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  1. Being there when Jerec got his Fatebringer. I still reckon we should have got t-shirts printed.
  2. FM 2019 Touch (I think that's what it's called) might be what you're after, it's much more streamlined. I play that version more than the full one now.
  3. Ah thanks, i'll give that a try
  4. Just picked up a silver phat PS2 and a load of games, and a component cable. It looks better than I expected on an old LCD tv, but is there any way to make it better? There's also a border around the screen, will that just be from using the component cable?
  5. No problem at all, add my battlenet gamertag think if you want, i'm on most nights. sbrandon111#2336
  6. In my opinion, the game suffered from an identity crisis. It felt and played like bits of a typical bioware single player, story driven game, but only small sections of the story and missions. They basically tried to shoehorn a destiny like looter shooter in to a story driven action shooter. The loot and progression system was unfinished, the endgame was unfinished and the cosmetic store was unfinished.
  7. Yep! the rllmuk Xbox clan and PC clans are linked. I'm sure there's a link on the first post of this thread to the clan. edit - here is the link: https://www.bungie.net/en/ClanV2?groupId=2113424
  8. I use controller on pc and hold my own in crucible, the must do some technical gubbins in the background, aim assist or whatnot.
  9. Mate it is buttery smooth. I struggle to go back and play on console, it's spoiled me. The console versions are great, but you can definitely notice the difference once you try PC. It's not overly demanding spec wise either, a 1050ti gets you 60fps at 1080p, high settings. I hope cross play happens, wold be good to play with some of the PS4 guys again. Not sure how chat would work though.
  10. I've switched over to PC, there are a small core of players in the PC clan too.
  11. Online seems dead for this on the switch, either that or it's just broken.
  12. Retro stuff is a weird one for me, i love the idea of it, going back and playing all the games i did when i was little. But when i do, i just don't enjoy it as much as modern gaming. Rose tinted glasses i suppose. I got the mega drive collection for my switch, fired it up and played about 10 mins of a few of the games, realised i wasn't actually enjoying it and went back to mario kart. It's the same with the NES games on the switch. I try them as a novelty that quickly wears off. That's probably just me though.
  13. One of the guys i work with is chomping at the bit for this. He had an amiga and spectrum when he was younger but isn't a "gamer" in that he hasn't kept up with modern consoles etc. He isn't very computer savvy either so this is exactly what he is looking for, or so he thinks anyway. I'm not sure how big the market is, but he asks me almost every week if there is any news on antstream.
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