. And lazy.
  10. Yeah i was disappointed when Vision didn't do extra damage to the oracles. I'm hoping the D1 rolls will be available as curated rolls.
  11. I thought the same, manged to get to the oracles and got a Vision of Confluence for my troubles. Looking forward to trying again tonight with contest mode off.
  12. I've never really had much time with a Saturn. I wish i took the punt on the grey one with sd emu that was in the trading folder. I suppose i'm now after either a saturn or dreamcast with sd loader and HDMI out now
  13. That worked! Then I went through to checkout and it stalled at the checkout button and now the link doesn’t work. I’ll email them again
  14. Ah I’ll give that a try, thanks
  15. I did the online form thing and they came back to me with an offer of a discounted interface for £24.99
  16. I bought a vive cosmos and despite the headset being very good, great audio and clear picture, the inside out tracking was woefull. I had to send it back. They still haven't fixed it apparently.
  17. I want snipers back. That was my role in the team. Snipey snipe while my daughter rushes in with a shotgun and my missus runs around missing all her rifle shots.
  18. Are there more games or books etc set in the Drakengard universe? I'd never heard of it before this and Automata. Googled it, had no idea there were a few games.
  19. Started this on PC yesterday, (on my shiny new laptop no less!) really enjoying it. I have Automata in my pile of shame so hopefully will do that straight after this. I was wondering why the original on the 360 had a totally different aesthetic on the cover. I didn't even realise it was the same game series ( i never played the original obviously).
  20. Yeah I had to turn off the crosshair, it was sitting off centre. The only other thing I noticed was that the hud elements were more toward the middle rather than the sides. I didn’t know this was a quest problem though. Apart from that the game looks and runs great.
  21. There's a great VR bundle available just now. Thanks @klargon for the heads up in the Oculus thread.
  22. Borderlands 2 VR is worth more than the £11 top tier cost alone. It's fantastic.
  23. I was all excited for Ray-Tracing and all the associated bells and whistles, to the point that i thought i'd always pick the quality mode over the performance mode because it's got to look better right? I was wrong. 60fps looks better to me now, well certainly runs better. On pc, 1440 @ 60 is now my sweet spot too. Cyberpunk might look a bit better with all the RT stuff on but it just runs so much better without it.
  24. I had that flashing on my Series X, restarted the console etc but it was still there. I thought my console might be faulty so no offense but i'm glad it's not just me! It doesn't happen on PS5 at all, or switch. We've (myself, missus and kids) have went from winning one in every 3-5 games last season to hardly ever winning this season. Was there a reset to SBMM or do you think we've simply jumped up a bracket, if thats even how it works? We seem to be pairing off against more and more pc players too.
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