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  1. sbrandon111

    Antstream - It's Netflix for Games!

    Retro stuff is a weird one for me, i love the idea of it, going back and playing all the games i did when i was little. But when i do, i just don't enjoy it as much as modern gaming. Rose tinted glasses i suppose. I got the mega drive collection for my switch, fired it up and played about 10 mins of a few of the games, realised i wasn't actually enjoying it and went back to mario kart. It's the same with the NES games on the switch. I try them as a novelty that quickly wears off. That's probably just me though.
  2. sbrandon111

    Antstream - It's Netflix for Games!

    One of the guys i work with is chomping at the bit for this. He had an amiga and spectrum when he was younger but isn't a "gamer" in that he hasn't kept up with modern consoles etc. He isn't very computer savvy either so this is exactly what he is looking for, or so he thinks anyway. I'm not sure how big the market is, but he asks me almost every week if there is any news on antstream.
  3. sbrandon111

    Destiny 2

    Add me on pc if you want, it's better to run some content in a team, nightfalls and such. I'm sbrandon111 on blizzard I think
  4. sbrandon111

    Wtm a raid team PS4

    I've just came back to PS4 as well (and PC). Send me an invite if you see me on
  5. Sorry just seen this, I'll be on most of tomorrow
  6. Just tried again And I'm definitely not in a clan, no key and nothing in my inbox. Really weird.
  7. I should be on in about 30 mins, will have a look to see whats going on lol
  8. Yeah its weird, I was sure I accepted the invite but the clan key wasn't there and I wasn't in the clan, so I presumed I pressed the decline button by mistake.
  9. No worries, i wont be on until tonight anyway
  10. Can I get an invite again please, it didn't work somehow..... I might have pressed the wrong button
  11. Thanks! I've just started levelling Inaros. Lots of fun so far. I need to do Ivara as well but was finding her a slog to use.
  12. Ah, sorted now! Send me an invite again please
  13. I'll try and join later too, might need an invite though
  14. Whats the name of the clan? I'll join
  15. Yeah i played on PC then moved to xbox then tried it on switch...looking to come back to PC now though Can someone send me an invite back to the PC clan please!

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