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  1. Only the Ultimate Edition i think
  2. I enjoyed doing the quest for the predator skin, and i think i would rather get them that way rather than just buying them. I'm a sucker for game subs though, FOMO i guess.
  3. Ah so thats why i now have 1500 vbucks, i thought i had purchased some by mistake! Seriously considering joining this fortnite gang subscription thing. Is it worth it though?
  4. I’m loving this now for some reason after hating and dismissing it up until now. Got a few wins and regularly squad up with the missus and kids. Still can’t build though.
  5. You can have my key for Moving Out if you like, Trine 4 and Iris too if you want them
  6. Cant find stock of a switch anywhere My missus has commandeered my switch and i have a lit, but want to get another full switch.
  7. Done another and got Dubravka, he'll do nicely
  8. Awesome thanks. What positions are we looking to fill? I'm not very fancy with the skill moves so defence might be my forte
  9. I fancy a bit of this - stevie-b111 Do i create my player within this mode or is it carried over from an offline mode?
  10. Swapped the 2 icon swap cards for 2 x Ultimate packs.....got Team of the Week Wolf (german RWB) in each pack. Ffs.
  11. Thanks looking forward to trying for the icons after season reset, should I put something before my squads name to show I’m playing for icons? I really should read up on fifa online etiquette
  12. So i have 2 x icon swaps and could get a third by tomorrow. Should i cash the 2 in for 2 x ultimate packs or go for the 3rd and swap them for 5 x 85 players?
  13. I'm really enjoying working through the Icon Swaps Squad Battle games. Finished the 1 owner one pretty easy and now on to the Silver one. Made a squad of SPFL players and walked the first 2 games. Hagi, Aribo and Roofe really should be Gold cards. The jump to World Class wasn't as severe as i thought it would be. I think i'll leave the online stuff to next season, fresh start and all that.
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