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  1. I think most of the 3rd party ones are just normal USB-C cables, as far as I know its only the oculus one that's fibre optic. I could be wrong though. I might be biased though, I'm selling one in the trading folder
  2. I'm loving this game. It's made me remember how much I like games after being stuck in the Destiny loop for far too long. Outstanding game and easily worth the £35 of whatever it is in the sale just now.
  3. Ooh can i get an invite please? sbrandon111
  4. I struggled at first but they're easy enough if you choose to tune your car before the first race and just download a community tuned setup at the max allowed level for those races. I feel your pain on the drift challenges though.
  5. This is my favourite app on the quest. Great if your planning to go one holiday and want to have a look around the area first.
  6. So my pre-order hasn't come in to the local Game store apparently. I'm convinced that they sold it by accident yesterday. They don't know when another one will come in. I could order one from Smyths but they only have the neon one in stock Someone tell me that it's not worth the hassle please.
  7. My local game were taking pre-orders for Friday, might be worth giving them a shot. £20 preorder fee to guarantee one for launch though.
  8. Great news! I've started playing this a few times and always got distracted by other games. Will definitely go play it now, especially as I loved Control.
  9. add me on steam and i'll happily run some dungeons. Prophecy is dropping good guns just now. Pretty sure we used to play on PS4
  10. i'm enjoying the game and whackiness of it, it is mario golf after all. If you want a straight laced golf game then get 2K Golf or whatever it's called?
  11. I'm loving Sine Mora at the moment.
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